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Kardashian Fam -- The MILLION DOLLAR Secret

3/27/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is partying her face off in NYC this weekend -- but the producers of her reality show are trying to keep her exploits under wraps ... and have threatened nightclub bigwigs with a $1,000,000 fine if they leak any info to the press. 

We're told honchos at club 230 Fifth were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement because producers wanted to shoot inside the venue. But the club people didn't play ball after reading one interesting clause in the contract.

According to the docs, anyone who leaks any information about the show must pay producers $1,000,000 "per breach."

We're guessing the Kardashian crew won't have a problem finding a backup club -- but whoever hosts the fam better keep their trap shut ... or else.


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I honestly AM still attempting to find out, what these girls do for a living !!Honestly, what do they do ???????????????????

1302 days ago


Boring!!! These ladies have zero talent and are famous for nothing!!! Sure will be happy to see the last of them!!

1302 days ago


Can someone please let the air out of the fat one, she looks ridiculous. If they are so good at getting sponsors than have weight watchers pony up sone cash.

I find the entire family gross.

1302 days ago


The Kardashians are the most useless women on the face of the Earth. It's a shame that these no-talent mannequins suck up all the air while there are truly deserving, noteworthy people who can't get a break. There is nothing about these women that I want to know about and I have it foisted in my face every day. The only satisfaction I'm getting is that Kim's craptastic single is dying a well-deserved death.

1302 days ago


You don't need to look any further than reality t.v. to see just how pathetic, uneducated and immoral American youth is. People like the Kardashian's, Hilton's, Lohan's and so many, many others are not famous, they are INFAMOUS because they have no morals, no values, no respect for themselves or other.

No amount of money can bu class, not millions or billions. Turn on any reality t.v. show and look at how pathetic, bitchy, whny and clasless people (especially women) are. There are no suck things as stars anymore and haven't been any for decades. To be a "celebrity" no brains, no talent, no class is required!

Soooooooooooooooooooooo sad!

1302 days ago


so we let you come and use our venue interfere with our business and you then get the right to sue us... what does the club get?

1302 days ago

Yep I said that    

Stupid skanky ****roaches not one of these bitches are good looking you see far better in the mall any day of the week. I can't wait for the clock to time out on their 15 minutes. Not one of them has any talent except spreading their legs and even then its debateable

1302 days ago

Trooper Tom    

A bunch of distasteful no talent painted trollops. I find it amusing that the wh0re Kim acts like she's miss all that trying to act like an innocent virginal thing, The entire world knows she spread her p*ssy and her fat arse and filmed it to get fame and fortune and got paid by the video company so they could sell the tape. Now we have to see this skank and the rest of her talentless family on sites like this every day, not one of them have any class.

1302 days ago

Yep I said that    

this is for all the kardashian haters , get a life ! the only reason your bitchin about them is because you yourself dont have the life or money they have ! I personally think their great !! Shine on girls.

Posted at 6:01 PM on Mar 27, 2011 by Heather

You are as delusional as this family of skanks, they are a rash on the arse of society

1302 days ago


Ya I have always wondered why they are celebrities. Is it because they date athletes or what? They don't do anything!

1301 days ago

Sarah in Texas    

Everyone on here commenting how stupid their show is and complaining about it being on TV - guess what, you're the reason the show exists and they have so much money. Television is about viewership and advertising, and as long as people are watching a show, it will remain on. None of you would be able to insult these people if you didn't watch the show yourselves. And now here you are reading this article and commenting on it. You may not be a fan, but you're a viewer, and you are putting money in their pockets. Guess the joke is on you.

1301 days ago


I think the Kardashians are good people. Maybe you downers only can say these things because you think of yourselves that way or have low self esteem. I bet it's because you are all just jealous that they have money and fame. You don't know their life stories unless they want to tell you. I'm sure even their book Kardashian Konfidential doesn't reveal all of their past. It takes a lot from a person to have a camera follow them around every single day and have the entire world be revealed to their most private times in life. So if it bothers you so much to watch a television show, how about you change the channel? Or better yet get off your butt and stop watching television and writing bad reviews about people and go do something better with your life. People make mistakes like I'm sure all of you have done in your lives. It's just that you aren't celebrities so it's not exploited on every magazine, newspaper, or gossip website so nobody sees or really hears about the bad things you have done. Give them a break and keep your opinions to yourselves.

1300 days ago


TO NO. 63 you used 13 lines to post your opinion; then you turn around and tell the rest of us to keep our opinions to ourselves. So my opinion is very short, sweet and to the point:


1299 days ago


Kardashians are a bunch of no talents that the only reason they are popular is because their Mother is promoting who they have been with and slept with. These girls would not be known if it wasn't for giving it away at the drop of a photo credit!!!!!!

Khloe and Lamar I say 5-7 episodes and all done find a job.

It is ridiculous people like Ryan promote NO Talent unlike the people on American Idol trying to prove they have talent and being voted on for their talent. Maybe Ryan should have a show "So You Think You're a Star" and invite the Kardashian family and see how many are actually worthy of their popularity, and the Winner is Bruce Jenner for his Olympic Decathlon Win.

1295 days ago
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