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Dr. Murray: Arnie Klein Made MJ a Demerol Addict

3/22/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers just filed blistering legal docs, claiming Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime doctor and friend -- addicted him to Demerol and another powerful narcotic.


In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Murray's legal team claims Klein fueled MJ's drug dependency by giving him scores of Demerol injections in the months prior to his death.  TMZ broke the story ... in the 3 months before Jackson died, Dr. Klein gave MJ 51 Demerol injections.

The docs claim, "Due to Mr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol." 

Murray's team wants Klein to produce all his medical records, claiming "Dr. Klein is a relevant and highly material witness to the defense."



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It's really hard to have that much money and not be high.

1313 days ago


TO: No. 6 [therock] who wrote:
“Dr. Murray is not guilty!!! Michael Jackson needs to take responsibility for his own addictions. It's all part of working the steps!!”


Say what you like, but if it weren’t for Murray, Michael would be alive today.

I suspect that Michael may have tried to get other doctors to “live in” and inject him with Propofol, but all others said “No” for all the right reasons.

Then Murray comes alone, needing money, and obviously was either ignorant about what he was doing, or didn’t care enough about Michael to say “No.”

Either way you slice it, Dr. Murray was definitely negligent, and (probably unintentionally) caused the death of the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson.

1313 days ago


He could be to blame for MJ's addiction to Demerol. But it does not change the fact that 1) Murray bought boxes of the drug to use on MJ. 2) Murray was injecting Michael with the drug when he knew MJ had issues with it 3) he was the only one in the room with MJ when he died. I am sorry Murray but you are not going to be out of hot water Klein may be drug pusher but you were the last one pushing the drug in Michael right before he died. You are the one that hide the fact that the you used the drug from the paramedics and UCLA doctors. You asked for the scene to be cleaned out before calling 911. To me Murray is still guilty !!

1313 days ago


This is SO not news. TMZ is just putting in filler before the trial starts because they know we fight so much every time a new story is up that Harvey's wallet gets fatter and fatter! Can you say CHA-CHING!

1313 days ago


Michael Jackson was one of the greatest Artist that ever lived on this Earth.His Music is historical and one of the greatest accoplishments ever written and Produced. Of course, someone is at fault for hurting Michael Jackson and hopefully we all find out the TRUTH !!!!!!

1313 days ago


@therock how is the ticker??You had us worried Bro..

1313 days ago


Dr. Murray should not be the only doctor to be tried for MJ's death. MJ's drug habit started somewhere. Line me all up and make them pay.

1313 days ago


That's why they adored each other. It was a mutually beneficial relationship.

1313 days ago

Best Mom    

To TGRFAN: Michael held some accountabililty for his addition, of course. But those people who knew that he was addicted knew also they could score big money by being his "friend" and continue to supply him with anything and everything he wanted. Why?? For the MONEY of course -- and to be known as "Michael Jackson's friend"! Justice for Michael, NOW!

1313 days ago

lost grrl    

I remember thinking this (and maybe posting this) when TMZ first broke the "news" that MJ had received 51 demerol injections in 3 months. I am not saying that Dr. Klein DIDN'T do this but a billing sheet that reads "I.M. injection" is not in any way shape or form "code" for narcotic injection. It stands for intramuscular and refers to any drug that is injected into the muscle as opposed to the vein (I.V.). Demerol can be done both ways but many, many drugs are given IM...your flu shot is given IM, prescription strength anti-inflammatories are given IM, antibiotics are given IM. The list goes on and on and on and on. Whether or not he did it, I can't say. He almost certainly contributed to MJ's physical and mental state but to use the billing code for IM as proof that he was injecting narcotics just doesn't work and such evidence alone will not be allowed into court. If Klein was doing things correctly then the drug he was given should be do***ented somewhere. THAT would be the smoking gun...not "IM injection"

1313 days ago


And why should that exonerate you, Doctor Murray?
It makes you even more guilty – you have knowingly supported an addict with drugs.

1313 days ago


Uh, what does allegedly being addicted to demerol have to do with Michael's death due to extreme propofol intoxication?

Nothing, nada, zip, zero...

1313 days ago

katie10 demerol found in MJ's system, none. Also, he didn't die from demerol OD, he died from an OD of propofol administered by Murray.

I don't even believe this is a true story. Where are the docs, TMZ?

1313 days ago


Dr. Murray legal team must have money, they are paying TMZ to sway the jurors his way, by implying reasonable doubt. I said it before and I say it again. This doctor is going to get off, simply by reasonable doubt. He was the only other person in the room and planted needles, drugs, he broke the I.V. while the paramedics was there, he didn't want him to survive. But who could prove it. no one!!!

1313 days ago
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