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City Officials to A-Rod: Fix Your Pool, Or Else!

3/25/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Florida apartment complex owned by Alex Rodriguez has been targeted by housing officials -- after residents lodged complaints about safety code violations ... TMZ has learned.

A-Rod -- who owns a property company that holds title to the Normandy Park Apartment complex near Tampa -- has been under fire for poor living conditions.  But now residents have risen up and forced management to clean up its act -- at least partially.

There are holes in walls, rusty pipes, overflowing trash, but the swimming pool has become the trigger for official action.  Residents complained to the city that the pool has been unusable for 2 years, and local code enforcement officials have now ordered that it be drained and cleaned by next week ... or else.

The assistant property manager tells us, they're aware of the violation and have a plan to give the swimming area an immediate face lift -- but they wouldn't comment on the other obvious problems.

Sound like the place for you? Rent starts at $600 a month.

A-Rod's rep tells TMZ, "Mr. Rodriguez's real estate portfolio is handled by a professional team and problems brought to his attention will be addressed in a timely manner."

The rep adds, "Over the last 12 months, several hundred thousand dollars in improvements have been made to the property."

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what do you expect from trash like him....goes around banging hollywood stars but makes his tenants live in filth.....and he is a media darling

1247 days ago


Don't believe everything you read people. Know for a fact that they have been actively improving this property for a while and the pool has been an issue they have addressed and they have been working on getting it repaired long before this article came out. There have been many improvements made to this property with more scheduled to be done. And NO I do not work there nor do I live there nor do I have any friends that work for the management company. I live in the area and KNOW.

1247 days ago


eww what a nasty bastid.ive seen nicer slums in the bronx.gay roid should be majorly ashamed of him.omg look at the washer machine.POS needs to go back to his country and get lost.PS the yankees have sucked for years now.shame since boston broke the curse the yankmees/stankees have not done CHIT!

1247 days ago


ok we can now see what kind of trash he rents to..check out pic # 2 .there is a sign that suspiciously reads "Do Not Swing Or Stand On Gate" appears someone purposely removed the E at the end of gate to say "Do Not Swing Or Stand On Gat" gangsta trash at its best!

1247 days ago


His problem is he is too busy with his other s@*! to pay attention to the people he hired to manage the property. He should no better than to attach his name to something and then ignore it. Dumbass

1247 days ago


There's way too many landlords like A-Rod. It's sad and cruel but this is probably in a poorer neighborhood and people in the ghetto don't get justice.

1247 days ago


I forgot. Isn't it ironic there are lounging chairs by the pool? So people can relax and enjoy the swamp.

1247 days ago


I just helped a friend move out a few weeks ago and the people that live there are not trashy.The place is a dump,though.

1247 days ago


2 years of violations and now they're addressing them in a "timely manner?" screw u A-Clod.

1247 days ago


That complex is a toxic mess.. literally! Check it out.. http://www.epa.gov/region4/waste/npl/nplfls/normanfl.htm
Probably purchased the property for pennies on the dollar...
Used to be a battery recycling and lead smelting company before they built the apartment complex.. Ewwwwww

1247 days ago


Dump a few truck loads of dirt in the pool to fill it in - problem solved!

1247 days ago


Great story. I see someone read RADAR ONLINE first thing after they got to work at TMZ this morning and booted their computer up.

1247 days ago


Oh it gets better! The property is also an EPA toxic waste site with lead contamination as a past battery disposal plant in the 60's. In 1999 ATSDR says: Although the site does not currently pose a threat to children, we advise that residents minimize lead exposure to themselves and their children. We recommend that Normandy Park Apartment residents take steps to reduce their potential exposure to lead contaminated dust by removing their shoes at apartment entry ways, and washing their hands and faces after working or playing outside, especially before eating. We also recommend that residents with young children consult with their pediatrician about having their children's blood tested.
EPA is currently developing a feasibility study for permanent remediation of the site. In the future, if soil is dug up at the site, we recommend that workers should prevent access to contaminated soil and implement dust control and air monitoring measures.
I'm sure that's happening 12 years later. Nice ARod...real nice...

1247 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

omg, a-rod projects. i had nooo idea. what a major leage loser.

1247 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

multi millionaire business man sponsoring poverty. now that is a new one. very profitable, i am sure though.

1247 days ago
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