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'Celeb Apprentice' Contestant Ordered to Prison

3/14/2011 12:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Hatch -- the guy who won $1 million on Season 1 of "Survivor" -- has been ordered to surrender to U.S. marshals by NOON today to begin a 9-month prison sentence for not paying taxes on the prize money.


Hatch had filed a request to delay his surrender until he could get his business affairs in order ... but earlier today, the judge shot down the request ... which means Hatch better get his ass over to his nearest marshals station ASAP.

Hatch is currently a contestant on "Celebrity Apprentice" -- and though most of the season has already been taped ... the finale will be LIVE in a couple of months.

So, if by chance ... Hatch makes it all the way to the final 2 ... Trump better make sure he can broadcast from behind bars!

UPDATE: Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal David Remington tells us Hatch has officially surrendered to authorities.


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So they've now jailed him twice for the same crime and fined him for more than the bill? Didn't know that was legal.

1319 days ago

Mike Rowave    


1319 days ago


A link to an ACTUAL report on this story, rather than the blog post masquerading as new piece that TMZ is running:,,20473491,00.html

1319 days ago


two words: Ha Ha

1319 days ago


Pay your taxes next time, dead beat.

1319 days ago


I wish they would go after people like Casey Anthony with the same vengance. We have murderers waking the streets, drug dealers who kill people and are given light sentences. You also have Lindsay Lohan, who has recieved so many passes I have lost track. If the law could go after these others like they did with Richard Hatch, we might make a dent in crime!

1319 days ago


A person like Hatch is why I didn't go into business. These people think they're stronger and smarter than the average Joe but are most vile. They worship the almighty dollar and would throw anyone under the bus to get it.
Corporate crime is the most under exposed with little consequences for offenders. Hatch thinks he's smarter than David Cassidy and the baseball fellow but how smart was it for him to evade taxes when everyone knew he won survivor? He's a prick, just like Elton John. They should get together.

1319 days ago

northern gypsy    

watched the 2nd episode last night...don't like him !!!
david cassidy must be laughing right about now...
on a more serious's D.T. going to fix this ???

1319 days ago


Trump, I'd think twice about running for President. We have all witnessed what a lousey leader YOU would make!

1319 days ago


Total Slimeball.... Hope he enjoys the slammer.

1319 days ago


He will now discover a hole new meaning to the word "delicate" in the joint..


1319 days ago


I bet Trump fires him ASAP!

For all of Hatch's problems, he lacks any humility at all. I was completely put off when he bullied Cassidy.

So many of them are irritating. Star joans, is brutal, with the big **s rolling eyes, all the snotty little facial expressions, etc. Her comment about coming into the show with a prepared skill set, etc, is a joke. It's a show that's for generating money for charities. Actors, musicians, etc are not Project Managers in the true sense. As well, they should change it up: any time the losing team are returned to the office for firing, you get canned if you don't fight loud enough, you're goaded with stupid questions (from trumps son), and basically, extremely successful people are belittled and humiliated like little children. How they sucker people into doing the show, is a mystery.

1319 days ago


Will someone please help find this poor guy's top lip?

1319 days ago

Gina Wong    

Now just following a logical line of thought... gay people shouldn't have to pay tax because many services are denied to gay people. For example gay people can't get married in most western countries, in most countries gay couples can't adopt. In some countries (Poland and Russia) gay people are ignored by the police and the government actively discriminates. In some countries gay people can't visit their partners in hospitals. The list goes on, if people pay tax they should have certain services provided, gay people pay tax and don't get all the services. They're sending him to jail for tax evasion? Sounds unfair to me. Of course, I've never won a million dollars.

1319 days ago


I hope one of his cell mates sings "I Think I Love You" to him. He can think of David Cassidy the whole time.

1319 days ago
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