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'Basketball' Wife:

Gimme $20K an Episode

or I'm Out!

3/14/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada is giving show producers an ultimatum -- either pay her $20,000 an episode ... or she's gone for good.

As we previously reported, Lozada has already threatened to leave the show -- after, we're told. she became upset because she believes the producers of the show leaked sensitive information about her to another cast member in hopes of inciting a violent confrontation between the two women.

Sources close to the production tell TMZ, Lozada and the other girls currently pull in around $7,500 an episode -- which means Lozada's latest demand would mean a SERIOUS raise.

No word yet on the show's next move.


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Look people, let these ladies make "a little paper". There are a lot of shows where women are "hustlers". Not just these ladies. The way the economy/world is right now, some people are doing the best that they can to survive. I don't think any of these ladies have any extensive education, corporate careers, etc. Now Shaunie is "already made" and I am happy for her as well. Can you see Tammy, Royce, Evelyn or Jennifer in the corporate world? NAH! I also believe that some of these so-called "fights" are for ratings too. So girls, stop hating because you guys KNOW that if you had the same opportunities, you'd be right in front of the camera! Royce doesn't fit in with these ladies so, she should go. Tammy should leave the "ignorant oil" alone and Evelyn should wash her mouth out with soap. Jennifer needs to try and keep her husband. She only has to tell him she wants him to stay. I like Eric. And Shaunie, someone should teach your "circle" how to be ladies. Evelyn, you're my favorite but, stop being so ghetto and act like a lady with money and class. PEACE!!!!!

1128 days ago


who the Hell care if she goes she a nobody anyway she wasn't married to a basketball player. she sexes for boots and flowers she not hardly worth what she asking for. she fake Jennifer thinks she better than everyone a goody 2 shoe Shawnie a troble maker on the low she like to start shi and then be behide the scene Royce just wants to be famos. take the show off the air they all suck.

1128 days ago


I forgot,Tammi nothing but a ****ing drunk and she really need the money and some cloth's she cant dress for **** she looks fat and sloppy.

1128 days ago


Evelyn thinks she is cuter than she is, lol. On the reunion, her face was so drawn out, she looked like a female Marc Anthony skeletor. She needs to inject some of that silicone from her breasts into her cheekbones instead of concerning herself with Royce's wardrobe, cuz she is looking like she is pushing 50 and we know she is not thhhaaat old. Also, every other word that comes out her mouth begins with an F. She is selling her soul on the show for shoes.... dying to be famous but all she is doing is hurting her image by looking like an angry, bitter, egotistical 50 year old woman with no vocabulary. Evelyn - (We know you are reading booboo) - fire your PR rep! You are looking like a damn fool.. Gloria is the most decent one on the show and the prettiest. She killed all of them with that beautiful dress at the reunion show! Evelyn - you need to demand more than 20k for the way you are hurting your image and dignity on the show. You are looking a damn fool and should demand 50k. Its funny how Evelyn kept pulling away from Tami during the fight! lol..she is ALL talk! She had this ugly funny look on her face and was terrified!! She only picks on Suzie cuz she knows Suzie won't fire back. You don't see her say anything to Gloria. This is all coming from someone who used to be a huge Evelyn fan on season one..but her true personality came out on Season 2 and she is just yuckyy.. ewww. She can share her bed with whomever she wants, but her personality is nasty and she will never go anywhere with that. People love Kim Kardashian because she is a decent well-mannered personm in addition to her beauty. If she was dropping F-boms all over the place, I'm sure she would have never gotten all her endorsements and gotten to where she is at now. Evelyn will never get anywhere with her attitude, unless she has a slice of humble pie. - she better start having Chad's babies! Her daughter must be ashamed and embarrassed.. lol

1128 days ago


I dont think that evelyns lightbulb head lookin ass is worth a dime I wished that Tami would have kicked her ass!!!!

1128 days ago


I wanted to say that jennifer was such a follower that she allowed misery to close her marriage.

1128 days ago


Jennifer, you need to get your ego in check. Do you love Eric? It seems that he wants to try and make the marriage work. I know that you love him. Don't let others influence you decision regarding you and Eric. You should give your marriage another try. However, you cannot keep going back to Eric's past. You will never forget how he hurt you but you have to forgive him if you want it to work. You ALSO have a past Jennifer, so "if you live in a glass house, don't throw stones"......None of the other cast members even HAVE a husband. You should take a break from the "wives" and go away somewhere with Eric. Just the two of you! Don't be a fool Jennifer. Also, teach your girl Evelyn how to be a lady. She is too ghetto for me. It doesn't take all that to be noticed. IF Chad marries her, she will be in a different lifestyle. She needs to learn proper etiquette, join clubs, support charites and be someone that Chad won't have a problem taking anywhere. Girls, you guys need to grow up! Royce, you need to be driving a forklift somewhere. There is nothing appealing about you. Go away....PEACE

1128 days ago


I agree that Gloria is the cutest out of the lot and that's probably why there is so much tension between her and the rest of "the circle". I think there is some jealousy there. But why is Gloria in an abusive relationship? Is that lifestyle worth more that your safety and your dignity? I would start "banking" as much as I could RIGHT NOW! He will tire of you soon for someone else. That's the way the game goes. He will NEVER marry you. Why pay for the cow when you can get the milk free? ALSO, why would Gloria disrepect Shaunie? Isn't Shaunie the reason Gloria is on the show? Gloria, your mate tells you not to be in the circle. Do you know why? He wants you solely dependent on him. He doesn't want you to succeed. You'd better be careful Gloria. I see nothing but heartache for you. Has he given you a couple of million in your OWN bank account? Is your car in your name? Is the home in your name? Probably not! Wake up Gloria! You will not be young forever and beauty fades. Evelyn, you should NEVER wear you hair like that again. You looked rough! Susan, take some martial arts classes and stand up for yourself. Don't let Evelyn or anyone else manipulate you. You are a good person. They blew the Las Vegas thing out of the water. Who are they? Royalty? Who cares what they do in Vegas. You can be a "HO" anywhere....

1128 days ago

my opinion    

Evelyn & Alejandra Jackson act exactly the same guess it is their culture...GOLD DIGGERS....SAD SAD SAD

1128 days ago


Hell yeah, Pay her whatever she wants!!! I watch the show and I like it very much it is reality entertainment. People who dont't care to see them get into nonphysical altercations if you have cable turn your TV station. Know one forces you to watch so you shouldn't have a damn thing to say about it. Grow up and stop complaining about what this women and men are doing with there life and start to worry about your own. TMZ reports celebrity gossip, so get use to it. More power to Ms.Ev, a keep real a$$ sister!!!

1128 days ago


evelyn is a whore i say let here go.im so proud of royce letting her know wat she truly look like!!!!

1128 days ago


Evelyn, I think Shaunie O’Neal owe you 20k after setting you up for the smack down...Yeah! girl make her pay you because you took a good whooping for that money.

1127 days ago


She is such a scank and gold digger. she should be booted out, with her foul mouth you know what... LET HER GO!!!

1127 days ago

Just sayin :)    

WOW!!!! It is so funny and amazing how these women have so much money yet still act and talk like HOOD RATS!!!

1127 days ago


This is one of the worst. All low class women. Tramps. I watched the reunion and was sooo discussed with each and everyone of them. That immature brat called Royce, please, what a mistake selecting her. Grow-up simple one, with all the mouth and empty inside. She has nothing going for herself. Go home and grow up. Then that Shaunee, a phony trouble maker. Pretending to be miss goody-two-shoes. She is a key phony of the group, and poor stupid Jen, Let her little sucess come between her what's name. Stupid. Get a brain. She would not be able to keep a man with or without her friends controlling her. Get a job. Until you can get involve in something that help with your self esteem. ikeey. ikeey

1127 days ago
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