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Dr. Murray: Key Witnesses Are Undermining Me!

3/16/2011 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for some key witnesses in Dr. Conrad Murray's manslaughter trial over the death of Michael Jackson went to court today, trying to avoid giving up what could be critical evidence in the case.


Lawyers for Dr. Arnold Klein -- Jackson's longtime doc -- and AEG honcho Randy Phillips asked the judge to quash subpoenas issued by Dr. Murray, requiring them to produce information about MJ that the defense claims is relevant to his death.

Murray wants to find out exactly what drugs and treatment Klein gave MJ in the months before his death.  TMZ reported Klein injected Michael with Demerol 51 times in the 3 months that preceded his death.

As for Phillips, we've learned Murray's team wants to know what interactions AEG had with Michael -- in particular, AEG's expectations about Michael's rehearsal schedule and its involvement in selecting Dr. Murray as Michael's doc.

Lawyers for 5 other witnesses, including Tohme Tohme, Michael's former advisor, also tried to quash their subpoenas.


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@arcon: there was nothing more in his body (apart from lorazepam) at the time of death.

1280 days ago


Dr. Klien not handing over evidence of other drugs MJ was given so it can be compared with what Dr. Murray was lead to believe was already in Michael's body (even though MJ could have lied to Murray) is very suspicious. and although Murray is clearly a bad doctor, it's obvious Klien is too.

AEG sounds like they're running scared! I mean why not tell the truth! It's interesting how Murray himself wants to know why he was hired to help MJ work a ridiculous schedule. It will still prove Murray is an idiot doctor, but he wants to know and prove if this is what AEG wanted.

Time for AEG to come clean.

The insurance company spoke to Murray wanting MJs medical history going back to 2006 at 5:34am the day Michael died.
It was 11:36am when Murray called them back saying he wasn't priviledged to give that information.

Only a fool can't see that Murray was told to take Michael out because AEG realized that Lloyds of London (who are known for insuring everyone!) were about to pull out and cancel the concert.

Murray won't come right out blame who is was the fall guy for because he doesn't want to go to prison, but he will bring it out the guilty by putting them on the witness stand.

Still you have to wonder why so many are being so secretive - did MJ have an illness or private they didn't want anyone to know about?!?!

1280 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Did they say the med was found in his stomach? I believe someone else was in that house. I doubt seriously that Murray did away with surv tapes. I doubt Murray knew MJJ's house well enough to grab or erase tapes.
Michael would be the first to say, everyone should be allowed his day in court.

I think loads of information will surface. The home and evidence was shot when family were allowed to enter and not observed. They may get Murray for lack of equipment needed, but not murder. If he is being blamed and charged. the lawmen in charge of erasing the surv tape should be at his heels.

1280 days ago


Why hasn't that Arnie Klein dude over dosed know damn well he's an addict.

Oh and when will he being popping up to claim HIS children?

1280 days ago


I wouldn't want to be Murray right about now!!
If his lawyers are trying to get the people close to Michael to cough up info on him, Murray may not make it to trial!!
Tohme Tohme and AEG are very shady, and one phone call could erase a one 'Conrad Murray'!!
They are treading were serpents tread!!

1280 days ago


AEG sounds like they're running scared! I mean why not tell the truth! It's interesting how Murray himself wants to know why he was hired to help MJ work a ridiculous schedule
what ridiculous schedule? Michael would work maybe 1 or 2 shows per week. there was a 3 month break in the fall. the shows would have resumed in 2010. other than riding from his residence to the 02 there would be no extensive traveling either....pleaseazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1280 days ago


Michael Jackson died? OMG when did this happen? I'm his biggest fan! OMG!

1280 days ago


you are wrong: the shows were scheduled at the beginning more or less everyday in a week.

1280 days ago


The Murray team are really getting desperate now. It doesn't matter what happened in the weeks/months BEFORE........what matters is that Murray killed his patient.That is a FACT and nothing or no-one can alter that fact.

1280 days ago


#40Lori-klein doesn't have any kids.Move on already

1280 days ago


klein was Michael's dermatologist for years.There is no way he would do anything to harm Michael.
He admitted that he sedated Michael sometimes because he had to do skin restructure which is a painful procedure.The fact is that Michael always woke up under klein's treatment.
klein didn't kill Michael.murray did!

1280 days ago


i love you more MICHAEL i miss you more and more everyday plz come home !!!!!

1280 days ago


Of course they're fighting subpoenas....
they have plenty to hide.
Once they swore in and on that stand.....
the defense will have their asses.

You don't fight the issuance of a subpoena if you don't have anything to hide.

Posted at 11:41 AM on Mar 16, 2011 by Tellit




1280 days ago

k clayton    

Hey's the oldest kiddos dad!!!! (arnie) looks just like him!!! why haven't they done dna tests yet????

1280 days ago
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