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Judging Lohans -- A Family Affair

3/23/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out Lindsay Lohan was just a warm-up act for her daddy at the Beverly Hills Courthouse, because Michael Lohan will go before the very same judge in the very same courtroom in which Lindsay appeared.

Truth be told ... Lindsay has faced two judges in Bev Hills -- Marsha Revel and Elden Fox.  Michael's domestic violence case will go before either Revel or Fox.

At least Michael won't have to ask for directions.


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I bet the Lohans will be the opening "The Aristocrats" act for Charlie Sheens shows.

1312 days ago


both Marsha Revel and Elden Fox are star struck losers.

1312 days ago


you know what would be great? if NO poparazzi or news showed up to follow it. Lohan would be sooo upset, ironically.

1312 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Seriously just hope Lindsay can get out of the pickle she's in and stay away from her woman beating father.

1312 days ago


In October, 2010 TMZ showed photos of MICHAEL LOHAN faking slashes on his own arms, saying a stalker guy slashed him!

Now, Michael is doing it again, he slashed his own arms and said Kate did it!

The slashes in 2010 were clearly self inflicted!

Here is the TMZ article from October 2010 showing Michael Lohan faking slashes on his arm and side/back of neck where he could reach:

And what was Michael Lohan's made up story back in October 2010, you ask? He said some man was threatening him because they didn't want him to appear at Lilo's court case! And slashed him!

But it turned out he slashed himself!

Just like he did this time to try to pin blame on Kate!

Here is the first TMZ story from back then

and here is the one with the photos showing the clearly self inflicted slashes!

What Michael Lohan taught Lindsay:

1) Commit serial felonies

2) When you get caught, blame/bribe/slander the victim and claim you were set up

3) Slash yourself and do whatever it takes to help the lie

The problem for Michael this time is he already used the fake self-slashing for publicity in October 2010 and was caught by TMZ and others. He was not thinking clearly enough after this crime to come up with a better alibi.

1312 days ago


Ok right #4 - blame the Judge because Lindsay went and stole a necklace when "she should have been in jail" - how stupid is that comment!!!!!!!!

Ridiculous - neither Lohan has any redeeming social value!!

1312 days ago


Kate, Thank you. The race card is way too over used. You think criminals are treated unfairly because of color??? Here's an idea, don't commit crimes. Seems simple to the normal person. Lohan is a white trash, nobody that hangs on to any former fame his daughter may have had. Chris Brown is a rapper that beat his girl to a pulp and played the I'm only 19 and too young and dumb to know any better card! Give me a break. If you are a rapper that has to play to a thug image and are upset by questions because of your past, either get out of the business or grow up. If you're a white cracker begging the paps to follow your holier that God bit, and can't live by it, deal with it! White, Black, Brown, Hispanic, Asian, etc. etc. etc. Don't break laws and FUNNY, RACE DOESN"T MATTER. Oh, his sentence would have been zero or less than if the color changed. Get a damn job and grow up. Go home to your family and mow your lawn. Drink a beer at home. Avoid a camera. Funny how if you don't beat a girl this isn't a conversation. Idiots!

1312 days ago


This is what happened: Jack@ass, fresh out of rehab, was administered a roid shot to the @ss by the ventriliquist's dummy from Baywatch. He immediately starts tomcatting with that disgusting cow from the Jersey Housewives. Kate sees the picture of the cow trying to shove her tongue down jack@ass's throat. She goes to his apartment when she thinks he's away to take his secret stash and dig up any dirt she can find. Jackass catches her in the act and thinks he can get away with a roid beating because he thinks she's trespassing. Kate gets him riled and gets EXACTLY what she hoped for. Jackass uses the tired old "stolen clothes" excuse, (the same one Jon boy used on her prior) Strike 2. End of story. NEXT!

1312 days ago


At this point I think Balloon Boy will get work before these two nitwits.

1312 days ago


#18 stay strong rise above the khaters and wait till your true genuine self is shown to the world .YOU will be exonerated of all the d.v claims and have hundreds of deals and projects lined!!Not every body is a feminist control freak just hang in there and keep your head up bro

1312 days ago


Bearcat zi can say what the f I want I just call it how I see it f'ing inbred and fyi chris brown aint a rapper!!!!!

1312 days ago


The more I learn about Michael Lohan the more impressed I become.Did you know he went to jail for not being a rat and testifying against his friends and for flying to C.A to visit his sick daughter and be at her bedside to comfort her the other time.He sounds like a stand up guy to me oh ,and for beating up Dina's crackhead brother who disrespected his sons first communion religious ceremony.Good on you bro I like your style.

1312 days ago


The more I learn about Michael Lohan the more disgusted I become. Did you know he claims he went to jail for not being a rat and testifying against his friends and for flying to C.A to visit his sick daughter and be at her bedside to comfort her the other time? He sounds like a pathological liar to me. Hell for you bro I want to see you rot in prison.

1312 days ago


Goldie, good for you LOOOOOOOOOOOSER! Obviously you're either highly uneducated or just plain stupid. You can say what you want just like everybody else on this site. Just be realistic! YOU STUPID CORKY THATCHER WANNABE. They're both idiots. Regardless of color you ever touched a sister of mine, you wouldn't get a second chance. So play the race card any which way you want. No woman deserves a hand raised to her regardless of race. You're no better than the guy that cleans out those nasty azz porta potties if you can't figure out that yet. Color has zero to do w/ beating a woman. CAN YOU SPELL WOMAN???? I can get some Lego's out and we can make a picture for you to understand you STUPID IGNORANT NOBODY!

1312 days ago


What an a$****. Are there any pictures of this loser where his mouth isn't hanging open?

1312 days ago
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