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K-Fed -- I'm Having a Baby GIRL!

4/5/2011 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline is gearing up for baby #5 -- and unlike the two kids he had with Britney Spears ... this one's a girl.


According to Kevin's now pregnant girlfriend -- ex-pro volleyballer Victoria Prince -- they're naming her Jordan ... because when the couple was deciding on names, they weren't sure of the sex and wanted something that could go either way.

Victoria's due in a couple months.


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what the heck is he going to do when britney gets sole custody back and the child support stops? That is all he gets, he does not get alimony because they were not married long enough.

No wonder Britneys concert tickets are so high, she has all these kids to support. I am sure he pays Shar Jackson child support

It must be nice having money handed to you monthly, he gets 15,000 but but you have to think about how he is having to pay the nanny and the two bodyguards for the boys with it and most celeb nannies and bodyguards are making a couple thousand a month. I am sure like the circus tour him and his GF will get a paid trip around the world while Britney is touring

1304 days ago


Just what the world needs...another child by this man. Can someone get him fixed?

1304 days ago


While I'm happy for him, uh, what about over populating the earth to the point we can't feed ourselves anymore? This guy and Sheen both have 5 kids each - that's 10 kids between the two of them. Think about that.

1304 days ago


"and unlike the two kids he had with Britney Spears ... this one's a girl."

That is really a STUPID comment! He has a daughter with Shar! Guess anyone can get a job writing for TMZ!

1304 days ago


I would hit that girl......NOW. She's hot, good stuff. Good work KFed, don't let the haters stop you, I'm sure you're good for at least five more children.

1304 days ago


Five children and he can't support any of them. What a loser! AT least the new g/f will know that she has someone (Kevin) to watch the child while she goes out to work.

1304 days ago


Does anyone care anymore? Who is KFED anyways?

1304 days ago


I wonder how he will support this new child? Ask for my child support from Britney? Why don't you get off your sorry ass and get a job and quite living off Britney. Britney was really off her marbles to marry a loser like this. Get a life kevin

1304 days ago


so sad britney going to have to feed another baby kfat using brit and shar jackson money

1304 days ago


Fvcking white trash piece of ****. What bottom feeder would even consider dating this waste of humanity!?!

1304 days ago


He can afford to raise this kid. He's got 8 mil og Brit's money stashed. He doesn't need for anything.

1304 days ago


I wonder if she is just trying to cash in on the Brittany train!! I dont believe he works!! What a douche!!

1304 days ago


He breeds like a shine!

1304 days ago


You know, there are a lot of comments dissingon Kevin, but I have never seen anything other than him always taking good care of his kids. yes, he gets child support and alimony from if any of you wouln't do the same! AND he was the main rock holding them all together when Britney was losing it, so who gives a crap if he has any more kids? Seriously? I have seen more pics of him playing out with his kids then the photo shoots of Britney with her kids to make her look better. I had my doubts about him when they hooked up, but all I can say is that those children seem to have a father than cares very much about them and is always around. But i guess there will always be a$$e$ than want to twist any situation around. Probably the same nitwits that think Britney is "talented". Go K-Fed!

1304 days ago


He's got kids with 3 different women now that I know of. Shar Jackson, Britney and now this girl. Wonder if he's paying for his kids support???? NOT! Quit making babies you can't afford you jerk.

1304 days ago
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