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Teen Bully Video Fallout

Both Kids Suspended

3/16/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the video that has taken over the Internet -- an Australian kid, fed up with being bullied, viciously body slams his tormentor -- and TMZ has learned BOTH kids were reprimanded for their actions.   

Australian Bully
TMZ spoke with a family member of one of the kids ... who told us the bully was suspended for twenty-one days following the incident and the kid being bullied was suspended for 4 -- since he was violent as well.  

We're also told the kid on the receiving end of the vicious body slam did not suffer any serious injuries ... despite the fact he came off the ground with a severe limp.

  Sources tell us the kid who was being bullied is handling the media attention surprisingly well -- and is "very happy" he's received so much support.  



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That was classic. Dude should've stomped him a couple of times after that.

1282 days ago


Way to go!!! The kid was defending himself after taking several punches - he should not have been given any suspension!!!!!

1282 days ago


What? He got suspended? Why for defending himself? Give me a break!!! This politically correct **** has gone too far!

1282 days ago


Well Done!

1282 days ago


OWNED !!! Love it and had to watch over and over !! Don't agree with suspending the victom. He just had enough of the little punks crap.

1282 days ago


I applaud the kid for defending himself. The punks that were laughing and bullying in the first place should be the ones to get punished.

1282 days ago


That little "bully" got what he deserved. However, HIS parents need to be paying some consequences as well. Clearly THEY are raising him to think this kind of bully behavior is acceptable. God for the other kid for sticking up for himself. He's a hero in my book. Lots of other young children being bullied would think the same thing.

1282 days ago


This is HARDLY a David vs Goliath story!!! The smaller kid was picking on the big kid. TOTALLY LAME! BOTH are lucky that the smaller kid wasn't seriously injured.

1282 days ago


Wow...good for that kid, can't believe someone would suspend the kid defending himself...what are you suppose to do take it?

And HAHAHA to the little pip squeek messing with that guy that is SOOOOOOO what you get little boy!

I really thought fromt he video the bully was the big guy...I was like WTH how is that little kid going to pick up that big one to body slam it :)

That kid should be thanking his lucky stars he body slammed him like that...because he could have done it right on his head...and they would be alot more of a serious injury for sure!

1282 days ago


Just awesome

1282 days ago



1282 days ago


Nice body slam! He should have finished him off by making the kid bite the curb and then stomp on the back of his neck.

1282 days ago


I dont condone viloence, but these darn schools do do enough to stop this type of bullying. This should be a wake up call to all bullys- you never know when you are going to push the wrong button, and get someones wrath. If this kids who was being hit, reported it and nothing was done; I say good for him, and he should not be suspended one day.

1282 days ago


The kid was defending himself from a bully! Why should he be suspended too??? What kind of an Ahole makes such a rediculous decision like that? Bravo to the kid for sticking up for himself! He showed restrained but it was obvious that the other boy wasn't going to stop until he had his bullying little ass handed to him!

1282 days ago


This bully, no matter his size, has been punished enough... being slammed on the concrete! Schools don't do enough to protect children from being bullied. Victims retaliate when they reach a point...
Violence is not the answer to any situation, but what can a kid do if the school he/she attends does nothing?

1282 days ago
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