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Ryan Phillippe's Ex

Lawyers Up

3/18/2011 8:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Phillippe's ex/alleged baby mama has lawyered up ... and a legal battle is now brewing ... TMZ has learned. 


Alexis Knapp -- the model/actress who claims to be carrying Ryan's baby -- has hired Mark Vincent Kaplan.

Ryan has said he'll take a DNA test once the baby is born and support the child if it's his, but Alexis is not satisfied.

And here's a fun fact.  Kaplan repped K-Fed in his divorce/custody battle with Britney Spears.


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ummmm if he pays then does that not mean he is assuming responsibility? Just curious...

1284 days ago


Money Grubbing Whore!!!

1284 days ago

Hot Blooded    

I'm confused. He's said he'll take a DNA test once the child is born, and will pay for it if the child is his.

What else can he focking do?! Does she want him to give birth to the child for her, too? I don't get it, what is wrong with these pseudo-Hollywood women...

1284 days ago

fishy won ton    

hi america this is whats going on....for a while the jews have dominated the media and in turn bankrupted the morality and thought processes of this great nation...we now live in a material society where the emphasis is on me not we...thanks to greedy jewish liberalism and if in doubt get a jewish lawyer (kaplan) win dont you think???

Wake up America and start by turning the jew box off and get rid of this filth!!!...lets get traditional values back and our mind out of the gutter...self esteem is a more BS!!

1284 days ago

fishy won ton    


1284 days ago


Earth to fishy won ton!!!

1284 days ago


by law you can not get a cent until a child is born and the dna test is done and Mark is a s***bag lawyer who got a guy custody of 2 kids that he never took care of and sees them as nothing more then $$$$ signs

1284 days ago


He should have worn a rain coat. No sense crying over spilt seamen now.

1284 days ago


This really is nothing but whoring around. Lowest of the low, getting pregnant and forcing a guy to be a father to child he did not want/expect. And no "accident" BS. Either she was on the pill or if not, shouldve told him so he used a condom for hers and his sake. But this is easier, free money.

1284 days ago


Not sure why this stuff cant be taken care of in private. He said that if it is his kid that he will pay. This shows that she is a greedy bitch.

1284 days ago

sMacK tHaT hOe    

another d.irtbag who was willing to spread her legs for a pay day.. skanks like that should be exterminated..the guy offers to do the right thing and shes not happy with it.. i hope you enjoy your payday u low life hooker c.u.n.t.

1284 days ago


This is why being relatively successful career-wise and definitely stupid not-wearing-a-condom-wise is very dangerous in Los Angeles.

I ask all women I date to sign a standard release form that prevents them from suing me.

1284 days ago


if so many of u guys think that women r money grabbing whores after yr hard earned cash, why do u repeatedly poke em without protection?

1284 days ago


Her complaint is that she can't work while pregnant. My guess is that she wants Ryan to pay her money because she "can't work". It was HER choice to spread her legs and to do so without ensuring she would not get pregnant. It is not his responsibility to pay her for not being able to work. In fact, it would behoove him to be putting money in an account to pay for the expenses of the pregnancy which will only be dispersed to the mother once paternity has been established. This way, if Ryan is not the father, he'll be able to recoup the costs. Since he is paying the medical fees, a sheister lawyer and a man hating judge might consider that to be his admission to parentage and try to order him to pay child support even though he isn't the father. You just never know about the court system! Besides, it isn't like she would pay him back for the medical expenses if it is determined that he isn't the father.

1284 days ago

darcy hill    

Why haven't the men of Hollywood learned a few lessons. They're called Condoms.....use them. Just like Timothy Dalton, Mel Gibson and now Ryan Phillipe should have. Geez, men just don't learn.

1284 days ago
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