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Standoff Continues at Michael Jackson House

3/15/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alejandra Jackson -- the squatter who has been living at Katherine Jackson's family compound against Katherine's will -- just bought more time in the house, thanks to a judge's ruling.

Judge MJ Estate Alejandra
Alejandra -- the baby mama of both Randy and Jermaine Jackson -- has been living at the Encino compound for nearly 20 years.  The Estate wants her out and has offered her a condo in move-in condition, but Alejandra has not budged.

Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said the snag in the move was that Alejandra refused to sign a confidentiality agreement and he claims she's in the process of hocking a tell-all book.  Alejandra refused to sign the agreement and was also demanding money in addition to the condo ...

The judge just ruled that Alejandra could stay in the house for another month, until there's a full trial on whether she can be evicted.

Trial date is April 14.


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If she leaves, who will all the Jackson Brothers dump their "loads" into when they visit their Mother ?????

1282 days ago

HaYn Beauty    

Wow ... smart lady!

1282 days ago


Dear TMZ staff,

It's "hawking" a tell all book. Not hocking. Unless of course she already owns a copy of the book and is going to take it to the pawn shop and later get it out of hock? Not a big deal but it's a word that isn't used often anymore. Hawkers hawk their wares to anyone who will purchase them. Hockers hock their property to a pawn shop. :)

1281 days ago


TMZ guy is stupid for calling her HOLLY HUNTER! No wonder she didn't answer you, dumbo.

1281 days ago


Why in the world would she want to stay where she is not wanted?!

1281 days ago


This is sad,WHAT HAPPEN'S IF THIS LADY PASSES AWAY,this gold digging hoe needs to get a life if none of her children belong to MJ she needs to go 20yrs my ass,you will reap what you so you dirty hoe,for the love of money,shame on you nasty ass boys taking your mother through this,none of you made MJ money this money should go to his children,I did not see anybody else up there singing with him making the money he made fall back you are old news an ran through uhhh

1280 days ago


Alejandra , you are a disgrace to black women. Stiffen up your back and get a job . you make me sick . who said you could have everything free . You are scareing all decent men away from you . who wants a freeloader

1280 days ago


I hope the judge will realize that MJ's children are in danger living with this woman -- subject to being spied on and later blackmailed. If she is writing a tell-all book about their father, she will later write one about the children. MJ's children are living with the enemy.

1279 days ago


I have just heard the radio interview Jackie Jackson did with Tom Joyner 3-16-11.
Jackie sure doesn't mince his words when asked about the Jermaine/Alejandra fiasco.
Tom to Jackie "Are you helping Alejandra move?"
Jackie-"Are you kidding me, OMG isn't that a disgrace,my mother isn't throwing her out,but offering her a beautiful condo fully furnished & decorated. My mother has been taking care of her for well over 20 years now,I don't know what more this woman wants."
When asked about Jermaine,he says that if Jermaine were to return home, they would take his passport away from him,and Jermaine doesn't want that to happen.

Interesting,Jermaine is going to have to return home sooner or later,so it's probably best he return to face the music.
I bet he comes back to US in time for the trial,he won't miss that.

below is the link to the radio interview.

1278 days ago


Becky - Wow, that is really interesting. Thank you for sharing. I seriously doubt however if Jermaine will return. He is too much in the habit of running from responsibity. I have made a live link for that - thank you again for sharing it with us.

1278 days ago


Thank you Pegasus for making a live link for that, I tried & failed to do that.To be honest when it comes to computers,I can just about do basic stuff,but nothing too technical-LOL!

1278 days ago


Becky - Don't feel bad. I just learned how to do it. A friend taught me how to do it. I bought my computer back in Aug. of last year. Since then, I have been on a continous learning session when it comes to these blasted computers. I feel as though I am in school all over again - and at my age! You can teach an old dog new tricks - it just takes a lot more time and work - LOL.

1278 days ago


Alejandra, you whore. Nobody wants you in that house. Get out. It would be much better to live on the streets for you. God, you are so annoying and a little bitch, why cling on to someone elses stuff when you have a bunch of CRAP? My gosh, woman. Maybe instead of using the money you're demanding on shopping trips for extensions and trashy hats....

1278 days ago

Autherine D. Richardson    

Alejandra is the Brook Logan of the Jackson family. Its time for her to ship out. Or has she got the intention of sinsing her claws into another Jackson male. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1277 days ago
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