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Britney Spears -- Three's Company

3/13/2011 5:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears, her current BF Jason Trawick, and her ex-husband Kevin Federline all came face-to-awkward-face today at Sean Preston's Little League game.

This is believed to be the first time Brit and K-Fed have been photographed together since they split back in 2006.


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They have children its good they can get along but on the other hand with all the money kevin took from her he cant find a pair of pants to fit him right? im sure its hard with having a bigger belly then ass but for God sake man at least try!!

1283 days ago


Those of you criticizing the hole in her leggings- have you NEVER had a tear in any of your clothes? Is she supposed to run home and change because she has a small hole in her leggings? Should she wear couture to her kid's Little League game? No, because you'd criticize that too.

1283 days ago


Could Federline PULEEZ dress - just once - dress normal. Hat to the side, baggy pant/short thing hanging off his butt, beer gut shirt. Didn't he get a fairly nice payout from his divorce with Brit Brit? Spend some on a stylist. Actually, both Spears and "K-Fed" could use a atylist. And if they have one, I'd say...You're Fired!

1283 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL at K-Fed's fat ass. Looks like Britney is trying to ignore the douche. She should have done that in 2004.

And what's up with the torn leggings Brit? Unless they were just torn help the economy out and buy some new ones, you have enough money.

1283 days ago

get real    

WTG Brit.. The Kids are Lucky to have Both parents attend the Game.. Very Nice. very Normal.. Brit Looks Great.

1283 days ago

your not all that    

Geeez girl BUY SOME FRICKEN CLOTHING AND THEN TRY NOT TO WRIP AND STAIN IT UP................ IS THAT SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HARD?????????? I guess she really LOVES the HOMELESS CRACKWHORE look. Her PAID boyfriend fits right in too though.

1283 days ago


He's such a pork belly. I have never seen him with his shirt tucked into his pants. Does he even own a pair of long pants?

1283 days ago


y does she look like cr@p all the time do u own a blow dryer . i have 3 kids of my own and ill be damn iff i stepped out lookin like that .

1283 days ago


They were also together at a game last week so it's not the first time. :)

1283 days ago


Did K-Fed gain weight again?

1283 days ago


Please,all you jealous skanks out there bashing her for what she wears is stupid.I love it when a celeb like Brit just goes out there like she does sometimes.Is she suppost to look like a movie star every time she is in public?I bet she looks better in this photo than 90% of you trailor trash skanks reading this

1283 days ago


Wasn't Brit at his game last week too, and sat right behind K-fed's girlfriend?

1283 days ago


All that $$ and she has holes in her pants.
Will she ever comb her hair?

1283 days ago


Now as far as parenting goes that's how it's done. Wow people can actually be civil. I think it's one of the best photos I have seen in a long time. I think Brit is finally on a good path. Really happy for her.

1283 days ago


thank you brittney for letting your children play little league. i wish kate gosselin would let her children do soccer, little league, basketball. all she does is film them for money. she could care less if they get an education. who lets their kindergarteners get expelled from kindergarten? kate gosselin does. she drug them from PA to TN to force them to work at a food bank, she claims she didn't know what a food bank was, but she used them when the kids were younger. you have to be at least 14 to volunteer to work at a food bank, but kate and TLC could care less about rules and regulations. kate claims she gave back at the food bank. LIED! She is getting paid to be filmed with her children where ever they go, on a trip to see Discovery Cove in FL or AU and NZ, where she met her bodyguards family. She wants to marry him, but he won't do it. haha She is getting paid for giving back. that is not right. if you are getting paid for giving back, you are NOT GIVING out of your heart. what a witch! i feel so bad for those kids. also the judge in family court told Jon who was trying to stop kate from taking the kids out of the country to work, told Jon it was ok for kate to go and film out of the country, it was for work. she exploits her children and the work off their backs to support her lavish lifestyle and beauty treatments. she has spent thousands and thousands on her hair and it still looks like mess. I feel so bad for these kids. when kate visited the bodyquards (PurseBoy) family, kate gave his mother a picture of all the kids her and PurseBoy together. What a witch! What about Jon? kate hates Jon more than she loves her children! Her reckoning day is coming soon! I have no sympathy for her, only the children and Jon!

1283 days ago
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