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MJ Estate to Alejandra -- MOVE OUT ALREADY!!!

3/11/2011 10:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The MJ Estate has once again asked a judge to force Alejandra Jackson to move out of the family's Hayvenhurst estate ... and they're demanding she take her kids with her!!


Lawyers for the estate just filed a response to Alejandra's request to stay in the house indefinitely ... in which the estate once again makes the point .. she's an UNWANTED house guest with no legal leg to stand on.

Alejandra -- who has children with both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has refused to leave ... arguing, among other things, that Michael would have wanted her to stay there.

Alejandra has claimed the estate has tried to literally starve her out of house and home ... by removing all of the food from the property and changing the locks on her.

A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Stay tuned.


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MJ Fans    

let us see the do***ents that the estate filed please

1299 days ago


She has no legal right to stay the h3ll does she know if Michael wants her there..she was not named in the will!

Time for her to leave with her kids...stop her grigting ways!
the boys dads need to take care of this...
where the hell are they?

1299 days ago


It amazes me how many people (especially those who claim to be so close to Michael), claim that they, and only they, know what Michael would have wanted..or not wanted.

It would really be interesting to find out why Jerm and Randy can't take care of their own kids.

1299 days ago


have the cops remove her for trespassing.

1299 days ago


Why does it matter if Michael would have wanted her there or not? It's Katherine's house, not Michael's.

1299 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

This girl takes squatting to a whole new level.

1299 days ago


The father of her kids need to take care of them, it"s not MJ's estate responsiblity. Get a job Alejandra and stand on your own. Ms. Katherine needs so peace in that house!!!!

1299 days ago


No wonder why Jackson couldn't stand his family. This is too funny. She's pulling the gran kids routine.

Jermaine fled to Africa because he owed back child support don't no what Randy is doing.

All this family outside of Rebe and Janet have used Jackson to the hilt and still is.

Jackson had a very clear will about his estate.

1299 days ago


Why would she want to stay where she is not wanted and where there is so much tension? And why aren't the father's helping taking care of the children's needs financially? They all need to get jobs.

1299 days ago


Get the f out you tramp! Seriously, stop mooching off Michael and get a job or start having sex with somebody who can support you.

1299 days ago


the Jack"sins" using the courts to correct their mistakes.....hmmmmm. The Jacksin boys stuck it in that woman now they need to stick it out. shame they dumped their problems on Katherine

1299 days ago


Hey Alejandra, how about you get a job? You know one of those things that pays you money? Instead of trying to live off a dead relative like he was some type of welfare program.
You are sickening.

1299 days ago


She wants to sponge of MJ like the rest of the family. Katherine been trying to get her out for many months. The brothers are broke. I don't think MJ left them money.

28k per month for his Mom and she wanted more out of the estate I don't think she got it.

MJ has been sponged off of since he broke from the group and and kicked ass as a solo. The brothers never came close. Just sponged off the Jackson name. Michael Jacksons name.

1299 days ago


TMZ seriously, you blocked out do c-u-m ents on post one? You need a new filter.

1299 days ago



1299 days ago
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