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Tracy Morgan

The Empire Strikes BLACK!!

3/15/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tracy Morgan has the guts to be a Jedi warrior ... and yesterday in NYC, he proved it.

"Dough or dough not ... there is no try."


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1320 days ago


Way to respect your new kidney, dude. Obesity is a great way to fast track plenty of diseases, especially your diabetes.

1320 days ago


Looks like he hasn't given up beer. Or belts.

1320 days ago


Oh God...that's just gross looking.

1320 days ago


NBC's finest.

1320 days ago

Donald Draper    

Dude looks more like a sea lion then a Jedi!!! Visit for more celebrity humor!!

1320 days ago

casting couch    

His face is disgusting enough.

1320 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Wow, Mace Windu really let himself go...

1320 days ago

Blue Lake    

Gonna puke now.

1320 days ago


Unfunny, half retarded, luckiest guy in show business.

1320 days ago


My eyes, my eyes, they're burning,

1320 days ago


Jesus, give him a break. He just had a kidney transplant four months ago. I am sure the medication is not doing his figure any favors and he has a fantastic attitude. Good for you, Tracy, take it all off and show them what a survivor really looks like! You (30) ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

1320 days ago


He's doing the 30 Rock scene with him running in the traffic with the sword again? Why don't they just use the same video from the past?

1320 days ago


Did he jerk off on his nasty belly and forgot to clean up?!....Awww!! eyes just got blind.pukkkkke

1320 days ago

John 8:32    


Believe it or not... this is a perfect example of why they actually hired this brother... I'm serious. There's such a hatred in America toward men of color... they actually go out and handpick this kind of black man... to represent all other men of color in the entertainment industry. Sadly there are but a few men of color that they allowed to work in Hollywood... and the ones that do get to work they make sure their hand-picked for the same characteristics being exhibited in this photo. This is nothing new... it's been going on in the movie and TV industry since the very beginning... and as much as I hate to say this I believe is actually getting worse and this is a prime example of that.

Remember that clown... Jimmy Walker from good Times. The producer of that show actually drove around in his Rolls-Royce looking for a tired looking brother... saw Jimmy Walker walking to school. Stopped his car and said brother would you like to be on TV ?!? Hired him at the age of 30... to play a teenager... I wonder why !?!

There are certain males in our society... that will simply do anything for money... there are other males in our society... out of jealousy... and racism... that are willing to go out of there way to find this particular type ( stereotypes ) hire them... use them as representatives of all men of color.

To show you how prevalent this type of thing is... I've seen some new commercials on TV... two of them are advertising restaurants... you can guess which ones... and the other one is advertising some sort of stomach relief medicine. In all three commercials... there are black males... eating food and when they bring the food from their mouths... there's a big white crumb of food ...still remaining on their Negroid lips. Which is nothing but an old stereotype. Please believe me... this is all done deliberate - just say it's a Hollywood inside - joke!!! You know it's a sad state of affairs when the only men of color they can find to work in Hollywood films and TV... all happened to look the same way 98% of the time... always dark skin... heavy Negroid features and usually bald. Black people come in every skin color... but you hardly ever see this demonstrated at all in Hollywood movies or on TV. This brings me to one thing... that I like to say as far as them stereotyping. I looked up the statistics of how many men are bald or going bald in America... you can look it up yourself, I believe it was around 30 million men- but we see this characteristic demonstrated almost always in films and "Black MEN!" Black men are roughly 10% of the population here in America... but on TV shows like dancing with the stars... Hellcats... the Practice... 99% of the time it's black men with bald heads.

I just got through watching the final bachelor show... and I was starting to wonder... to myself. When will they ever have a black bachelor... but then on the other hand it's been over 15 seasons of bachelor shows. If they did finally put one on... I'm sure they would find a way to make him a black stereotype... dark skin... heavy Negroid features and of course a bald head. Imagine what they could do to his family !?!

"Shame on America..!"

1320 days ago
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