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Charlie Sheen in Chicago

The Blow-By-Blow

4/4/2011 10:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's Chicago show has ended -- and it was a definite improvement over Detroit. Read our live recap to see how it all went down.

Charlie Sheen in Chicago
8:15 PM -- No sign of Sheen yet.

8:20 PM -- The crowd just started a "Detroit sucks!" chant.

8:25 PM -- Charlie just read a poem about how much he hates Detroit.

8:27 PM -- Show definitely has a different feel than last night. Instead of Charlie on stage by himself, he has an interviewer of sorts asking him questions.

8:30 PM -- During a question about his marriages, Charlie referred to Brooke Mueller as "kidnapper bitch."

8:33 PM -- Charlie took off his shirt after someone in the crowd yelled, "Get naked." He traded shirts with a guy from the crowd who was much larger than him. Oh, forgot to mention -- after last night's performance, no opening comic this time.

8:42 PM -- Nothing too exciting. Telling stories, including the one about the first time he smoked weed ... with Chris Penn in Malibu.

8:50 PM -- The show is in intermission. Much more structured than last night's. So far, no booing.

9:14 PM -- And we're back! Sheen's got a fresh cig and talking about a party he went to once with Mick Jagger and Eddie Van Halen.

9:20 PM -- Charlie says he owes Heidi Fleiss $2 million. He tells the interviewer he pays for sex because he has millions.

9:25 PM -- Charlie says he was supposed to be in "The Karate Kid," but his dad told him to do a lesser movie instead. "My dad has great advice."

9:30 PM -- How's this for an about face -- Charlie said he would go back to "Two and Half Men," but he did say the people who run it are blood suckers. But he called Jon Cryer a "rock star."

9:45 PM -- Charlie is now reading a letter from one of the goddesses.

9:52 PM -- And with that letter ... the show is over. All in all, a much better experience than last night.


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I think that the Dogg miscom was Chuckles main mistake, (among so many countless others) - instead of the Dogg they got a comic who no one knew, or cared to be bothered with.

It was just a disaster and itll change but still be similar crap, different day. There will also be a burnout time if he tries for the whole enchilada, losing sleep and the deafening humility in his ears.

All in all, definitely an interesting period in hollyweird history. I expect the Choo Choo may pick up a little steam before it finally derails.

Posted at 2:09 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by Chaps

Everything you're saying makes sense to me. Guess we'll just have to watch and see. I guess I better order a BIG bag of gourmet popcorn from

1261 days ago


RR, Chaps, Lagoon....thanks for your enjoyable posts.

There are two kinds of people in the world--the Sheen "warlocks" and the mean "trolls". If he sets the criterion, I'm proud to be a troll.

Posted at 4:08 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by HardRock


Thanks - and the feeling is mutual.

1261 days ago


Fools and their money are soon parted.

1261 days ago


Charlie Sheen: Snoop Dogg part of Saturday’s Detroit show

By Detroit News – Fri Apr 1, 2:00 pm ET

Susan Whitall, Detroit News staff writer

On the eve of his Saturday Fox Theatre show, Charlie Sheen called in to Mojo in the Morning (95.5 FM) this morning, confirming to hosts Mojo and Spike that he is bringing rapper Snoop Dogg with him.

He's also bringing his two live-in girlfriends (dubbed "the goddesses") and promises that he will be "delivering gold to your fine town."

The interview was taped Thursday night but held for airing this morning. Sheen was supposed to pick one 95.5 listener to "win" the chance to sing the national anthem before his show, but instead chose two women to sing it together.

When Sheen picked up the phone and Mojo identified the show, the actor replied, "Mojo in the Morning? Winning!"

Asked what he was planning to do Saturday night, Sheen said, "They didn't have an idea when they sold the venue out, did they?"

There are still tickets available in all price ranges.

The actor said he would love it if Kid Rock came and jumped onstage. "He's as welcome as the flowers," Sheen affirmed. But when asked if he thought Eminem would show, Sheen became intensely excited. "If he's there, I quit show business! Who else is there between him and Snoop Dogg and Dirt Nasty!"

As for the possibility that Sheen would consent to rejoin his hit CBS show "Two and a Half Men" -- producers fired him several weeks ago -- "I told everybody, them included, that I'm available, should things change."

Spike ended the interview warning Sheen, "In Detroit, you don't get your deposit back if you leave the city a mess."

"Noted," Sheen barked.

1261 days ago


After Sheen got fired, he bad mouthed everyone, said the same stuff over and over again just in different words online.

Charlie Sheen has always used a Thesaurus, a book of synonyms, to say the same crap just in different words. It all means the same thing. Nothing new.

Posted at 12:53 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by janet

"Who, based on anything Sheen has done over the last three months, would expect anything other than 1) a reprise of the themes that have worked for him on talk shows, or 2) a rambling exercise in self-indulgence? Let’s face it, dudes, Charlie’s been in reruns of a modest repertoire for a while."

1261 days ago


Charlie is IN LOVE with Chicago and plans to return there for many projects.

Charlie HATES Detroit.

Detroit = WINNING!

1261 days ago


. It would be kinda cool if he did a road version of a show like Two and a Half Men. That would prove he still has it and Chuck isn't needed for a laugh. I just watched Mike and Molly, Chuck is not that talented, Rosanne rip off.

Posted at 3:02 AM on Apr 4, 2011 by mija

No, you're just not that well informed. .Chuck Lorre wrote "Roseanne" too, plus "Dharma & Greg", "Grace Under Fire," and several more.

1261 days ago


yeah people knew what they were getting into but seems like he changed his show pretty damn quick afterwards...guess detroit helped him not get booed at his next show cause it didn't suck so hard.

1261 days ago


RR, Lagoon, Chaps....

I was hoping you would have posted...thanks for all the research!

Apparently Chris Rock was on GMA and the subject of Charlie Sheen getting Booed in Detroit was brought up. Rock said...'I got booed in Detroit once too, ever been to Detroit? Obama needs to send troops there...'

Now see...that was an insult well played. LOL

I guess I will take the easy way out and not attempt a clinical diagnosis and simply say I think he is possessed.

1261 days ago


Hey, you people what to know just what sort of con artist Cheesy Chuckles really is? Well, take a look at his official site where tickets are still on sale. Then think about every time he has looked right into the camera and crowed about "sold out in 18 minutes".

He knows damn good and well he is lying but as long as he gets the effect he wants who cares, right? Just as shameless as when he uses his arms to coax an ovation from an audience. Tell me he doesn't subscribe to "a sucker born every minute". Tell me his "Dude, I already got your money." smirk isn't honestly who he is.

1261 days ago


1261 days ago


I guess I will take the easy way out and not attempt a clinical diagnosis and simply say I think he is possessed.

Posted at 9:37 PM on Apr 4, 2011 by HardRock

LOL well that would fly, too. Oh, and I agree about Chris Rock's insult. That's a funny dude with a great sense of comedic timing.

1261 days ago


Happened to be in the great motor city with my girls to catch the Little Wayne show at the Palace the night that slug was in town. Go to a town promising a good show when unemployment is about 13% and deliver crap. I hope there's a class action against that a**hole.

1261 days ago



Probably writing his new vanity card. You know that he can't communicate any other way. LOL

Oh lookie. People commenting on each other's comments. LMAO Where oh where are the ones asking WHY??

1261 days ago

Green Fairy    

RR & Lagoon - very interesting comments / insights, there maybe another factor to take into account as well. It could be that he's never been 'right' after a traumatic birth.I've read somewhere that Charlie was born a 'blue' baby & had to be resuscitated by the Doctor (hence his middle name of Irwin after the Doc).
If this is the case then is there a possibility that he was starved of oxygen & suffered a degree of brain damage as a result?
He's seems to have had problems since young, he never finished his education cos he couldn't make the grades, he can't seem to establish a normal long term relationship, he can't control his temper hitting out when he can't get his own way, his need to hang out with women half his age, who hang on his every word making him feel superior to them, his poor social skills, low self esteem which requires him to have to pay for company, also he appears to need constant attention & supervision.
He seems to have had everything he ever wanted since he was a little kid (maybe part of the problem) yet it doesn't seem to have made him feel wanted, liked or valued. Whatever the problem this is one very damaged individual.

1261 days ago
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