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Bam Margera K.O.'d in

Bloody Texas Hotel Fight

3/21/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jackass" star Bam Margera was knocked out cold after getting into a fight on the 11th floor of a Texas hotel last week  ... TMZ has learned.

Bam tells TMZ ... he was at the SXSW festival late Thursday night, walking through a crowd of a bunch of drunks, "when someone said something rude to me, so I began making fun of a big girl in the group."  Bam said, "I called her a sea otter and asked her why she's in Texas.  She should be in Alaska laying on an iceberg because she's a beached whale."

Bam says the woman's friend punched him in the face and the two began fighting.  Bam fell  to the ground and the woman then delivered the knockout blow.   Bam was out for 7 minutes.

Bam says his face was "covered in blood" and he has a black eye.  On top of that, he lost his $500 bracelet.


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Bam, you are losing fans. Also, you'd better peddle that ass while you can. Your body will look like your dad's before too long. Obesity has a strong genetic component. I should know....I'm a geneticist.

1309 days ago

Trev the 1    

is he fat? I dont remember him being very fat but i guess most people on here consider him to be fat. WTF.

1309 days ago


good job bam i love ya, texas = steers and big queers,you are one tough dude,he would rather take a beating then get sued for all his millions ,smart guy , anyone knows bam can fight, he just chose not to , all you jealous a-holes can suck it

1309 days ago


He got what he deserved. He's a jerk and thinks he can get away with everything. I'm glad a girl beat the crap out of him, he'll never hear the end of it.

1309 days ago


Bam is an A*%hole!! why was he picking on the girl; besides, poking fun at someone's weight is cruel and childish.

1309 days ago


Too bad someone didn't record it, I would have loved to see this dumbass get knocked out!!!

1308 days ago


Sad..I really liked Bam, but it seems that he became a jerk over the years.
I don't care how 'fat' the girl was, he has no right to insult her. A friend of mine wanted to kill herself because a boy called her fat cow, so I'm really sensitive when it comes to such a topic.

I hope Bam gets beat up until he realizes that he should shut his mouth sometimes. Sorry

1308 days ago


they were both wrong.the group of people that was saying rude comments to Bam Margera.and Mr.Bam Margera should have kept his mouth shut and waked away.

1308 days ago


lol Why are you people giving this has been press? This drug and boozed addicted cheating loser who barely seems to associate with the people he used to make films/tv shows with(his friends on the cky films/jackass/viva la bam were always funnier then him to begin with) and such with, deserved what he got.

1308 days ago

G man.    

I think bam &piss brown should throw down.

1308 days ago


This guy, (BAM) gets the **** kicked out of him for a living, and has made millions doing it. And people are worried about him never living down getting his ass kicked by a girl that punched him while he was bloody. HA!

1308 days ago


Seriously people. Out of all of you saying you don't like fat people, every single one of you have an overwieght friend, family member, or co-worker that you call a buddy. Quit being so hypocritical. Get your sorry a** off the computer and do something with your life besides talk sh*t. It's time to focus on your own sorry, lame excuse for a life and quit talking crap about others. Geez!

1308 days ago


GOOD, he deserved it...he would never fight a guy only chicks who he thinks can't or won't fight back...what a douche

1308 days ago


The guy who has a "**** farm" branded on his ass got kicked in the face by a girl. Bwaahahahaaa!

1308 days ago


good! i'm glad she knocked him out. what a p*ssy! big girl power!!!

1308 days ago
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