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Chuck Liddell Asks Judge for Full Custody

4/1/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Liddell is in an L.A. courtroom asking a judge for full custody of his son, after the boy allegedly told him he didn't want to live with his mom anymore.

Sources tell us 12-year-old Cade was visiting Chuck from Colorado, where he lives with him mom, Lori Geyer.  Chuck claims the boy was depressed and upset and didn't want to go back.  And, Chuck says, Cade complained he was "living with a severe toothache for 2 to 3 months."

Chuck took Cade to a dentist, but feels his son's "health and safety are at risk."

Chuck's lawyer mentioned in court the boy was allegedly abused by being forced to perform physical labor -- including snow removal.

The judge ruled that the Colorado courts have jurisdiction over custody so a hearing has been scheduled there on Tuesday.

UPDATE: After the hearing, Chuck said he was there to "protect" his son.

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Chuck's lawyer mentioned in court the boy was allegedly abused by being forced to perform physical labor -- including snow removal.

Oh really so is it abuse to make my kids rake the lawn, clean there rooms, and the restroom.

C'mon really this is a joke.

1301 days ago


I have an x-brother-in-law who is doing the same thing.
Making a kid do chores around his own house is NOT
abuse. What kind of world do we live in?

1301 days ago


I dont think a bit of physical labor is going to hurt the boy, too many just sit and play games...if he was only made to help clear snow from his sidewalk I wouldnt even bring that up...however the tooth problem is a different story....if the boy has complained before about bad things happening, then I say go to court. I do think children will play one parent against the other in the best of situations, never mind divorced parents. I wonder have we been told the whole story, what I have read isnt enough to place her as a bad mother.

1301 days ago


At his age he should be able to choose who he wants to live with.

1301 days ago


I was gonna say Victoria! My parents must have been the worst offenders on Earth when they made my brother and I do the dishes, clean our rooms, rake the lawn, etc. Kids are suppose to do chores! It builds character and teaches them responsibility.

1301 days ago

The PMG    

It's good to see "The Iceman" isn't like most d-bag pro athletes and actually cares about his son.

1301 days ago


what????? Apparently my sisters and I were all abused as children as we had to do dishes, clean our rooms, shovel.....oh brother.

1301 days ago


The bad tooth may be an issue, but come on, chores?? That is how you teach a 12 year old responsibility.

1301 days ago


thats what's wrong will a lot of parents these days... they're raising lazy a** kids!

1301 days ago


physical labor, snow removal, wtf is wrong with people today, I think the lawyer should have his ass kicked for physical frickin labor.

1301 days ago


Well, the 2-3 months of toothache is a child neglect and/or endangerment issue because it could become infected and lead to serious problems. As for the snow removal, I wouldn't be too concerned if he lived in New York, but there's A LOT of snow ALL THE TIME in Colorado. Hence, I'd need more information.

Off the subject: this is EXACTLY why the Ox is trying to remove Mel fron Lucia's life: she doesn't want her to turn 12 and say she wants to live with him because there goes Ox's gravy train.

1301 days ago


When did a twelve year old boy shoveling snow become abuse?

1301 days ago


He's beat on the "hard labor" forced on his child issue. The 2 or 3 month tooth ache he has a case. But forced hard labor "shoveling snow" as child abuse? If that flies with the judge, you can see why today's 20 somethings and younger are as messed up as they are. Coming from a 28 year old father. My three year old has to pick up the toys she plays with after she is done and put them back away in the correct places. Considering she is 3, is that "hard labor" as well. I guess my wife and I are terrible parents for teaching our daughter how to pick up after herself. Just wait till she's old enough use a vacuum, dust, laundry, dishes, cook, rake leaves, etc.

1301 days ago


If this is what the boy wants, why should mama keep getting I'm sure is quite substantial windfall from chuck's pocket every month, at least take the boy to the dentist, some women think they deserve everything!

1301 days ago


Well, I guess my parents abused me and my sisters every winter when we had to shovel the driveway and 2 sidewalks... every summer when we had to mow the lawn and wash the cars... every week when we each had a room in the house to clean... every day when we had to make our beds and clean the dishes...

1301 days ago
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