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'Celeb' Rehabber Mike Starr -- Funeral Plans on Hold

3/15/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ex-Alice In Chains bassist Mike Starr won't be getting a funeral for another few weeks -- we're told, the medical examiner put the family's burial plans on hold ... in order to perform more tests on Mike's body.

No word yet on what tests still need to be done ... but Mike's family ain't waiting around -- we're told they're holding a memorial without Mike's body this Sunday in Seattle for friends and family ... to give them a chance to pay their respects early.

Once Mike's body is back in the family's possession, sources tell us, they plan to hold TWO funeral services -- one for fans, and one for family.

As we previously reported, Mike died suddenly last week in a Salt Lake City home -- after mixing methadone and anxiety pills.


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abram hernandez    

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1316 days ago


He looks a lot like Jimmy Kimmel... May he R.I.P.

1316 days ago


Just wait and see, if they have a service in Seattle, lots of people will show up to pay respects, that's how it's done here because our musicians have always respected this city and their fans. Never saw no VIP crap, they hung out with the rest of us in the clubs. Stop dissing this young man, he was trying to kick the drugs, his demons were just too strong.

1316 days ago


WOW!! I can't believe it, I was really pulling for him. What a sad and senseless way to die!! RIP Mike!!

1316 days ago


A lot of you are insensitive pecker head jerk off wads of crap! The man is dead... DEAD! And you come here to trash talk him. So, since you will die one day let me just say...( You know, because I know you just as well as you knew Mike...) ; You deserved to die! One less dumb ass in the world! You were ignorant and over dosed on stupidity. You won't be missed! Go be worm food and may bums piss on your grave!

Now for Mike; RIP, you tried but the demons won. May you find the peace you was looking for.

1316 days ago


This guy was not that famous. Two funerals seems kind of stupid. I'm calling bull**** on the medical examiner and this whole story. I'm going to start a "Dead Pool" for all the other CONTESTANTS on the show and bet on who dies next. Hey if they want to put thier bulll**** on TV, then I'm going to entertain myself. Turning lemons into lemonade. #WINNING

1316 days ago


Very sad to see how many people can be so cold and cruel about the loss of human life! Mike, like many of us did what he could to ease the pain, sadly the demons won. Be very clear, its the drugs not the person, no one ever deserves to die. My heart goes out to his mom and I will definately be at any tribute they may have for him, now and in the future. He was part of a generation that did so much! RIP Mike!

1316 days ago


been a aic fan since the 90s the ones talking about mike and the band u r all crazy aic started alternative rock along with nirvana lost 3 great people yes to drugs but at least mike was trying rip mike ur with layne and kurt makeing music wish i could hear that one love u and ull be sincerly missed in my family

1315 days ago


So sad..he was on Celebrity Rehab saying that he has been clean. I really thought he would stay sober. R.I.P. Mike Starr

1315 days ago


Respect for their both Mother & Family,Friends
Sympathy for all of their FANS (of course,we still are here over the world...)
for all those have put negative comments above,as visual aid for their own krappy,boring,wreckin world :
I beg you guys to stop this s..t,please...
Its such a disgusting way to do like this...
You all ph.kkk..' have the talent/helpless to dig your own hole having rest there,and to be covered properly with DIRT & S..T at the end.
I've never seen before celeb rehab or similar.Due to be a hungarian AIC phan and i won't be followed this site or CR...
May the Spirit both of these guys to be with all of you.

1315 days ago


Alice In Chains is a great band. Then and now. Their music came from the heart. I just wish there were more band like this today I cant stad whats on the radio! its ridiculous! Mike was suffering and in so much pain. My thougts go out to everyone affected by his untimly passing:(

1315 days ago


Geez. Some of the comments here sure are mean. He may not have been an angel in rehab, but he was still a human being. I was surprised to see what a HOT human being he was early on. I thought he seemed sweet underneath the temper tantrums in rehab. All his friends say wonderful things about him. His death is a loss to many people. Even those who never met him. I liked knowing he was in this world. I don't like knowing he's deceased. He could have been much more had he not been such a tortured soul. His problems started before the Layne stuff. He had problems in the early 90's. I'm really disgusted to read some of the cruel things being written here when this man cannot even defend himself. Those of you who are doing it are showing what wimps you really are. You probably didn't blog about this when he was alive. I hope Mike Starr rests in peace. I'm very sad that he is gone. I wish he could have known while he was alive that people genuinely cared for him and liked knowing he was around. Show a little respect to the dead please.....

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


My heart goes out to his family and friends. I truely felt he would make it when Celebrity Rehab. I am just really saddend by this. I hope all those who are struggling w/ addiction can seek help and avoid this horrible ending to a very talented man. God bless his family, friends, Dr. Drew

1315 days ago


RIP Mike, now youre with Layne.. Music lives forever!

1315 days ago
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