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Van Halen Singer:


By Aliens!

3/21/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar has officially spaced out -- in fact, the guy actually claims he was abducted by real-life aliens several decades ago ... in Fontana ... and they had their way with his brain.

Sammy Hagar
Hagar tells MTV, “It was real. They were plugged into me. It was a download situation … or, they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment ... They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth."

Hagar insists the whole thing went down in Fontana, CA -- home to a NASCAR track.

According to the ex-rock star, it wasn’t his first extra-terrestrial experience either -- claiming he saw his first UFO when he was just four years old, hovering over a field near his home.

And just so we're clear, this isn't a joke -- Sammy insists, "That happened. That friggin’ happened."


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I can't speak about the mental state of sammy hagar
but I want to go on record as saying

#1 UFO'S ARE REAL (the evidence is overwhelming)

#2Fontana California is a nice place to live

and please stop slandering the city's name and
good Image it's not a breading ground for meth
and crack dealers those kinda comments are
really (F...Bleep)up and I say if you ain't got
nothing nice to say then shut the(bleep)up
and mind your own business

I know first hand that Fontana PD dose and
excellent job of keeping that city cleaned up

1314 days ago


Sammy, yellow teeth can make you delusional. I suggest you get then whitened.

1314 days ago


Now we know why he acted the way he does! It all is clear now...if they would only take Charley!

1314 days ago

Sad sad    

Sorry but until I personally experience an anal prob from a little green man he outta of his mind. Maybe because the aliens downloaded it. I believe in many far out things but that? nope.

1314 days ago


I have seen a few things im not to sure about. if anything it left me with an ominous feeling im not to comfortable with. but hey if they want to tap into me some night and download the secrets and magic of life into my head to make me happier and wealthy person im all for it. but if they just want to mess with me for their own gain forget it. that's if they exist.

1314 days ago


The bigger mystery is why TMZ can spell "friggin'" when quoting Sammy, but not on their own feature "What's the big frigin' difference?"

1314 days ago


So what we are being asked to believe here is that aliens undertook a tremendous journey of billions of miles across the Galaxy just to obtain the important and precious information that is contained in Sammy Hagar's brain!


1314 days ago


Okay, I'm 49 now but did drugs occasionally when I was in my teens. Someone tell me now, am I also going to go crazy one of these days and just start telling crazy stories like this? I'd like to warn my Mother now. LOL

1314 days ago


consider this:

invisibility is a technological possibility.
micro wormholes can easily manufactured, information can be recieved electronicly directly in to the brain.. it can and has happen, ive had a radio groups.. command prompts in a dream, video of possibly the Halo game, and a basket ball celtics title game chatter overheard in the inner ear in morse.

you are not in the twilight zone... unless you into vampires
you are in a modern day possibility,
time already happened and you are being forced to forget it.

1314 days ago


EX rocker? WTHECK? He still and will always--rock the hell out!

1314 days ago


Dude might need to cut back a tad on the tequila.

1314 days ago


And he tries to make Eddie Van Halen sound like a nut case in his book. He should look in the mirror!

1314 days ago


Sammy, worry no more. Since then - as a matter of fact - just last week, Harvey released his studio version of "MY Way". NASA immediately downloaded it and began transmitting it to outer space. Should any approaching aliens pick it up, they will immediately hightail it back to infinity and beyond!

1314 days ago


I really truly wish that Sammy Hagar was DEAD.

Somewhere, DLR is doing about 100x more cocaine than Charlie Sheen and laughing at how much ****tier Sammy's hair looks than his own plugs.

1314 days ago

Marten Hoyle    

It was a natural and accidental DMT trip. Brain chemicals going out of whack can cause psychedelic experiences which have been linked to "alien abduction" and yes--people who experience it without knowing what it is have the tendency to go completely insane. The same sensation occurs in extreme pineal gland activation during sessions of meditation. Plenty of people go nuts like this after these things happen; Hagar is just getting attention becuase too few people know about it and he's famous.

1314 days ago
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