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Guardian Angels

We'll Protect Liz from

Evil Church!

3/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. chapter of the Guardian Angels is on "full alert" -- and ready for action -- after those evil people from that evil church in Kansas announced they would be protesting Liz Taylor's funeral ... TMZ has learned.


Peter Steeves -- a proud supporter of the red beret -- tells us ... "[Those evil people] have been arrested for doing this before, and if they get out of hand here in L.A., we'll see to it that it happens again, and I'll be signing their arrest documents."

As TMZ first reported, the funeral is set to go down later today -- we're told the Angels are currently "getting ready."

Stay tuned.


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Guess the police will be out in full force as well, just to curb the Berets vs. The Whack Jobs.

1309 days ago


What needs to happen is wherever these people protest like for this example gay and lesbian supporters should surround them in a circle and turn their backs to them and yell and scream how much they love Liz. This way no one can see them or hear them cuz you'll drown them out.

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

Enough with the opinionated adjective of "evil". There are many forms of evil in the world and what these clowns do would more than likely not qualify as such. Stupid, ignorant, misguided, etc.

How about just posting the news and keep your sentiments to yourself.

1309 days ago


Someone just drive over them with a dump truck and get it over with. These people do not deserve the publicity they're getting.
Just because some old gay psycho brainwashed a bunch of freaks in to doing the most tasteless thing imaginable in public doesn't mean we should all be reading about them every day.

1309 days ago

Snoski Roc    

I can't stand them, their signs, Their God, the whole 9...

1309 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

They call them self's Catholics they protect with hate to our dead hero's now this! Glad someone gonna protect Elizabeth Taylor's funeral from these s*** losers.Hope someone burns there church down :)

1309 days ago


How the hell do you "protest" a funeral? It's not like you can talk someone out of death - she is dead. I just don't understand what they are trying to accomplish.

1309 days ago


this hateful group pretend to be baptists, not catholics. They have the tax status of a church, and get tax except for air fare taxes and hotel taxes, car taxes, every one else has to pay tax on these items. They should have a HATE tax. Come on Washington lets get on it.

1309 days ago


They are not Catholics, they are some kind of Christian church. They are evil. They protest military funerals, tell parents their soldier children are dead because of ***gots. That is evil. They have respect for nothing. They are able to hide behind laws. Liz Taylor did great work for everyone affected by AIDS/HIV, gay, straight. young old. I do wish the media would stop giving these hate mongers attention.

1309 days ago


Come on LA do the country a favor and shoot these pricks so they can meet their beloved god!!!!!

1309 days ago


Davey Boy,
Are you crazy! What they do is EVIL. It doesn't take much to realize when people are doing wrong.
And by the way, keep your sentiments to yourself doesn't really work on a site like this. People post comments, this is what this arena is for.

1309 days ago


they have already been tried for this. its a no go, freedom of speech. what they have done here recently whenever they show up is that whoever wants to, goes to the funeral too and protests these people only louder. i heard that the protesters protesting these idiots were so succesful last time that the family of the soldier never even saw these guys at the funeral.

1309 days ago


Im from kansas and i apologize to all those who have delt with these people. i dont support what they do and i hope somebody beats the **** out of these people some day.

1309 days ago


don't these people have a life? (i'm talking about the "church") why do they feel that anything that goes on in this world is their business? are their lives that boring, useless, unsatisfying that they have to go and disrupt a moment of mourning for Elizabeth's friends and family and res for Elizabeth? why aren't things like this illegal?! how dare they!!!! i'm suprised their church hasn't burned down w/ everyone inside. now that would be something to celebrate. they should be ashamed of themselves....but they aren't. it's people like them that make this country not progress and change it's judgmental ways.

1309 days ago


what i dont get is..this is HATE speech and nazis arent allowed to do it here so why can they? didnt they pass a federal hate speech law..i am not in favor of homosexuality but to each there own as long as it doesnt effect my life i am fine!

1309 days ago
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