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Oprah Winfrey -- The Day My Show Will End FOREVER

3/25/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Oprah Winfrey show has exactly two months left to live ... this according to O's production company.


After 25 years, Oprah has announced her final show will air on May 25 ... before she turns her full attention to her new network, OWN.

So far, Oprah has not revealed who her final guest will be.


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I'm glad that her show will be over for good. Now maybe, just maybe there will be some real entertainment on. I used to be a fan of hers, until I started seeing right through her. It was all about ratings, ratings, ratings. Her give-a-ways aren't to help people, they are about ratings. And as far as her giving away millions, instead of opening a school in African, why doesn't she feed hungry children right here in the USA!!!! There are children every day that can't even shampoo their hair because they don't have money for a bottle of shampoo. I give locally, and not to Africa or another foreign country. Again, the only reason she even opened up that school was for ratings, that's why everything is falling apart now because of her wrong intentions. She is so FAKE and I for one am sick of her. Good Bye and don't let the door bounce off your a-s on the way out!

1309 days ago

Ideas Come Free    

You know what type of show would be a hit regarding Oprah? A complete series of all the people she has helped throughout the show. We can find out if she really helped specific people or if these same people ended up in the same place, better, or worse after her help. It sure would make some interesting viewing!

1309 days ago


I genuinely like Oprah. I wish she could go back in time and be a little more down to earth. This hype about her last show cracks me up. She had a talk show. It was good. But unless the final guest is the Son of God coming back for a second visit, I don't think it needs this much of a build up.

1308 days ago


Becoz i'm all about research, i went ahead and flipped on OWN's network for today. It'll be reruns of past Oprah's shows all day; she wasn't kidding when she named it OWN, it'll be all Oprab all the time. I especially liked the shows when she's telling young girls how to conduct their lives, and the early shows when she would titilate us with salacious stories of rape and mayhem and abuses of all sorts , then she got 'respectable' and started doing those Dr. Phiidiot bits; we liked her better when she was a human being not some holier than thou preacher woman giving out alms to us poor folk

1308 days ago


yay good bye

1308 days ago


William and Kate

1307 days ago

G.E. Bryant    

This remarkable Women has changed my life!!! She helped me learn how to be my true self!!! I am so sad to see her show go!!! And for all you that are bashing her you should be ashamed of your selves!!! You should open your hearts and minds and listen to what she has to teach!!! Remember what you put out to the world comes back to you!!! So just love!!! I LOVE YOU OPRAH!!!!!!!!!!and will miss you at 4:00 everyday for the rest of my life:(

1307 days ago

May Holtz    

I will miss your great show! I will not know what to watch at that time There is no substituet.

1272 days ago


I don't kknow if you will answer me. i have great respect and love Oprah. I am 77 and my son son committed suicide last year. I am having a very difficult time recovering from this tragic loss. I do not have a lot of money but I have two remaining children and want to be able to pass on something to them. I trust Oprah's judgment and wonder if she would recommend a trustworthy bank. Please, this is so important. If you can just advise I would be so grayeful. In any case, you are loved and will be so missed!! God Bless! Gayle

1269 days ago

Dr. Z    

Oprah Winfrey has zero experience as a wife or mother. No marriage relationship whatsoever. No experience as a parent at all. In spite of this complete and total lack of experience, Oprah Winfrey has placed herself in a position of tremendous influence over millions of women. Oprah has never experienced any of these meaningful parts of life. Sadly, she was a victim of sexual abuse, and is emotionally scarred and compromised. Her abuse caused an unhealthy perspective of men, and she had no normal healthy childhood foundation with regards to men. Her view of men is distorted, due to her child abuse. It is a tragedy that Oprah Winfrey influenced millions of women for decades. Many of these women ended up as male-bashers, or divorced due to Oprah Winfrey. Many men lost their wives and children. Oprah has been a successful tragedy of sorts. It is a blessing to see her shows come to an end.

1266 days ago


Dr.Z..thank you for saying that.Milliions of people started having false memories over the years and books and do***entaries became accepted as fact if an entertainer would publcally blame a relative of horrific are right...this is part of her legacy. but Oprah can still teach if she could get out of her own way. She has not accepted that she deserves to to celebrate her hard work and seems determined to destry it. Her school in Africa has MANY PROBLEMS that the US media chooses not to report. The Oprah that we rallied around and wanted to see succeed has left the building..her time has passed. Will her Ego not looking goodlet her bow out gracefully?

1260 days ago


Life is not just filled with positives, because we were never born perfect. Oprah tried her unselfish best for people, she said on her show that she wished she could help everybody, and the Oprah i have watched and loved over the years is always affectionate and loving towards others whether they are in high or low positions. Life myself,I am sure the majority loves her and will truly miss her. UNLIKE MANY SHE CHOOSE TO SHARE HER WEALTH WITH THE WORLD...HOORAY! FOR OPRAH....

1258 days ago
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