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'Basketball' Wife:

Gimme $20K an Episode

or I'm Out!

3/14/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada is giving show producers an ultimatum -- either pay her $20,000 an episode ... or she's gone for good.

As we previously reported, Lozada has already threatened to leave the show -- after, we're told. she became upset because she believes the producers of the show leaked sensitive information about her to another cast member in hopes of inciting a violent confrontation between the two women.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Lozada and the other girls currently pull in around $7,500 an episode -- which means Lozada's latest demand would mean a SERIOUS raise.

No word yet on the show's next move.


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who cares??? really, does anyone other than thier friends watch this show? this is going to be as succesfull as the WNBA!!! get over it.

1318 days ago


"Reality" tv is a joke; it's all CRAP. The producers of all "reality" tv shows are rejects from Jerry Springer & should all be shot in the head. I couldn't give a flying hoark what happens to these money grubbing gold digging attentionwhoring bitches; they're just leeches. Let's hope the networks finally wake up & realize that people are turning to other types of shows, because they've had it up to here with these trophy wife wannabes...

1318 days ago

don juan    

she cute but her attitude is so bad. chad johnson can do alot better. tell her to take a walk and start a show in LA with khloe kardashian, basketball wives west coast.

1318 days ago


'Basketball Wives' (none is actually married to any professional basketball player at the moment)

1318 days ago


Does anyone watch this show? I never hear anyone talking about it and I wouldn't even know which channel it's on to watch it...plus, is it EVER advertised? never seen an ad for it even.

1318 days ago


I thought this SLUT had already left town.After she went to visit OCHO and found out he had a V-JAY JAY she wants to come back for more money no less.Besides don't you have to be married to be considered a wife? And another thing didn't Jennifer used to play for the GLOBETROTTERS? Wasn't her name GOOSE TATUM then? I knew if i looked at it long enough i'd figure who it really was.Looks like a size 14 shoe to me.Yep! Those are GOOSE TATUM hands.

1318 days ago


Then you are out of the door.

1318 days ago


WTF? She's engaged to Ochocinco, who is in the NFL! Why should she even be on the show in the first place. From what I recall only 2 of the females on the show were actually married to NBA players but then got divorced. They should either just get a new cast who is actually married to players, or re-title the show "Tales of a groupie"

1318 days ago


See what happens when you put no ones on TV and pay them big bucks to be nothing but themselves and somehow they think they are something more. TV has become stupid and boring, just like TMZ.

1318 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

What a greedy, no talent b*tch.

She can be replaced very easily.

1318 days ago


They should pay her. She is the only person on the show with any personality. The only times I've ever watched are because of her. The rest of the cast is boring.

1318 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

I bet Ocho secretly gassed her up to demand more money. Times is hard for an NFL baller right now, with the strike going on and everything...

1317 days ago


Let her go - who cares.

1317 days ago


I watch this show when I have nothing else to watch, not because its that damn good.

€velyn is not worth 20k an episode.

1317 days ago


I'll say it again, she isn't a wife of any basketball star... I'm pretty sure there aren't any wives except one that's engaged and Shawny thinks she's so polite and good to all. she is so phony balogny..

1317 days ago
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