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'Deadliest Catch' -- New Captain, MAJOR Tension

4/4/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who took over for Captain Phil Harris on "Deadliest Catch" could really use some sensitivity training ... because dude used Phil's death to rip a crew member ... in front of Phil's TWO SONS.

TMZ has obtained a clip from the upcoming season of "D.C." ... in which Derrick Ray -- the new skipper of the F/V Cornelia Marie -- gets into a serious verbal spat with engineer Steve Ward.

During the fight, Phil's son Jake pleads for the two to make up ... and that's when Ray heartlessly snaps and says,"Phil's not here, he's f**king dead, okay?"

To make things worse ... Phil's other son Josh is also in earshot.

The new season kicks off April 12.


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This 'captain' is a prick. It seems to me that he's just looking for a fight. And to say what he did about Phil being f-ing dead, right in front of Phil's sons, was pretty crappy of him! Fire him! He's a jerk!

1297 days ago


#5 Those "shrimpy" dudes are the ones who get that tasty ship on your table. People have to learn to respect a person for their profession because we all are linked together somehow.

It looks like they are stressed but they will get over it considering their lives (life) depends on one another.

1297 days ago


normally, I roll my eyes at the Harris' leaking their info to TMZ to stay in the 'news', but this time, I'm rolling my eyes at Discovery & I totally agree with you #19/Carl.

1297 days ago


WHAT A ****ING ****! Phil was a bad mofo, but he got his **** done and was fair. This guy's just a d0uchebag.

1297 days ago


"You have no respect for anyone.."
"Phil's not here, he's dead"

Yeah, that's not having respect for anyone.

1297 days ago


They need to get rid of that mother F***er. Jake and Josh should toss that F***er overboard. Cause really i know the Jack and Josh own half that boat. So they can get rid of that Jerk.
That Major a**hole Tension. I do believe he showed off for the camaera. i believe he wants to be as good as Phil was. guess what Major a**hole? You are nothing but dirt under people feet. No really your lower the that. I pray someone tosses you overboard.
Hey josh and Jake if you need any help I will come and help you get Major a**hole toss off your boat. I think it will be fun. just let me know and I will be there. Oh And I am not joking. i would help you toss a**hole overboard.

1297 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

That is messed up. Losing your father has to be one of the hardest things, and to just rub salt on the wound like that even hurts me.

1297 days ago


capt a-hole

1297 days ago


This new Captain sounds like a real A-HOLE!!! >:(

1297 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Many accidents happen way out there in the middle of the Bering Sea. People get hurt, or disappear. Mm hm.

1297 days ago


The new captain is screaming about wanting respect?!?!? How about he show some respect to his crew and especially show some respect to the sons of Phil. Regardless of what led up to that temper tantrum his comment about Phil was out of line and bowing up and trying to corner his crew member was also out of line.

1296 days ago

South Beach    

All the tv action aside, these crabbers are as tough as they come, and accidents happen all the time. Lots of captains, lots of crews, lots of opportunities. New guy needs to watch his mouth.

1296 days ago


They need to find a new captian, and leave him in a small boat in the middle off the sea..

1296 days ago


I don't know if they would get involved,but I don't think he would get away with pushin John or Andy like that. Capt has to be respected yes, but unless there was more than we know he is just being a mfin bully.

1296 days ago


The mans totally UN cool, sounds like he has NO respect for Phil, his sons, or the Cornelia Marie!!

1296 days ago
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