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Nate Dogg -- Family Suspects Cause of Death

3/16/2011 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nate Dogg's family believes the singer's death was caused by complications stemming from the two strokes he suffered over the past couple of years ... this according to the singer's close friend and manager Rod McGrew.

Nate Dogg Death

McGrew tells TMZ ... Nate's death was unexpected ... since he was making significant progress in his recovery from the most recent stroke he suffered in 2008.

According to McGrew ... Nate was "95% recovered from the first stroke in 2007" ... when the second stroke occurred in 2008 ... leaving Nate partially paralyzed and causing partial memory loss.

But McGrew says Nate had "cognitively fully recovered" -- meaning he got his memory back and was fully alert and aware all the way up to his final days.

McGrew just released a statement on behalf of himself and Nate's family ... saying, "We appreciate the enormous outpouring of response from all over the world. We greatly appreciate that and thank everyone for their prayers and support."

The statement continues, "We know that Nate will be hanging out with his good friends 2Pac and Biggie."

Nate's official cause of death has not been released.


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Whoever is on here passing judgment needs to swallow a d k an stfu in Xxplosive words recognize an have some respect you garbage mutherfckers!!!! RESPECT!!!!

A true OG rapper pioneer to art-rap-music
While the west coast roles along....
A life cut so short
We know your in the heavens above
While we stay in denial

Rest in Peace

1280 days ago


Jesus is the truth and the light..... the maker of all man kind black white and judgement day is coming so for all who live in the wicked ways....the time has come to repent before its to late I love everyone and he will always be remembered.....I remember as a little girl my parents listening to Nate dogg..... He is a legend..... RIP....

1280 days ago


tea party mom,u dont av common sense. U call us coloured, but wen ure born ure pink,wen u grow up ure white,wen u go under d sun ure red,wen u feel cold ure blue, wen ure scared ure yellow,wen ure sick ure green,wen u die ure pls tell me y u call us coloured! stupid animal.

1280 days ago


who gives a ****! why so much attention to a gangster, rapper, druggie and felon?

1280 days ago


R.I.P Nate Dogg ~ you will be missed. my cousin called me at 7am asking if this was true. we are very sad to hear that it is.. your music will live on forever!!!!

1280 days ago


@152 You forgot to mention MARINE!

1280 days ago


Who cares about "Nate Dog"? So stupid. Rap music sucks anyway. It is garbage.

1280 days ago


He was awesome. Rest in peace.

1280 days ago


First off I'm BLACK to all the BLACK RACIST on here ..In fact the only RACIST I see on here are the BLACKS..I haven't seen anyone else mention color except for the BLACK RACIST on here..Goes to show just what race is the bigots today..I hang my head in shame..To the WHITE people on here I'm sorry for the way these BLACK ANIMALS (DOGS) are acting on here...

Posted at 12:59 PM on Mar 16, 2011 by va reb


"va reb" I'm ashamed that you're poor white trash pretending to be black. LMAO!

va reb = poor white trash....HA!

And you poor white trash would know alot about "animals"....

And speaking of such, did you have sex with your dog again today?

1280 days ago


Ummmm!!! Things that people say on old are you...10??????? Your on here to pay your respects not bash other people. I do not listen to rap but my bf does. Have never been a fan BUT to each their own, right??!!! I'm so proud to say I get along with everyboy black, white, hispanic.....whatever race you are. I'm a people person & hope to goodness I never come acrossed some of the idiots on here posting stupid, ridiculous & pathetic comments. You are beneath me!!!!! RIP Nate Dogg & prayers are with your family! May they find comfort knowing that you are in a better place!

1280 days ago

Charles Turner    

I really don't think it matters about what nationality he was, and this message is directed at the ignorant and blatant racist commenting to something that they could truly care less about. The reason that you don't like African American's is because you all do not understand what it's like to walk in our shoes. Quit being stupid, and educate yourselves on ethics and don't be an ass.

1280 days ago


#4 so this is what the tea party represents (*******s and racism)???

#15 No she could have said who is this 'person'? his blood is red just like hers. If you can explain any reason why you should not refer to him as a person and it doesn't sound stupid please do!

#14 thank you.

#12 must be 12.

for the one s who joke about death put your recently deceased family upi here and see what comments you get. More than likely get ****ted on. Don't joke about death. When you meet it I guarantee you there will be no smiles.

1280 days ago

sick of it    

Why is everyone so upset...This was trash and its now in a trash can..Be Happy !!

1280 days ago

sick of it    

Thank you Va Reb

1280 days ago


"va reb" I'm ashamed that you're poor white trash pretending to be black. LMAO!

va reb = poor white trash....HA!

And you poor white trash would know alot about "animals"....

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1280 days ago
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