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Charlie Sheen in Chicago

The Blow-By-Blow

4/4/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Chicago show has ended -- and it was a definite improvement over Detroit. Read our live recap to see how it all went down.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago
8:15 PM -- No sign of Sheen yet.

8:20 PM -- The crowd just started a "Detroit sucks!" chant.

8:25 PM -- Charlie just read a poem about how much he hates Detroit.

8:27 PM -- Show definitely has a different feel than last night. Instead of Charlie on stage by himself, he has an interviewer of sorts asking him questions.

8:30 PM -- During a question about his marriages, Charlie referred to Brooke Mueller as "kidnapper bitch."

8:33 PM -- Charlie took off his shirt after someone in the crowd yelled, "Get naked." He traded shirts with a guy from the crowd who was much larger than him. Oh, forgot to mention -- after last night's performance, no opening comic this time.

8:42 PM -- Nothing too exciting. Telling stories, including the one about the first time he smoked weed ... with Chris Penn in Malibu.

8:50 PM -- The show is in intermission. Much more structured than last night's. So far, no booing.

9:14 PM -- And we're back! Sheen's got a fresh cig and talking about a party he went to once with Mick Jagger and Eddie Van Halen.

9:20 PM -- Charlie says he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million. He tells the interviewer he pays for sex because he has millions.

9:25 PM -- Charlie says he was supposed to be in "The Karate Kid," but his dad told him to do a lesser movie instead. "My dad has great advice."

9:30 PM -- How's this for an about face -- Charlie said he would go back to "Two and Half Men," but he did say the people who run it are blood suckers. But he called Jon Cryer a "rock star."

9:45 PM -- Charlie is now reading a letter from one of the goddesses.

9:52 PM -- And with that letter ... the show is over. All in all, a much better experience than last night.


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Roeper back in the house!


Whoever this guy is questioning Sheen, he's just awful. If you were sitting next to these two guys in a bar, you'd find another table...

less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone
TheCrazyAsian .@richardroeper's tweets on Sheen's Chicago show are the 2011 equivalent of Herbert Morrison's account of the Hindenburg disaster.

24 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
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@dle90742 I'm covering it for my site, WLS and Sun-Times.
7 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to dle90742
8 minutes ago via Twitpic

Does anybody know who this guy is "questioning" Charlie? Dark-haired, 35ish, wildly unfunny?
22 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone

And now, a 10-minute break. Maybe the show will actually start after that.

1296 days ago


You know who it would be cool to sit and listen to reminisce about the old days? Robert De Niro. You know who it would not be cool to sit and listen to? Charlie Sheen.

1296 days ago


"No buddy judges your asses for failing at your work or losing your job or being an alcholic etc."

Posted at 7:14 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by Melanie

I should hope NOT - if they did, they'd no longer be my "buddy"!

Posted at 7:22 PM on Apr 3, 2011 by JWLor

JWLor...that was epic : )

1296 days ago


Wake me up when he says something either entertaining or funny

1296 days ago


So this show has turned into a "20/20" interview with cursing ?.

Wow, I hope I can still get tickets. NOT !

1296 days ago


Blow-by-blow is right.....this really blows big time.....

1296 days ago

Fuck Off TMZ    

We should be hearing from Heidi soon!

1296 days ago


FLASH: Security guards have duct taped audience members into their chairs, who tried to leave.

1296 days ago


Love is a misunderstanding between two fools, and that sums up Chucky Boy. A split personality, bi-polar dofus who loves himself from both contrary personalities and a misunderstanding between the two contradictions in his feeble mind are at odds...

1296 days ago

Barry Limbaugh    

Sheen's a not a rock star...he's a P.O.S. wimpy little pvssy. Boo freakin'hoo you little cry baby.

1296 days ago


My gosh I'm sick to death of Charlie Sheen, can't you guys find something else to write about!

1296 days ago

chuck lorre    

Charlito come back to me!

1296 days ago


Any videos shown yet?. Maybe he got some "cease and desist" orders while riding on the bus.

1296 days ago


I'm starting to think people in Chi-town are pretty easily entertained. Maybe they never got cable.

1296 days ago


O.K. so he has someone interviewing him? How about giving a better description before that?

WHO does T.M.Z. have at this thing? A chimp?...

1296 days ago
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