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Lindsay Lohan -- The Perils of a Plea Bargain

3/22/2011 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is rolling the dice, whether she plea bargains her grand theft case or goes to trial, because even if she cops a plea, the judge could still throw the book at her.


TMZ broke the story ... Judge Keith Schwartz has indicated he would give Lindsay 3 months in jail if she cops a plea.  That sentence translates to 19 days because of jail overcrowding.

But sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Judge Schwartz reserved the right to change the sentence depending on the evidence that surfaces during Friday's hearing.  And here's the bad news for Lindsay.

-- We've learned prosecutor Danette Meyers -- who is asking for 6 months in jail -- will argue Lindsay's performance on probation has been "unsatisfactory."  She has missed AA meetings, gone to class with tea laced with alcohol and missed court appearances.

-- As TMZ reported on February 9, Meyers will allege Lindsay has a history of stealing -- a $12,000 mink coat in 2008, a $400,000 necklace in 2009, and a $35,000 Rolex in 2010.

-- The judge will read and consider Lindsay's probation report.  As TMZ first reported, there is information in that report which is extremely damaging to Lindsay, and could impact her sentence.

If the judge feels Lindsay's conduct is worse than he thought when he met with Shawn Holley a few weeks ago, he could up the sentence ... possibly to 6 months.

And here's the biggest problem for Lindsay.  If she accepts the plea, Schwartz will place Lindsay on 3 years probation.  And what are the chances Lindsay Lohan can stay out of trouble for 3 years?



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Check out how desperate Lindsay is for cash, it's her new xxx video, She's actually kind of hot…

1311 days ago



1311 days ago


Can Lindsay stay out of trouble for three years??? Ahhh Linds...better bring yer toothbrush!!!

1311 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seriously if I was LIndsay I would take more jail time instead of long probation. Girl will never make through 3 years of probation.

1311 days ago

Captain Balls    

Why the f*** isn't she already in prison if she stole a $400,000 necklace. Bank robbers don't usually get anywhere near that kind of a payout and they get decades in prison. This chick should be locked away for a long time.

1311 days ago


I'm with you Ava. I know how everybody talks about how Disgustingly Filthy and Disease Ridden she is. I don't buy it at all. She might have Hep C as reported though...thats not good. But I agree, she's Hot as Hell!!!! still though...Hep C...tough call

1311 days ago

Good riddance!    

This is Awesome! I hope the entire grifter family is reunited behind bars and stays there! Lock them up and weld the doors shut! It sounds like 2 of the scuz are already working hard to earn their spots behind bars! I say give it to them-the full measure!

1311 days ago


Is she back from NY yet? If not,I bet she will wait until the evening before the hearing in LA and claim she lost all forms of photo id, therefore, won't be able to board a plane back to LA. Then, she's gonna blame the DMV for not issuing replacement driver's licenses at 11pm, the passport office for not giving her a new do***ent in 10 minutes and finally, TSA for being so strict and not waiving the presentation of a photo id during check out and security. She's gonna say: "But I'm Lindsay Lohan." Of course that won't fly and she'll tell the courts how she's being treated differently because she's a celebrity.

1311 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

This family sure is good at keeping their name in the news. They must not care how it happens, just as long as it happens. It's effective, but they seem to not understand the concept of fame vs. infamy. It's pathetic that it's all they have left to cling to. What a completely self destructive way to live life. A fool's errand that reeks of desperation. All they leave behind is a thick cloud of miasma wherever they go and lots of confused people scratching their collective heads as to where their wallets disappeared to.

1311 days ago


She came back to LA yesterday.

After factoring in the 3 years probation then Lindsay's only option to get out of this miess is to take it to trial and win.
If she is found not guilty at trial and has already served jail time for the VOP then she would be completely free.


1311 days ago


I'm starting to get the impression she actually enjoys being in jail. It has the added bonus of keeping her father at bay.

1311 days ago


First: the link in comment no 1 is for a porn site with x rated photo's manipulated with LL's face on it. She could sue for that and I hope she will, it's absolutely disgusting and illegal.
Just because someone is going through a hard time doesn't give others the right to make them an object and do whatever they want with her to harm her even further.

As for comment no. 4: I agree with that. It's better to do time now with less probation than having yourself being thrown in the system's mercy for the next three years.
It's sad, but true and let's hope she will be able to make some positive change after this.

1311 days ago


Let's face facts here. LL is done. She is going to jail and she will get further probation which she will go on to violate.

She's done. And Dina, who posts here under Susan and Nicole, will have to get a real job to support herself. That's justice.

1311 days ago


Nothing like pumping up the drama is there TMZ? Lindsay Lohan has never been charged with any other theft. That $400,000 you refer to is a malicious lie and a joke, she was cleared by the company themselves officially. The rolex was never a theft issue. The fur coat she did take, she was drinking and using back then. As YOU previously reported the owner said she wants nothing to do with putting Lindsay in jail, or with this case. The fur coat was returned, she and Lindsay reached an agreement with neither party admitting guilt.

The probation report is good so you hyping this again is BS. Holley mentioned in court about the probation report, all parties have seen it.

For the Judge to offer a plea deal with Holley and Meyers present, he cannot then go back and change the terms that were on offer. Unless he found out she was involved in a murder, lol, keep trying TMZ, I'm sure you will accuse her of that sometime soon lol

1311 days ago


@14 JLS

When are you going to seek medical help for your paranoia?

1311 days ago
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