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Gilbert Gottfried


Japan Tsunami Jokes

3/14/2011 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As the death toll creeps towards 3,000 ... and the fear of a nuclear disaster looms ... comedian Gilbert Gottfried decided the timing was right for some completely tasteless Japan tsunami jokes.

Japan Tsunami Jokes

Gilbert went to his Twitter page over the past 24 hours and dropped TWELVE tsunami-inspired jokes ... including:

Gilbert Gottfried Japan Jokes

So we gotta ask ...


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funny dont care who you are    

hey maybe fema can bye you people a sense of humor.....oh no wait they still can't afford to get people in new orleans houses instead of trailers all these years later!!!!!!!!!!!

1279 days ago


i find it funny because we all need to laugh once in awhile life has its ups and downs

1279 days ago

George Galle    

First of all the jokes are just not funny. They are typical formula 'jokes' that uncreative people come up with. Next, it is easy to think something like these things are funny when it is not your family or friends that have been washed out to their deaths. Think about how you would feel. And just when is the mourning period going to be over for us to start telling 9/11 jokes. That is going to be a full of laughs time. Never is probably the answer, or not in my lifetime. Hahahahaha 'my family just got washed out to sea,' Hahahahahahahahaha. The classic one was when Johnny Carson made fun of Natalie Woods death a few weeks after. What a jerk. There are plenty of things happening on this planet every day to make fun of that do not capitalize on other people's misfortune. You just have to be thoughtful and creative to do it, not crass, thoughtless and insensitive. Call me up when one of your loved ones dies in a tragedy and someone makes an inappropriate joke about that. Tell me how funny that is. By the way, I usually am a fan of Gilbert.

1278 days ago

nicole betlach    

Let's face it, everything aflacs us.

1278 days ago


thats the rich up close and in our face

1278 days ago


:L seriously people you have to just laugh about somethings, stop bein so depressing..... :)

1278 days ago


its only a joke, i thinks its funny :L

1278 days ago



1278 days ago


you closed minded people get over it. Have you not heard of the term "Freedom of speach". If you don't like Gilbert then don't read his comments. And tell us just what have you done to help the people of Japan? most of you wont even help your neighbor let alone a people half way around the world. God is watching us all and its his place to judge not yours. so stop complaining get up and do somthing for someone els today.

1278 days ago


Omg guys get a life its just a JOKE if you dont like them dont read them! has he taken the piss out of anyone dying no i dont think so, its what he does and to be fair hes pretty good at it! get a sense of humour and stop slaggin this guy off...

1278 days ago

louise barnett    

hahahahaha i think its quite funny everybody needs to chill out its a JOKE! get a sense of humour guys and if yur not happy with these jokes dont read them!!

1278 days ago

Jim B    

I laughed at the first one you posted about the Japanese being so advanced that the beach coming to THEM. That one was actually pretty clever if you think about it. Kind of a whole spin on the technologically advancements they have made. I found humor in it. I was not focused on the deaths from the tsunami.

The 2nd one that you posted about dead Japanese girls floating by. NOT funny in the least. Gottfried went over the top. Which will happen from time to time. Who is not guilty of saying stupid things every once in a while? At his age though, wisdom and discernment is supposed to be more developed by now.

1278 days ago


lol,that is funny and who cares about japan

1278 days ago

Japan man     

You are tiet why make jokes about japan they wouldnt make fun of you

1278 days ago


That Gilbert Gottfried fellow is funny! Shortly after that whole tsunami happened in Japan, I went up to this oriental I work with and yelled, "TSUNAMI!!! Run for your life! It's gonna take out your village!!!!"

1278 days ago
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