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Knut, Famous Polar Bear, Found Dead

3/19/2011 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Knut -- the famous polar bear raised by zookeepers in Germany -- died Saturday in his compound, a Berlin zoo official announced today.

Knut Dead
Knut became famous after he was rejected by his mother at birth and raised by zookeepers at the Berlin Zoo.

According to one report, he was found floating in the water in the zoo's polar bear enclosure on Saturday. Bear keeper Heiner Kloes was quoted as saying, "He was by himself in his compound, he was in the water, and then he was dead ... He was not sick, we don't know why he died."

A cause of death is not known, but tests are expected to be performed Monday.

He was 4.


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Pardon me: "TMZ".. not TMX...too much tigerblood for me tonight;)

1312 days ago


God Bless Knut. My heart goes out to all who took care of Knut.

1312 days ago


Wild animals do not belong in zoos!

1312 days ago


This is a sad day. He was a beautiful bear and a gentle disposition. Deepest condolences to his fans and keepers. Thank you TMZ for sharing this with the world. Much appreciated.

1312 days ago


i got dibs on the FUR! it would make a nice rug

1312 days ago


Awwww...hate, hate, hate reading these sad stories about animals.

RIP Knut. You sure were a pretty bear. I hope you are having fun and playing with other bears up in bear heaven. RIP sweet fella.

1312 days ago


Armer Armer Knut! Du warst toll und hast uns viel Freude gebracht! Du wirst immer in unseren Herzen sein! RIP

1312 days ago


Didn't the man that raised him die of mysterious cir***stances too, or did they ever figure out why the man died so young.

I can't believe that both are dead now, they were SO loving towards each other when Knut was a baby. So tragic.

Someone asked why TMZ posted about Knut - he was a celeb!

1312 days ago


Faced with a lifetime of being confined to a Zoo enclosure, Knut committed suicide.

1312 days ago

Inge Reid    

To all of those who have CRUEL and HEARTLESS comments about the death of this beautiful animal should be ashamed. Our world could do wtihout people like you.

1311 days ago



to some of you idiots, Knut was a "celebrity" in Germany and was very famous since the time he was born...dumbazzes if you don't want to read about him, just scroll past to your idols, Charlie Sheen or Linsey..., you don't have to stop and comment...this bear had many fans and many youngsters just fell in love with him since he was young...

RIP Knut!

Posted at 1:40 PM on Mar 19, 2011 by Who'sThat

Ummmmm, yeah. That's either irony or hypocrisy coming from someone with the username of "Who'sThat"!! Dumbass!

Posted at 4:29 PM on Mar 19, 2011 by Superman


if you want to argue on username, you should start making fun of yours first...superman, HAHAHA you are a hater, no where near what superman stands ignoramus imbecile that you are!
you are truly a dumbass poster well representing those i call idiotic morons among the commentors!

1311 days ago


Reading some of the comments on here makes me shaking my head! No wonder we have so much cruelty and evil in the world, caused by racism, ignorance, superficiality, brutalization and lack of culture. When interviewing visitors coming from allover the world, they said that Knut and his story let them forget their bad things in life for just a few minutes. Knut was rejected by his mother at birth and hand-raised selflessly day and night by Thomas Dörflein, the bear keeper, who died from a heart attack at the age of 44 in 2008. Back then, people were fed up hearing only about catastrophes, wars and fights (so they are today, of course!) and a story about a cute bear puppy enlightened their lives and gave them a change.

And mourning about Knut does not mean that we do not care about Japan, starvation in the world, and other cruel things.

For those who don't care, why leaving comments on the story? Just skip it!

1311 days ago

cecilia opena    

the first time i saw him on tv...he got my attention,a typical cub naughty and playful.his sudden death made me sad and wondered was he sick....i hope that the cause of his death be known....i will miss you KNUT.....

1311 days ago

Andre Key    

Te deseo el mejor de los viajes .. al reencuentro con tus antepasados y porsupuesto tu gran amigo y padre postizo Thomas Dörflein, perdona por los que no pudieron pedirte perdón en este planeta regido por la ambición y el egoísmo, la fantasía de tener un ejemplar tan maravilloso como tú.... y tener que soportar ser una magnífica decoración para un puñado de personas y otros que se banagloriaron porque creciste entre ellos gracias a sus tecnicas artificiales.... perdón porque este mundo aún no comprende que los seres vivos que nos rodean se les debe cuidar en su propio ambiente ,,, empecemos a cuidar nuestro planeta (aunke suene repetitivo) y no envenemos a nuestros hermanos... cualquiera que sea su especie.... ellos sobreviven sin hormonas sin saborizantes artificiales ni alimentos transgénicos... porqué no podemos aprender de ellos ??? y vivir para los demás siendo cada vez más austeros y compartiendo lo que tenemos.. sea inteligencia o bienes materiales??? porqué!!! Adiós pequeña ternura... y que la fuerza te acompañe...

1310 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

I"m no expert, but it looks like he went into a seizure from either poisoning or brain. Poor Knut, we'll miss you. Schlaf gut liebe

1309 days ago
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