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Bullied Teen -- "I Contemplated Suicide"

3/20/2011 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Heynes -- the bullied 15-year-old kid from Australia who gained fame when a video showing him defending himself went viral online -- revealed in an interview that the bullying got so bad, he once considered suicide.

Heynes sat down with "A Current Affair" in Australia, saying it was his sister that got him through the tough times.

As for the infamous video, Heynes said he was scared that day and was trying to defuse the situation before his tormentor's friends joined in.

Mission accomplished.


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Davey Boy    

Van Damme isn't doing anything. He ought to fly out there and start training this kid on self-defense.

1314 days ago


This kid only did one thing wrong....... He didn't bounce that little bast . ard right down on his head.

1314 days ago


a couple of pills of Charlie Sheen and that kid is a winner any time.

1314 days ago

concerned mother    

This young man should not have been in any trouble. He was defending his self. And I as a mother if my child was in his position i would tell them to fight back. You have to protect yourself in a physical altercation.

1314 days ago


Casey had had enough.Bullies are usually scared little people anyway.I guess now the other kids parents are going to try and file a lawsuit.Violence is not always the way to solve things but,in this case i can bet everybody else now knows to leave him alone.Or, they'll get 2 or 3 of their friends together and jump on him.Casey i hope you don't let this make you a mean kid now.KEEP YOUR HEAD UP KIDDO!!!!!!!!

1314 days ago


Casey, you are not alone. Many of us were bullied, and I completely understand your despair, but suicide is never the right thing to do. You are a hero in my eyes.

1314 days ago


Hi Casey, You put up with alot of non sence and I am so glad you finally had enough and put that bully in his place.
We can only put up with so much before we snap..
I do not believe in physical fights normally, but this kid tormented you for a long time and what you did was self defense.

1314 days ago


Has the bully been charged with assault? He hit first and should be criminally charged.

1314 days ago

Jen O.    

Hang in there, kid! You have much love and support coming from the world right now and always will! Just keep beating the s#it out of those fkrs!

1314 days ago


I am proud that Casey did what he did to the bully bastard! He gave him a great, well deserved body slam! He rules!! Keep your head up Casey and don't let anyone push you around!

1314 days ago


Casey honey-you absolutely did the RIGHT thing. You did not get your parents involved, and you did not bring a weapon to school to defend yourself. You used your own two fists to show that little weasel what you are made of. I have a son who is large like you, and I tell him all the time-these losers have no idea how powerful you are and that you could pound them into a fine powder. Well, you showed that that is absolutely the case!!!! More power to you!!

1314 days ago


Way to go Casey. I bet that little turd will think twice before he does anything like that again. I was always told be careful what you say to someone or do because you may regret the outcome. Well, hopefully that turd regrets his stupid little actions. But, where was your mom and dad in this situation. Did they not know about this? If not, why not? Casey, hold your head up high, do not be ashamed of what you did... you protected yourself AND you have every right to protect yourself. If the little turd got hurt TOOOOOO BAD. He deserved it. Kelly on TMZ said what if the other kid got hurt - well Kelly how about that little punk hitting Casey in the face? If he landed on his head when he got body slammed it was his own fault... he asked for it. I can't believe how stupid people can be that have never been bullied... OH NO YOU CAN'T HURT THE PERSON WHO IS PUNCHING YOU AND KICKING YOU AND HIS FRIENDS ALSO DO IT. Give me break - kick their butts.

1314 days ago


Parents of bullies should be equally responsible for their children. If you can't control them... PAY UP

1314 days ago


You stepped into manhood that day and you should be very proud of yourself, your family must have big smiles. If I lived in your country I would take you to your favorite place and spend the day. You proved that bullys are nothing more than COWARDS!

1314 days ago

Mike C    

Dude, never let the bullies get to you. You showed them, but most importantly showed yourself, that you can and will defend yourself! Just do NOT let it go to your head and become a bully yourself. Stay true to yourself!

1314 days ago
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