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Paris/Bruno D.A.

Allegedly Scored Coke

4X a Week

3/21/2011 1:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The deputy D.A. who prosecuted Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars scored coke 3 to 4 times a week in the crack den of Las Vegas ... this according to the police report obtained by TMZ, and we've learned he's been locked out of his office and is about to get fired.

David Schubert Drugs

David Schubert, who was busted Saturday night, had gone to a notorious area of Vegas Saturday night.  Schubert, who was driving a BMW, stopped and cops observed a male get inside his car.

The two began driving and cops were suspicious, after the passenger got out of the car, went into a an apartment complex and came back out.  When Schubert allegedly committed a traffic violation, cops made their move and stopped the vehicle.  The passenger got out and ran, and was subdued after a foot chase.

The passenger then snitched Schubert out, telling cops Schubert would come by 3 to 4 times a week and use him to purchase $40 worth of cocaine at a time.  The passenger says Schubert would call periodically to ask if anyone was selling narcotics.

Mind you ... this was allegedly going down at the same time Schubert was prosecuting Paris and Bruno.

Cops observed a "white, rocklike substance" in the car and it tested positive for cocaine.

David Roger, the Clark County District Attorney, tells TMZ, "We are very disappointed.  He [Schubert] has betrayed the trust that was placed in him.  He's been locked out of his office, placed on suspension and is in the process of being terminated."


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I'm seeing a lot people wondering why Charlie Sheen is not being investigated and all that. The difference is simple: Charlie Sheen didn't get busted! Although we all know what he was doing, the cops didn't caught him doing it. We know most of the celebrities are hocked up in something, but if they don't get caught, its like nothing is happening...

1311 days ago

george clooney    

Pray for this man. I sense suicide is an option for him. Curious if he had just a briefcase of coke at his house if he would have been prosecuted? Funny how life is huh? Pray for him though, he hopefully will get help and through the grace of God, find the truth.

1311 days ago


It's like the seven second rule, if it falls on the floor and you pick it up in under seven seconds you can eat it. Charlie Sheen smoked half a pound of cocaine yesterday but none yet today so we won't arrest him. It's the magical dissapearing evidence. Your honor we can't arrest Charlie Sheen for coke because he smoked it all, "Fabulous! Case dismissed". It never happened.

Posted at 10:17 AM on Mar 21, 2011 by Darryll

They can't arrest CS for coke because he ain't stupid and no COPS have ever seen him do it!! I guess you'd be okay with the cops arresting you for something that someone said you did even though the cops didn't see it happen and the accuser didn't produce any proof?

1311 days ago


I would like to ask this man if drugs were worth his livelihood and life as he knew it. It's a shame, but he brought it on himself.

1311 days ago


40.00 worth of obviously can not afford an 8-ball. This douche is as big a LOSER as Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars.

1311 days ago


YOU KNOW WHAT??? If he was scoring that much coke then he went to court high!! You know he was sweating & paranoid as a mo fo!! Hollywood could not have written a better story.
What a complete idiot & I can't wait to see him in court!!! HAHAHA

1311 days ago


All of Law Enforcement from cops to DA's should be drug tested often if they are going to punish the general population for using drugs. I guarantee their positive test % for drugs will be very close to the general populations. (don't forget steroid tests for the cops!)

1311 days ago

Joann would think with David being a DA he of all people would know NOT to drive around in a drug area driving a BMW in the dead of night.

He should have asked Charlie for his drug connection then he could have had his drugs delivered to him....but I guess no drug dealer would deliver to you if you're only buying $40 worth of drugs at a time. Oh David could really use some drugs about now. LOL

1311 days ago


You dang straight DA Rogers was disappointed. He could've retired on being the District Attorney who put Paris/Bruno behind bars for Candy Caine. Now, he's gotta live with the man who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw Cocaine rocks. Let's see if DA Roger's campaign finance magically gets another boost.

1311 days ago


Set up

1311 days ago


Can anyone say set up? I believe this to be a set up. It's really a matter of this Raymond fellow's word against Shubert's. This plainclothes cop just happened to be at that exact place, at the exact time that Shubert picks up this drug dealer go between, who just so happens to turn out to be a snitch, and of course the rock of Coke found in the car, which was found on the passenger seat, was allegedly thrown there by Shubert. Yeah right. And all this went down in Paris's favorite place, Reno, Nevada, where Bruno has connections. Where is the actual evidence that Shubert went 3-4x a week to Reno for drugs? Does he test postive for Coke? It all comes down to the snitch's word against his. He could have been set up, this snitch telling him he could take him to Paris's dealer on this one meeting. Nevada is corrupt, and this whole thing just smacks of set up.

1311 days ago


Sounds like Tron Carter's: Law & Order.

1311 days ago


when i did coke:i couldnt have more than a gram (40$) worth near me at one time or i would binge badly and OD after the lethal amount of 1 gram per 24 hr period.

not everyone that does coke binges also so to me 40 is a gram and if moderated that will last about 1-2 days easily.40-60... a gram is going rate for coke even in places like miami where the cream is almost pure and intense.not everyone that does coke parties like a rock star.

if he was binging with an 8 ball he would have gotten caught alot sooner after not showing to court and his character in court so in actuality by keeping it as a low amount habbit he did it right.

i would most deffinately like to see an intense scrutiny for any coke charge this man prosecuted INCLUDING paris hilton.vince neil got a DWI and did what 20 days but paris got community service for COKE..something wrong there.

1311 days ago


i would also not be surprised to find out people he got more harsher terms for seen the paris thing knew his dirty secret and said..ok b1tch you wanna play lets play and alot of people turned his arse in for spite of it all.

1311 days ago


Why was Hilton/Bruno mentioned before his name?

1311 days ago
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