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Lindsay's Alleged Victim: The D.A. Wussed Out!

3/31/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is griping ... LiLo should have been charged with a crime.

Dawn Holland Video
Holland -- who early-on said she did not want Lindsay prosecuted -- has had a change of heart after the Riverside County D.A. told TMZ they would not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

Holland says she's "disappointed but not surprised," adding, "It's not fair."


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@Telstar. Where does it say she's suing?

1269 days ago


sounds like that b*tch is crazy. One day she wants her charged the next she doesn't. I think someone likes the attention. I hate lilo, but i think this lady is the one who needs some helpp

1269 days ago

john smith    

TMZ I get 49 cent every time you call her LEE LOW kinda like J lowe i Gave her that nickname 8 years ago. I hope the check is in the mail!

1269 days ago


I can't believe the Trollhans have the nerve to criticize someone else for getting attention?

1269 days ago


"Dina is trying to get some more photos of Lindsay out, so the dlist photo dont stay in your minds"

Gossip website Celebitchy is also carrying those photos on the 1st few pages. They usually run Blohan in her pink bathrobe/coat from Cannes. Truly scary pictures. You will also find Nicole at Celebitchy under the moniker Innocent. She spews the same Linnocent drivel there too. Although to her credit, Innocent always stays on topic, she is always calm, always respectful to other posters on Celebitchy. I'm positive she is Nicole.

Nikki, keep it up. I like reading your info. It gives a glimpse into the real world of clan Blohan and I love how you twist "thecrock" out of shape.

1269 days ago


Dawn has been paid twice so far (by TMZ), first for the Betty Ford do***ent she sold to TMZ and now for this idiot interview.

She wanted Lindsay charged but refused to cooperate with police or the prosecutor, anyone see the irony of that?

I'll believe she was hurt when hell freezes over, it's just an act and not a very good one at that.

The fact that she is a crack addict who has been to rehab more times than Lindsay is obvious by her attitude, look, and body language. No one ever really recovers from crack.

1269 days ago

Davey Boy    

"Just Dawned on Her" how funny. Yup, if Dawn wanted the DA to press charges, then Dawn herself should have stepped up at the beginning. Dawn only has Dawn to blame with this whole mess.

Lindsay LOHAN definitely dodged the proverbial bullet on this one. She's probably in NYC partying like it's 1999. Wasn't that the year of her last movie? I forget it seems soooo long ago.

1269 days ago


the cobra in new york escaped its cell. it is scary to be around and very dangerous. and is skinny and people want the snake locked back up. heres the difference the snake is cool to look at. and the snake no where to hind and dont want pics from the paperazzi, plus i trust the snake more then lindsay and the lohans

1269 days ago

Denise S.    

She's just mad cause she got found out for being a scammer! She want Lindsey in jail, then she dosen't, she won't talk to the cops about the case then whines when the cops say they are dropping the case. GET A LIFE AND A JOB!!!

1269 days ago


The Trollhans are always trashing and smearing their victims.

1269 days ago


LL most likely should have been prosecuted. Despite working in a rehab facility, there is no excuse for someone attacking someone else. This was not a moment of someone going through severe detox, therefore being in a mental fighting state. It was an example of someone breaking the rules and getting angry that they were caught.

However, there are also confidentiality clauses. This is a medical facility. You are not allowed to go around, talking about people’s medical conditions and progress. Holland should not have spoken publicly about the incident. This is what caused her dismissal, not the fact that it was lindsay. She may have been in the right, but she lost credibility when she spoke quickly, retracted some, and then complained loudly again. No wonder they didn’t have enough dependable evidence. got questions? get answers.

1269 days ago


The police did everything they could to try ad get this woman to testify against Blohan, but she wouldn't do it. Wanted to drop the whole matter. I guess this means she didn't get her payoff after all.

1269 days ago


they are saying on tv now that lindsay is flexisexual (showbiz tonight) to me that means lindsay would bang anything with a hart beat homeless, diseased, crazy, and mutants. what a hoe.

1269 days ago


Shut your dumb a/s/s up!!! You didn't want to cooperate with them because you thought you and LL had a "side deal" with some hush money going on. Now you're looking stupid because you got nothing.

1269 days ago


I don't know why everyone is surprised by the Riverside County D.A.'s actions. They have a long history of not filing cases.

1269 days ago
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