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'O.C. Real Housewife'

Buy, Buy House

3/31/2011 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new casualty in the nasty divorce between one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" and her husband -- their house.

We've learned ... Vicki Gunvalson and her hubby, Donn, have put their Coto de Caza, CA house on the market for $2.695 million.

The reason for the divorce -- a midlife crisis, according to Vicki. 

Also, they don't get along at all.


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Vicki will never find anyone as good as Don again..ever! She is a beast to look at, the least she could do is be grateful, kind and happy that this man even ever looked twice at her ugly face!! He, however, will NOT be alone long...he is a cutie and pretty sweet from what I can tell.

1300 days ago


Vicki is incredibly annoying this season! I can hardly stand to watch her anymore. She needs to get over herself already!

1300 days ago


Hey look isn't it that Slade Smiley douchebag we see already sniffing around??

1300 days ago


I would rather shoot myself than spend one day with that fat, ugly loudmouth.

1300 days ago


She's not losing her house, she is selling it! Stop with the misleading!!! She said on the show she wanted to sell the house!

1300 days ago


Vicki really started to feel herself a while ago. I think Don is cool as hell and a saint for putting up with her. Never mind the fact that he's raised her kids w/ her as well. He's just so easy-going and laidback and likes to have a good time. She on the other hand is a raging, type-A maniac. That's true about Jeanna; she always let Vicki know that she would know how to appreciate a man like Don. I really thought Vicki might have gotten a clue when they renewed their vows but no.....still a b**ch.

1300 days ago


Beyotch is pretty ugly.

Next guy will be nothing but gold digger.

1300 days ago


To those not familiar with high-ticket realty: When your house is selling in the millions, they quote the price as $2.695 and everyone already knows that's millions. Saves time rather than saying "two million six hundred and ninety-five thousand".

1300 days ago


Vicki will never marry again.

1300 days ago


Why do all these housewives have the most garish taste when it comes to furnishing their homes. Atrocious...

1300 days ago


Glad to see Don is rid of the rude and disrespectful she devil. He is such a great guy, (except for his taste in Vicki - yuk!) BUT make no mistake - the whole reason for this divorce is that Vicki is GREEN WITH ENVY and SO JEALOUS of Tamra having "fun" sex and feeling so young and in love that she can't stand it. You watch and see if Vicki, who likes to act all holy and proper doesn't go over the deep end and get a young stud sniffing after her. Hey Vicki - the grass isn't always greener..... You may be surprised, but I don't think anyone will put up with your SH**!

1300 days ago


I am a bit surprised to hear they are heading for divorce .
I thought they renew there vows last season .
I new she wants to sell her house as she has said it on the show .

Another thing I like to add ..
I find it funny half the people on the "housewives " Are not really housewives .

1300 days ago


Free at last... free at last.
Best for the both of them. You only have one go at things and why be miserable.
Hope Don sees or knows how much people are in his corner, me included, cus a good guy like him, does not deserve that constant beratement from an out of touch user.

1300 days ago


Don, 16 years ago you took her and her baggage and accepted for true luv time to move on my man the kids are over 18 great job on doing your best with them they were not YOURS!! ANYONE who buys insurance through her company who she works for is crazy the ceo that she works for should dump her now if he is smart WOO-HOO vicki opra saw right through you also and you know it :)

1300 days ago


I feel sorry for her ex-husband, I mean what an ugly, fake, egotistical,self righteous, and annoying b-i-t-c-h Viki is. From what I saw on that show, she treated him like a doormat.

1300 days ago
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