Partial List of Celebs Targeted By Hackers

3/17/2011 2:10 PM PDT

Celebrity Hacked Phones -- Partial List of Celebs Targeted By Hackers

TMZ now has a partial list of the celebs who had compromising pictures and video stolen from their computers and mobile devices by a group of hackers.

The list includes Vanessa Hudgens, Ali Larter, Busy Philipps, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Emma Caulfield, Addison Timlin and Renee Olstead.

TMZ broke the story ... the FBI sat down with Vanessa Hudgens Wednesday for more than an hour to determine how her Gmail account got hacked.

We're told 50 celebs had compromising photos and videos stolen by one group, and one of the ringleaders has his fingerprints on every job. 

Our sources say the hackers' primary motivation is the thrill and challenge of it all -- not the money.

Law enforcement sources tell us the FBI is closing in on the hackers.