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Panhandler Exploits Lindsay Lohan

3/30/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The man in the photo contacted us to say he's NOT actually homeless. No word on if he really slept with Lindsay.

Usually Lindsay Lohan is the one begging for attention -- but a homeless man in Huntington Beach, CA turned the tables on the troubled star yesterday ... all in an effort to make a well-deserved buck.

0329_lindsay_lohan_guy_Jessica-De-Arman_2The man -- who's low on cash-flow but has a rich sense of humor -- was spotted yesterday near the 405 Freeway in Huntington Beach, CA ... holding up a sign that said, "Slept with Lindsay Lohan Need Help."

Lohan's people had no comment.


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Lovin the new publicist!

1239 days ago

john smith    

@76 Andy, The Betty Ford incident which was ridiculous and the cheap ass super thin cheesy gold chain incident have caused a ton, maybe a gazillion tons of free publicity for Lindsay. People around the world want to know about Lindsay, it's almost like The Beatles got back together. If this were a drug or DUI charge she would look bad, but come on, does a girl who has made 20 million dollars over the last ten years need to steal a cheap ass necklace while on probation. The jurors haven't heard the state's evidence yet, but the funny thing is that the evidence and the state's case doesn't matter. Jurors aren't lawyers or judges and they can't really do a good job of even guessing at the verdict legally, they just go with their gut feeling and do the best that they can, their not being paid and are usually not the brightest lights on Broadway. Hate On girls!

1239 days ago


Nah, don't like the sign. I doubt he gets help that way.

It, usually, takes a lot of humility to stand outside and beg for money. I think you should at least be honest.

1239 days ago


I give this guy credit... I think he is making lemonade out of a sour lemon =) Good job dude..

1239 days ago


"Jurors aren't lawyers or judges and they can't really do a good job of even guessing at the verdict legally, they just go with their gut feeling and do the best that they can, their not being paid and are usually not the brightest lights on Broadway.

If this is your idea of swaying the jury pool, its' not really helping her. With friends like you, blohan doesn't need enemies.

1239 days ago


i would feel better if she was locked away. i can see me walking down the side walk minding my own business when out of nowhere cracked up drunk lohan swerves to miss the baby in the carriage and runs me over. now remember the last drug test she failed had 2 kinds of coke in it (carck) being one of them. or she comes to florida. and that nice sweet lohan prodigy steals everything that is not nailed down

1239 days ago


" all in an effort to make a well-deserved buck "

Exactly, what is this person doing to "deserve" a buck???

Random slander, no matter who it's toward, doesn't make someone "deserving" of handouts. Ridiculous . . .

1239 days ago


all the lohans want is handouts they are like slut beggers. they would sell their soul for a nickel

1239 days ago


that not my coke it must belong to the girl that i stole her pants from. she is one big lie if i was in trouble in cali on probation and i watch how many times this coke fiend has got off i would protest

1239 days ago

Harvey Edwards    

Dear Lindsay,

I think your fans would be very interested in our press release esp the images. I'm glad you approved the final draft. I will send out this final version starting today. I think we have a small problem. One of the assistants sent out this release to the media by mistake. I don't think this will be a problem, SORRY..........


UPDATE.....LINDSAY LOHAN has NO agreement to pose nude for Terry Richardson and James Franco and are lying if they say they have such an agreement. Just click on the link and see LINDSAY nude for my new book coming out this Sept 2011. Here is the link with all the information..More in the attachments.....

My name is Harvey Edwards. I am sure your readers would enjoy this article esp since LINDSAY LOHAN is in it amongst other celebs. For the past 40 years I've been an accomplished photographer. One of my most well known pieces is entitled "LEG WARMERS" which is in the attachments I truly believe your readers would enjoy this article.The book will be released in Sept 2011 and more sneak previews to follow. If you need any other conformation just call or email me. One picture of several attached is of Lindsay Lohan on the motorcycles which was the first image was created for my upcoming book," CELEBRITIES UNVEILED". The other attached images are up and coming celebrities along with his classic image of "LEG WARMERS ". It will have both men and women in the book. The images will be sensual and beautiful and as you can tell from the picture of Lindsay Lohan will be tasteful, alluring and exotic. They will not be showing anything that the celebrity does not want shown. These images are meant to show the celebrity in an opulent light as the human form is organic and beautiful. You can view a sampling of my work online at or

1239 days ago


When Dina Lohan broke the news to her daughter Lindsay that she would not be charged with any wrongdoing in connection with an altercation at the Betty Ford Center, the troubled actress told her mom: "Great, Awesome. Thanks Mommy. Goodnight! I will be flying into NYC on tuesday with the blow you wanted and Ali too", has exclusively learned.

Posted at 5:10 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by therock--Another exclusive from therock..I see you got up early today sand started singing your theme song ; I am cooler Online..

1239 days ago


Wow, the "Trollhans" are totally disorganized since they lost their leader Nicole. Word is on the street that the feds caught up with Dina for her terrorist threats towards anti-lindsaylohan critics. Even my homegirl Susan changed her name wow ,they are running around like the rebels in Libya. Hate ON, it's all good. Lindsay is going to make a complete farce and spectacle out of herself over the next year. If I had to estimate the state's chance of getting a conviction I would say 95% ..........until she and Dina too stop smoking the tiger's blood like Ernie says Nothing will change if you change nothing!!!!

Posted at 9:55 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by john smith...story developing...

1239 days ago


Uh oh... I smell another lawsuit from the LiLo camp.

1239 days ago


OMG! I've SEEN this guy EVERY MORNING since MONDAY of this week!! He needs a bigger sign, I couldn't read it.

I love how he is marketing himself.

1239 days ago


"does a girl who has made 20 million dollars over the last ten years need to steal a cheap ass necklace while on probation."

I'd say yes if she is a klepto as her past history seems to indicate.
And another yes,
considering her finances after Mikey and Dina have lived/sponged off her income since she started earning one a few decades ago.

By the way, this "Has-Been's" last paiying gig for acting was HOW LONG AGO???

Albeit the entire Lohan family of grifters are making enough to pay their rent and buy a burger from their paid "exclusives" they sell to gossip sites. And that too will fade eventually as they fade into the irrellevant obscurity that they have earned and deserve.
The public could give two hoots in hell what happens to the entire Lohan Clan Charity Family, LLC.

1239 days ago
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