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Lindsay Betty Ford Clash

Violent 911 Confrontation

4/1/2011 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the 911 call made by Lindsay Lohan during the nuclear argument she had with Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland -- an argument Holland says turned violent. 

It all went down on December 12, when the staffer -- Dawn Holland -- claims she busted Lindsay and two other girls jumping a wall at Betty Ford at around 1 AM. -- after curfew.  During the 911 call, Lindsay and Dawn were both on the line on separate phones.  Lindsay says, "She's freaking me out!"

When Dawn tried to make Lindsay take a breathalyzer, she says "Lindsay Lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone."  Dawn claims she knows the other two girls Lindsay was with were drunk, "reeking of alcohol."

During the call, Dawn claims she grabbed the phone to talk to the dispatcher ... but Lindsay ripped the phone from her hand ... spraining Dawn's wrist in the process.

As we first reported, the Riverside County District Attorney declined to prosecute Lindsay over the incident.


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First this Dawn is sueing, then she's pressing charges, then changed her mind on both & wanted to retract everthing.... Now, we're back to this?? Give me a break, it's all about $$ & a payoff.....

Major attitude for an employee of Betty Ford Clinic... No wonder few want to go to rehab since it appears there isn't a way to stop leaks...... This Dawn person wanted 'control' & be a badass & IMO, used Lindsey ....

She deserved to be fired by Betty Ford Clinic for not only was she trying to intimidate Lindsey, but also mentioned/leaked other names of patients there as well.... Also, sounded like Dawn was after $$/payoff too....

IMO, definately a case of 'envy of the privilaged' on Dawn's behalf & was out to SHOW who was boss......Again, isn't good PR for Betty Ford Clinic & getting those who need rehab to go there....

This B##@# would do well working in a prison for imagine she could be more in control.....

Again, all about control & envy issues with the bottom line being all about $$$..............

Some of us come from privilaged upbringing/families/etc.... Those who don't, there's still your life & live it as you choose, make it what you want but, IMO, 'just get over the fact that you wern't blessed with what others were'!!!!

1301 days ago


OMG This girl is truly a horrible person and self-entitled bitch. The tech was clearly just trying to perform her job and LL was acting like a nightmare two year old. This girl is such a monumental loser, it's just beyond ridiculous now.

1301 days ago


Nicole... again ... who started this trouble? The rehab tech?

Who jumped the fence?
Who refused to take the test?
Who was giving the tech a hard time?

When in a rehab you listen ... you obey the rules .. you get beter.

1301 days ago


Prosecute Lindsay Lohan NOW!!!!!

1301 days ago


Lindsay Lohan believes she can diminish everyone's dignity with money. Up hers! Prosecute her NOW!

1301 days ago


I hope she never returns to LA when she gets out of jail.
Stay in NY and search some job.
Ive heard MC Donalds is hiring.

1301 days ago


"Wow!! She says right up front..."do you want money?". This little girls needs some consequences in her life right now! She called mama. Mama always does the clean up. BTW...why was Dawn Holland fired? Sounds like she was doing her job.

Posted at 11:21 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by lolo"

Get it straight!

Lindsay said in shock ""do you want money?" DIRECTLY AFTER Dawn threatened her with "Get ready to be sued."

What else was Dawn going to sue her for besides money? Please do tell, because monetary damages are all she could have possible sued for in this situation.


"Dawn Holland: "Get ready to be sued."

LiLo: "What? Do you want money?"


Posted at 11:21 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by Kiko"


1301 days ago


"Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Lindsay was clearly drinking and assaulted miss Holland that night. No doubt about it that Dawn was just doing her job when this all went down. If anyone thinks people are out to get her you are clearly in denial as the rest of the LOLhans! Lindsay is nothing but a failure and complete disgrace....sickening!

Posted at 11:15 AM on Apr 1, 2011 by missbella"

Just remember... Just because your paranoid doesn't mean people aren't out to get you. ;)

1301 days ago


Lindsay is a horrible person. Just repulsive. If there was any doubt, listen to the tape. She has a huge sense of entitlement and is a nasty, disgusting person. I hope Hollywood is watching and listening, and never hires this poor excuse for a human again.

1301 days ago


Leaping over the wall. Like the criminal that she is.

1301 days ago


Who cares? People work out some pretty horrible stuff in rehab.

They were jerks going in and probably pretty big jerks during the rehabilitative process. Some stays jerks when they leave, clean and sober.

1301 days ago


Nicolenabler you re pathetic.

1301 days ago


LOhan Family Values: Trying to BUY herself out of problems.

1301 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Dawn Holland must have run out of the crack money LiLoser gave her to keep quiet.

1301 days ago


@ Nicole ...
When you open your own rehab then you can make up your own rules.

However, until then ... just listen to what your daughter Lindsay put a rehab tech person through because of HER ability not to follow simple rules ... like "do not jump the fence"
Let's start with just that one.

In your rehab, Nicole... would you allow your clients to jump the fence and go out for the evening? Would you want your staff to react or just let your clients back in without any questions at all?

Get real, Nicole..... Lindsay is a screw up ... and let's leave it at that. She started all of this ... I am sure the tech had other things to do then get into it with your spoiled brat.

1301 days ago
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