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'Real Housewife'

Takes a Licking ...

for a Body Shot

4/5/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

40-ish-year-old "Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Barney partied like a college kid this weekend -- by letting her BF do a body shot off her at a bar in Mexico ... and TMZ has the video.

The graphic lick-fest went down at the Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo San Lucas -- where Tamra's man Eddie Judge took his sweet-ass time prepping her stomach for the tongue-lashing she was about to receive.

Please, drink off "Housewives" responsibly.


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I've watched this show since the beginning and hate to see Tamra lowering herself like this. I liked her at first but after last season, I started seeing her as a very spoiled bitch. She's mean spirited and the way she treated Simon was awful. Very two faced to her own husband. I'm 48 and don't look half bad but I wouldn't act like a Spring Breaker at my age. She's had her time and she's a mother now. She needs to act like one. Simon, you are so much better off without her.

1275 days ago


She needs to go home and take care of her kids!!

1275 days ago


Tamra, you're a bit too old to be doing these childish things. You do have a decent body, but it's time to grow up and take care of your children. Maybe Simon was right about you...

And, are you going through a second childhood or something? Why are you dating someone like that? He's too young and only wants one thing from you. Oh wait, you already gave that to him! And it's disgusting that someone like you would let a film crew in the bathroom while you and boy-toy are getting in the tub together. If you want to be in a porn film, then go to the porn industry and get OFF of the OC Housewives show.

1275 days ago


Trashy housewives....with low IQs

1275 days ago

Another Single Mother    

If I had her body, I would have been on at bar too!
She looks great.

1275 days ago


That has to be the worst camera man ever.

1275 days ago


What a hag

1275 days ago


OHHHH MAN that looks lickyty delicioussssssssss that to meeeeee LOL

1275 days ago


Come on TMZ. Ran out of stories. This is a clip from the show and that is not her new boyfriend. She was in Cabo with Vickie and yes she did body shots with men and women! Oh Tamara. Take your time.

1275 days ago

CA Girl    

Tamara is 40-some years old. No, you don't have to "dress like a granny" (ridiculous statement #80, btw), but by the time a person reaches the ripe OLD AGE of 40+, you're SUPPOSED to exhibit behavior that doesn't engender cringes. That woman knew what she was doing when she signed the contract for this show, and she's in the PUBLIC DOMAIN, so she and her behavior WILL be commented upon.

That said, my own opinion is this: She's an embarrassment not only to her ex-husband, Simon Barney, but her CHILDREN and PARENTS and the extended family as well; she's a poor role model except for someone wanting to do a reality show ("do something disgusting and you'll get the spotlight") or for a very immature, young individual who doesn't know any better who is easily influenced without any semblance of thought. Based upon her public behavior and before the camera for the world to see, I hope custody of her children will revert to her ex-husband (assuming he is behaving himself and not shacking up). If he is, I hope the custody will go to the PATERNAL GRANDPARENTS. Then she can do whatever the heck she wants to for money. Go baby, Go. Nobody will care WHAT she does anymore.

1275 days ago


isnt that the same bikini she wore that last time she did body shots? get a new one lady

1275 days ago


I think Tamra is way classier than N.O. Lady

You need a hard one darling!

1275 days ago


I think the women here need to get lives

N.O. Lady could go to Harvard if she spent the time she does commenting on pursuing an education.

Why she cares about a woman (closet lesbian perhaps?) is beyond me.

Catty stupid women suck!

1275 days ago


Yeah, don't worry any dudes posting on TMZ under The Real Housewives thread isn't the kind of guy I want TRUST me. Doucheries!!!

Posted at 9:54 AM on Apr 5, 2011 by N.O.Lady


Not a check that you are more single than dollar bill and staying that way you c-u-n-t. People on this site can't stand you !! Even E. Harmony couldnt match this raging wh-ore with someone!

Stay single b-i-t-c-h
stay jealous of tamra

1274 days ago



Someone's weed is kicking in the paranoia.

Now this load of c-um that should have been swallowed thinks every comment is from one person? LOL

Hysterical!!! Take another puff cheech! ROFL

Yeah Obama is after you too!

1274 days ago
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