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Judge Judy Calls TMZ:

'I Needed a Day to Chill'

3/30/2011 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Judge Judy just called Harvey Levin from her hospital bed to tell him she's fine, saying, "I'm just exhausted, and my body was telling me it needed a day to chill."

Judge Judy Update

Judge told Harvey, "I was feeling funky this morning ... funky enough that I knew someone should give a gander over what I got."

As TMZ reported, Judge was taken by ambulance to the hospital after complaining of intestinal discomfort.

Judge said, "I'm really fine.  I wanted to go back to work this afternoon," adding, "I'm exhausted.  I'm just tired.    A lot of things just zoned together, including the bad news of the world."

Her Honor also said, "At my age, I know my body.  My body is fine."

Judy says she's at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A.., where she just had an MRI.  Doctors are doing a few more tests and she says she'll be out tomorrow.

Judy says, "I'm gonna go home tomorrow.  It was a bad idea to fly home tonight."

Judy has one big regret about going to the hospital today.  She says some people from Las Vegas were coming to see her this afternoon to talk about a new Judge Judy slot machine.  She says the meeting will be put on hold for a week.

Harvey to Judy:  Get back on the bench, stat!



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Feel Better Judge Judy!! Your the best tv judge and I always watch you because your a smart lady and you do not take any bull.

1272 days ago

Michael Johnson    

I have never approved of her ability to yell at people like they are sub human. I have never been treated with anything other than respect by real judges and have seen nothing but disrespect from her to anyone who enters her court room. You make a mockery of our judicial system with your insinuations based on nothing more than sub par evidence. No sympathy from me judge...

1272 days ago

Sandra Anne    

Judge Judy please know that I have you in my prayers. You are one incredible lady. My Mom and I used to watch your show when she was really sick at the end. You also spoke to my daughter on the phone from a radio station in Chicago when she was just 16. She loves you too...she is 33 now. Take care Judge Judy rest and take care of yourself. We need you around for a long time. love Sandra Anne

1272 days ago


Go somewhere and dry out. For you, I'd say about 18 to 24 months should do it.

1272 days ago


Hey Judy love ya. Get well soon. I love your show.

1272 days ago


get well

1272 days ago


Love Judge Judy.

1272 days ago

Dana Marie    

Get well Judge Judy!!! Love you!!!!!!!!!! Judge Judy for President!!!!! And a Judge Judy slot machine!!!! I would LOVE to see that next time I'm in Vegas!

1272 days ago


Judge Judy
I DVR all your shows. Saturdays I catch up from the week.. Maybe you should try it. Seriously "if it doesn't make sense" go to the hospital. Truely I think of you during my business dealings including landlording, buying or selling, contract being within these four corners, don't co-sign, don't play house and if I did have to have kids I have to the $$$ to support yhem and at least like the guy. Bottomline Judy YOU have taught me what my parents should have. Your raising a 60 year old (me) and I'm glad your my mentor. I think it wise to have called Harvey to cut off at the pass any unfavorable rumors and gossip. Call me I'll come running with chicken soup and bagel chips. I've done my 6 1/2 minutes, and shared my thoughts, good wishes which are touching your heart. It's true because it makes sense and it makes sense it must be true. Fondly, Nancy

1272 days ago


i have been planning a huge party for years for when she dies. she is a crap judge and has the case decided before people even walk into the room. if someone tells her what honestly happened and it doesnt fit her preconceived stroy, then she calls people names like an antagonistic 3rd grader. she constantly breaks laws on her own show....oh but its ok because she isnt a judge on the show (hmm, funny a liar calling people liars...hypocrite) she is a mediator. my neighbor could legally be a mediator. shes a total fraud whos goal int justice, its ratings and being mean.

please god take this swine from earth ASAP. hate doesnt begin to describe what i feel for jew-dy.

1272 days ago

the sea    

Why does her program show scenes of NYC when it is filmed in California?

1272 days ago



1272 days ago


I absolutely love love love this no nonsense Judge!! She gets straight to the point, doesn't put up with any crap and is fair in her judgements! Hope she gets well soon!!!

1272 days ago

steven katona    

bravo judge judy! this canadian stands on guard for thee! i'm a big fan and i'm a believer! i loved watching your shows and gaining your insight and wisdom to carry these principles into our everyday lives. you've helped me make the right choices in life and today i aint smokin crack and drinking like charlie sheen! its because of your leadership and personality that gives me hope as not everyone has the best upbringing and sometimes characters on television are the best wisdom and guidance that can be found. its nice to see you in good spirits as this canadian wishes you all the best! we all love you in canada judge judy!!! xox

1272 days ago


So glad you're okay. You are a brilliant woman.

1272 days ago
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