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Partial List of Celebs

Targeted By Hackers

3/17/2011 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ now has a partial list of the celebs who had compromising pictures and video stolen from their computers and mobile devices by a group of hackers.

Celebrity Hacked Phones
The list includes Vanessa Hudgens, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Emma Caulfield, Addison Timlin and Renee Olstead.

TMZ broke the story ... the FBI sat down with Vanessa Hudgens Wednesday for more than an hour to determine how her Gmail account got hacked.

We're told 50 celebs had compromising photos and videos stolen by one group, and one of the ringleaders has his fingerprints on every job. 

Our sources say the hackers' primary motivation is the thrill and challenge of it all -- not the money.

Law enforcement sources tell us the FBI is closing in on the hackers.


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en Todo Momento!!    

the hacker's thrill is probably that he has a hairy ugly ape body and is obsessed with the soft and hairless form of the female body, highly most likely. envy, in other words. typical case of female body envy. ask freud.

1315 days ago

Master Po    

once again they had to have sent them to someone to have them hacked from the account. Therefore if miss innocent was underage she was then guilty of distribution of child porn. do they morons think before they press release?

1315 days ago


Maybe they shouldn't have naked photos or something on their computer or phone they don't want the public to see. I don't feel sorry for them. They are probably just bummed they didn't get paid for it. I'm sure those girls wouldn't have a problem posing for Playboy and getting paid. They probably wear dresses with no panties and guys don't have a problem with who sees them naked, so what's the big deal?

1315 days ago


Maybe FBI actually DOES stand for "Female Body Inspector".

All this time I thought it was just a stupid joke t-shirt.

1315 days ago


silly question in a legal way if any of these taken are of celebs that were under 18 are not these celebs also not possiably looking at charges ? I dont know US laws but a minor is a minor as when the pictures are taken.

1315 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

My guess is most of these bitches are glad to have their pics leaked. It usually helps careers. Though Vanessa's spread eagle crotch shot was a step above the rest. I'd definitely like to see the unedited version.

1315 days ago


I know the names of a grand total of 3 listed above. What qualifies someone as a celeb these days? Seriously, what?

1315 days ago


Ok, so I think if you are going to keep compromising pictures or videos of yourself in your email or elsewhere that it CAN be compromised, it is really your own doing. Do they not realize the world we live in today?? Keep your private life private by not putting it out there where others can get to it. Is that such a hard concept to grasp??

1315 days ago


Look this is simple. If you are gonna have nude photos or sex videos or whatever, DON'T have them saved on your cell phone or anywhere online or even on a computer that is hooked up to the internet. Put it on an external hard drive that is disconnected from your computer or on a DVD and hide it away somewhere. Even that is not a guarantee that someone will get it but at least the chances that someone else will get it will be greatly reduced.

1315 days ago

Donald Draper    

It’s gonna be funny as hell when they trace that hack back to the TMZ offices!! Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

1315 days ago


I know that when you put your email account on your cell phone through Verizon they ask you for your password. So that is probably someone who works for the cell phone company who is collecting email passwords and maybe even selling the info. I hope they go to jail.

1315 days ago


Hackers are going to hack. If you don't want nude pics posted EVERYWHERE, don't post them ANYWHERE! Geesh, that should be "Taking Nude Pics of Myself 101".

1315 days ago

Master Po    

Ban donald draper. he is spamming that site thats filled with spyware and viruses again. BE WARNED DO NOT GO THERE

1315 days ago


james and the red moose,excellent point ,would love it if a celeb was used as a poster child,to remind underage girls that they too are p0rncriminals, if they distribute(email) their naked underage pics.

1315 days ago


PLEASE!! Somebody please, give me the definition of "celebrity". I have been under the impression it meant someone famous, only 3 of these people above are famous though.

1315 days ago
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