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Dr. Murray: Arnie Klein Made MJ a Demerol Addict

3/22/2011 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyers just filed blistering legal docs, claiming Dr. Arnold Klein -- Michael Jackson's longtime doctor and friend -- addicted him to Demerol and another powerful narcotic.


In legal papers obtained by TMZ, Murray's legal team claims Klein fueled MJ's drug dependency by giving him scores of Demerol injections in the months prior to his death.  TMZ broke the story ... in the 3 months before Jackson died, Dr. Klein gave MJ 51 Demerol injections.

The docs claim, "Due to Mr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol." 

Murray's team wants Klein to produce all his medical records, claiming "Dr. Klein is a relevant and highly material witness to the defense."



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Alix from France    

Breaking news... Hahahaha!

1309 days ago


Also, I too believe that Dr. Klein should turn over all of his records. The problem with that is, after all of this time, I am pretty sure that Dr. Klein has either eliminated or altered most of his records by now. All of that should have been - and I reiterate - should have been done in the very beginning - not now. Just my thoughts.

Posted at 2:25 PM on Mar 22, 2011 by Pegasus

Prosecutors, DA's office...whomever ALREADY investigated Klein and all of MJ' docs, they were cleared. They had nothing to do with this and IM injections could mean simple fillers or simple anesthesia. TMZ was the one he said it was demerol, there was no proof of that, no demerol in MJ's system. HELLO...NO DEMEROL FOUND IN MJ's system, none, zilch, nada.

1309 days ago


Katie 10 - I am well aware of that. But thank you for the reminder.

1309 days ago


I often Think I wish I could of Saved him !!!!I loved this man since I was a little girl and he was with the Jackson 5.I grew up in Germany, my Mother was really strict so I was not allowed to listen to Music or dance,have any kind of Posters on the walls in my room, it would ruin her wall paper.So as a, child the only place I could sing was in catholic church every SUNDAY.As soon as my Mother left the house my girl friends came over and we sang and danced to the Jacksons, later it was to Michael and his songs and I guess I realized to be free from my mother i moved to America.Many fans have stories like mine and we've been Fans forever, him being dead doesn't change my feelings for his songs . I always buy them and sing them to my children and now grandchildren...

1309 days ago


Money talks and Doctors walk.

1309 days ago

Alix from France    

Thanks too Katie 10 ;)

1309 days ago

Alix from France    

Oh god he's taking Demerol!!!!! LOL

1309 days ago


where's the Dr now? and Dr Murray, well he seems to be enjoying whats the deal?


1309 days ago


MJ was/is addicted to Demerol and Propofol. and little boys

God Bless Conrad Murray

1309 days ago


Michael was not a "junkie" and klein is not Prince's father. Prince looks nothing like that fugly man! He looks just like Michael. Seriously some of you really should try doing research.

1309 days ago


It was never stated that the 51 injections that Arnnie gave MJ was demerol.

That's something Harvey inferred during one of his interviews with Arnie

1309 days ago


Missy, I think you right !!And Prince looks just like my son he looks beautiful !!!

1309 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

as far as i know, michael used to shop for his cocaine at whole foods in venice beach! it's like the hub for the mexican drug tortilla there. cheap nasty dirty cocaine, but lots and for cheap! he was a regular there!!! just ax for some 'whip cream' and they'll hook you up!!!

1309 days ago


Jackson doc seeking records of painkiller use


"LOS ANGELES — A judge decided Tuesday to review medical records from Michael Jackson's longtime dermatologist before deciding whether the do***ents should be turned over to defense attorneys seeking to show the singer was addicted to a powerful painkiller at the time of his death.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will review files from Dr. Arnold Klein that cover the final nine months of Jackson's life.

Klein is fighting the release of the files to attorneys for Dr. Conrad Murray, citing patient confidentiality rules. Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of the pop star.

Attorneys for Murray say they need to review the files to see if the records support a defense theory that Jackson was suffering from withdrawal from the painkiller Demerol when he died unexpectedly on June 25, 2009.

The lawyers contend Klein frequently injected Jackson with Demerol and the singer became addicted to the treatments.

"Due to Dr. Klein's actions, Mr. Jackson became physiologically and psychologically dependent on Demerol," Murray's attorneys wrote in a motion filed Monday. "Dr. Murray's right to this information in the criminal case greatly outweighs any privilege or privacy rights asserted by Dr. Klein pertaining to the records of Mr. Jackson who is now deceased."

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan has said a potential defense expert witness contends Jackson was showing signs of Demerol withdrawal before his death, and that may have complicated his reactions to other medications.

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.Authorities have accused Murray of giving the singer a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol, which is normally administered in hospital settings. His attorneys have said he did not give the singer anything that should have killed him.

Klein's attorney Garo Ghazarian said during the hearing Tuesday that the defense hadn't shown any evidence that Jackson was addicted to Demerol or that any of Klein's treatments were improper.

Pastor said he will review the files on April 6 and also hear from an attorney for Jackson's estate, who have not waived any of the singer's privileges.

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..Some of Klein's medical records have already been turned over to coroner's officials who investigated Jackson's death.

Murray's attorneys Ed Chernoff and Nareg Gourjian said they have reviewed those files. They agreed to limit any records requests to the last nine months of Jackson's life, when the singer returned to Los Angeles and began preparing for a series of comeback concerts titled "This Is It."

Jury selection in Murray's case begins Thursday. Hundreds of potential jurors are being summoned to a downtown Los Angeles courthouse where they will begin filling out questionnaires that Pastor said currently spans 29 pages and contains 125 questions.

The judge met in closed session with attorneys to finalize the questionnaire. Opening statements are expected to begin on May 9."

1309 days ago
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