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'Graduate' Star -- My Daughter Tried to Kill Me

3/11/2011 6:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katharine Ross -- who starred as the young Miss Robinson in "The Graduate" -- is living in fear of a person who stabbed her with scissors ... and according to Katharine, the alleged culprit is her own daughter.


Katharine -- who's married to actor Sam Elliott -- filed court documents saying her 26-year-old daughter Cleo threatened to kill her during a violent outburst last week.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Katharine and Cleo were at the family home in Malibu on March 2, when Cleo "suddenly lost her temper and began to threaten me. She said, 'I want to kill you.'"

Katharine says she tried to call the police, but Cleo took a pair of scissors and cut the phone line -- and then "jabbed" Katharine in the arm at least 6 times ... drawing blood.

Katharine claims her daughter has been physically violent and verbally abusive since she was 12 or 13 years old.

A judge granted a restraining order against Cleo -- ordering her to move out of the family home and stay at least 100 yards away from her mother. 

A formal hearing is set for March 30.


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none of that    

Sad sory!

1320 days ago

none of that    

Sad story!

1320 days ago


My family had the pleasure of meeting Sam & Katharine in the early 90's while they were filming Conagher @ Buckskin Joe's in Colorado. They were both very cordial & actually cared about their fans. They took the time to sign autographs & pose for pictures for everyone. Sam even looked for my kids after a TV interview because I had asked him about posing for pictures not knowing he was on his way to give the interview. As soon as the cameras stopped rolling he looked around & asked where the little boy & girl were that wanted their picture taken w/ him & made sure we got our picture & autographs for both kids.
Chloe was also at the park & was playing w/ the horses used in the film while my daughter was petting the horses. She told my daughter that they were all her horses. We were like yeah, right....until we found out that she was Sam's daughter & they were in fact Sam's horses. LOL
Sam & Katharine were very low key & stayed in a local economy motel like normal folk. They certainly did not act like someone rich or famous. What you see is what you get w/ them. No fancy clothes or cars.
It is sad that their only child seems to have mental health issues & I hope she gets the help she so obviously needs. I wish the family nothing but the best.

1320 days ago


That's a real shame. Sounds like the child has had problems for a long time. You sure never think it will end up like that when you are looking at that sweet little baby.

I hope this works out for them.

1320 days ago


This is what happens when you dont spank your kids and be tough, even when its not easy. Parents want to let their kids "be free" -but when they grow up out of control, its so shocking.

1320 days ago


How sad. It must be so painful to have to do this, but it sounds like mental illness, perhaps schizophrenia. I hope Katherine and Sam are also trying to help their daughter get help, though that can be hard to do, as well.

1320 days ago


There are two sides to every story. Obviously the girl needs help; however, individuals who believe that the daughter is completely to blame have never met my mother.

1320 days ago


What? No intervention or jail time? Just, "Stay the h*ll away"? If the daughter's been doing this since she was a teenager, she needs some serious long-term help, or she should've been out of "mom's" life already.

1320 days ago


Sounds like it's time for daughter to be banned from the house. Maybe Charlie Sheen could take her in, I'm sure he has room for another "goddess."

1320 days ago


More evidence of why it's not a good idea to have a child when you're 45 years old. Old eggs = higher likelihood of a baby born with neurological defects. It's selfish to indulge your desire to have a child at that age when you know very well that you're taking a huge chance on the baby's health. I wonder what kind of help the daughter has received, what her diagnosis has been.

1320 days ago


My niece was a delightful child until her hormones kicked in at puberty. Since the age of 12/13 when she is premenstrual she gets suicidal and/or violent. Sounds impossible that PM could affect a girl to that extreme, but I read that some women actually become psychotic. Could be totally off the mark of course.

1320 days ago


How sad - I have loved Sam Elliott for more than 20 years. I have never been a huge Katherine Ross fan, but never wished her ill. Sounds like Cleo was allowed to run over her mother. The time to have corrected her would have been while she was growing up. It will take a lot of therapy at this point. And what was Sam doing while she was being so disrespectful to her mother. My dad would have mashed my mouth.

1320 days ago


Living with a mentally ill child can be hell more so an adult one who refuse's medication or help.
I feel for people who deal with this stress & torment but sometimes sadly for your own sanity and safty you just have to let go and love them from a good distance.

1320 days ago


I live this same life. Did not have my child using "old eggs," nor have I over indulged, nor have I spanked,beaten, or abused. I only WISH my daughter were schizophrenic, because then at least there would be a clear treatment plan. Instead, what I am dealing with is a beautiful, talented 16 year old with Borderline Personality Disorder which can't be treated with medications. Only long, arduous dialectical behavior therapy - which we've been in since she was 10 years old. And she'll have it the rest of her life. We've been in and out of residential treatment facilities, day treatments, therapies. We can only teach her to manage, do our best to stabilize her, and prop ourselves up with as much scaffolding as possible. So I totally get and empathize with Ms. Ross. Because it is ALWAYS the caregiver that is abused. And very, very few people understand the plight or pain of the patient or the family. It's life changing to live with this, or around this type of illness. And exhausting. But not completely hopeless. I wish them well, hold good thoughts, and many prayers.

1320 days ago


Think twice before having a child. If ppl were more realistic, the world would be a better place. Having kids should be a privilege, not a right. It is a right and take a look around... All idiots have them. Bottom line: if u want to screw up ur life, have a baby.

1319 days ago
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