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'Dancing' Fans: CANCEL Chris Brown's Performance!

3/22/2011 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown's "GMA" meltdown this morning pissed off a HORDE of "Dancing with the Stars" fans -- and now they're demanding that ABC cancel the singer's performance on the show next week.


Chris was scheduled to perform on "Dancing" TWICE during the elimination episode next Tuesday -- but fans of the show are rallying online to make sure that doesn't happen ... overtaking the official "DWTS" message board on

Several users plead openly for ABC to cancel Chris' performance after the singer's outburst this morning -- writing messages like, "Please do not allow him to perform on Dancing with the Stars!  I will NOT be watching going forward if you do this."

But it doesn't stop there ... some fans are even contacting ABC directly via email to thwart Chris' performance -- in fact, another person writes, "I just sent an e-mail to ABC about him performing. I truly hope they cancel his appearance."

So we gotta ask ...


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I thought when he first started out...good entertainer...great dancer.....clean cut....then he went nuts and became just another thug...For some reason if you don't act this way in the black community your not excepted.....funny....and the bs he paid his dues....its obvious guy has anger issues....and don't care what color you are...if you can't see that....your blind in more than one way

1254 days ago


If his appearance isn't canceled, I won't be watching. He is a woman beater with unresolved anger issues. Once a bully, always a bully.

1254 days ago

Ms. Buddafly     

Alot of people love to jump to conclusions. Nobody knows what happened in that dressing room but the people that were in there and I don't think TMZ was in there. If its true I don't agree with his behavior but from what I saw on GMA Chris tried to focus on his new CD and the interviewer repeatedly provoked him. The media loves to get a reaction from negativity and people fall for it every time.

1254 days ago

bless boring    

I cant believe you people bunch of haters you are all. Yes he made a mistake,(2yrs ago) and paid for it. what else do you want from him? Why Robin has to bring it up over and over when oviously he demonstrated that he was not there for that? You all have to get a life and stop hating on this talented young BLACK man. Chris Brown you Rock man!

1254 days ago

ll is a stup bit    

Absolutely this little punk deserves to have his appearances canceled - there needs to be direct consequences for his behavior. What little celebrity he has left is in the hands of public opinion and I think this newest "mishap" squashed any chance he had to be taken seriously - ever again. He'll forevermore be lumped in with the likes of Lohan and other seedy, lowlife former celebrity types whose only claim to fame now lies in the extreme level of disgust and amusement they provoke in people.

1254 days ago


Why is everyone going crazy about this Chris Brown thing. Charlie Sheen is going around saying he is going to kill his ex wife and no one is cancelling his show. Chris Brown gets mad about the questions about Rihanna and everyone wants to hang him up to dry. He made a mistake 2 yrs ago people he paid his dues. He is human like everyone else. Everyone is good a point the finger and judging but who are we to do any of that. Rihanna got over it why are ya still ****ing with him. He has the number one cd on itunes so ya all can kiss his ass b/c he has had the last laugh. If they cancel his performance I will never ever watch DWTS ever again.

1254 days ago


I can't believe that people are this outraged and passionate about chris brown freaking out on GMA, if people were somewhat concerned about EDUCATION AND TEACHER CUTS perhaps some progress could be made and we could salvage what little we have left of education in america!

1254 days ago


As long as ABC is in the "getting people to watch" business, BY NO MEANS should they cancel this performance. Ratings will be through the roof.

1254 days ago


dancing with the stars isnt the only show he cancelled. he also cancelled mtv's the seven, which he was suppsed to be on earlier today

1254 days ago


Oh no, the Dancing With The Stars fans are angry! Look out!
That's like being afraid of a Star Wars fan beating you up.
Or a marshmallow hitting your face.
Or a balloon hitting you in the head. get the picture.

1254 days ago


Im sorry but Chris Brown(cisco wanna be)needs an a?? whoopin!

1254 days ago


People get a life, It is so easy to say what you will, or will not do until something happen with you, then you want people to understand and give you a second chance. If you life is base on DWTS you already have problem. You want to throw Chris Brown under the bus, but CS get more than a second chance, he has abuse 3 women and a heavy drug user and on top of the CBS want him back. So all you self-rightist people are you going to boycott CBS

1254 days ago


Robin Roberts was out of line, she clearly kept pressing and she should be the one offering an apology, reformed doesn't mean healed and beyond human and she sold him out. Shame on you Robin for helping to ruin your own people.

1254 days ago


This young man made a mistake and took ownership of his mistake and now he wants to move on and be a better person and dispite not making any other mistakes you people will not let him do that. So many other celebrities have done the same or worst and multiple times and they are not grilled and roasted the way he has been. An excellent example is Charlie Sheen...he has a long history of abuse, drug use, prostitues and other things we dont know about and he is being celebrated and you want Chris not to do one performace. Anyone who has been raked over the coal as he has would have a moment where you just cant take it anymore and he did no harm to no one...I doubt the window wants to press charges. He did what any normal person would do. Get over it!!!! He is a talented young man who made a mistake.

1254 days ago


My whole thing is nobody knows what actually happened at the ABC studio..note that they said in many news articles that it was not caught on camera..n he was in his dressing room after it happen..I'm just saying he's not guilty until everybody sees proof of him actually doing it. I do think if it was him that destroyed property of the studio..yes he needs to st8 some stuff up..but I still say nobody's right in this whole matter. This thing happened how long ago...the boy has been through too much already..if u know of someone who is slowly trying to change and get out of this anger act..u wouldn't go to that does not happen over night..just like a drug addict..they will need more than a year to slowly transform into a changed person..just saying

1254 days ago
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