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Dr. Murray: Key Witnesses Are Undermining Me!

3/16/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for some key witnesses in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial over the death of Michael Jackson went to court today, trying to avoid giving up what could be critical evidence in the case.


Lawyers for Dr. Arnold Klein -- Jackson's longtime doc -- and AEG honcho Randy Phillips asked the judge to quash subpoenas issued by Dr. Murray, requiring them to produce information about MJ that the defense claims is relevant to his death.

Murray wants to find out exactly what drugs and treatment Klein gave MJ in the months before his death.  TMZ reported Klein injected Michael with Demerol 51 times in the 3 months that preceded his death.

As for Phillips, we've learned Murray's team wants to know what interactions AEG had with Michael -- in particular, AEG's expectations about Michael's rehearsal schedule and its involvement in selecting Dr. Murray as Michael's doc.

Lawyers for 5 other witnesses, including Tohme Tohme, Michael's former advisor, also tried to quash their subpoenas.


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Too much reasonable doubt has already been established....
let alone the compromise of the crime scene itself.

Conrad Murray will walk.

1315 days ago


#18 is presenting critical thought process as to how this case is going. Unfortunately we can't bring Michael back. I wish we could.

1315 days ago


Nonsense. This man has a right to defend himself. Frankly these people trying to quash the subpoenas just throws a shadow of guilt on them. If they have nothing to hide then why balk at testifying? The court shouldn't even entertain these motions.

1315 days ago


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Posted at 12:52 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by KRAZY KOOKY KLOWN

Thanks - that´s where I grew up! But that should have been ACCU KOOKY!!!

1315 days ago


Oh, sorry - it WAS ACCU KOOKY! Oooops

1315 days ago


I bet Dr. Klein's medical records on MJ will be a real shocker. I'm sure Arnie has already doctored them up. Throw him under the bus too Dr. Murray.

1315 days ago


those kids sure look like arnie klien,,,,,,

1315 days ago


People who quash are motivated by ONE thing: Guilt! Oh, and fear of the truth coming out. OK, three things. Those two, and criminal charges.

1315 days ago


#8--I think what other doctors prescribed is relevant because they have pertinent records and testimony about Michael's patterns of drug use, reliance and possibly even self-administration. Also, we don't know that the drugs in his system at time of death were not from the other doctors. It all has to be sorted out.

1315 days ago


Tellit, I am in complete agreement with you. They know they have something to hide, something that is going to make them complicit in MJ's death.

1315 days ago


Seems to me Joe Jackson got this one right. There are so many other people involved in the slow demise and death of Michael Jackson, the all mighty media being one of them.

Arnold Klein should also be held responsible for MJ's death. ALthough he did not administer the lethal propofol injection, he enabled MJ and readily supplied his addiction needs. Sixty demoral injections in three months is pretty hefty (about 20 a month) and even if he was getting more than one for each visit to the doctor, this is still a huge amount of injections for a man who has a well know past demoral addiction problem.

I have had botox and restyline injections similar to what MJ was receiving. I never received any other needle injection other than the one with the filler in it and by the way Anrie..they do have local cream numbing anesthetics for these procedures.The pain is really not that BIG of a deal and should have been able to be tolerated by a man who subjected himself to endless hours of grueling dance routines and practice. Just another lame excuse by Arnie to help feed MJ's habit and contribute to his death.

I could go on for hours about the enablers in MJ's life that did not care about his health or mental well being and only fed off his money and fame. They should all be in jail or better yet, receive death by lethal injection...the mother of all injections.

1315 days ago


hum, all that so called DEMEROL Klein gave him, but nothing in the autopsy showing any demerol or any narcotics of any kind, that stuff can be detected for up to and over 6 months from a frickin' hair sample, just like drug testing for pot or even nicotine. hum!

MJ, I believe, was having maybe hair transplants done (due to his balding and scarring from his burns) and probably some facial stuff done, both would maybe require demerol. I know hair transplant patients get injected narcotics.

BUT no narcotics in autopsy report or found in his system. If conrad was even a doctor, seems he would have discussed MJ's so called drug use with his doctors prior to loading him up with benzos, etc...

1315 days ago


Dear judge

Please don't quash the subpoenas.

They obviously have something to hide otherwise they'd be wanting to do their civic duty and prove that they had nothing to do with it. By hiding it's going to be a half arsed trial. All facts should be in evidence. What's the point of subpoenas if you can just say "Nah, I don't wanna do it" and the judge says "okie dokie"?

1315 days ago

Julie Grimes    

It doesn't make any difference who did what except for the man that was there at the end. He does not need to be a doctor. The rule is the doctor should be smarter than the patient. It is obvious that his love of money was more powerful than anything. He let Michael talk him into giving him a drug that SHOULD BE USED IN A HOSPITAL. He should have said NO. He is responsible no one else.

1315 days ago


@ Julie Grimes, but he could've asked the people subpoenaed and they said no. Why would they not want to get on the stand and mention that? Hell they could LIE and said he did and they refused which gets them off the hook and the spotlight back on him, it's not going to be in writing.

Just flat out refusing to go makes them suspicious, like anyone who takes the fifth as it may incriminate themselves. Yes it's legal to take it but everyone thinks you're suspicious when you do.

1315 days ago
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