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Wrestling Wives Team Up For Reality Show

4/4/2011 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First there was the "Real Housewives." Then came "Basketball Wives." Now TMZ has learned a show currently in production centers around a new group of famous spouses -- "Wrestler Wives."


Multiple sources tell us the guys behind "Pit Boss" have teamed up with VH1 to produce a show which follows the wives of famous wrestlers -- and the pilot has already begun shooting in Houston.

Sources say Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman (Booker T's wife), Stacy Carter (Jerry Lawler's ex-wife) and Jackie Haas (Charlie Haas' wife) are the main focus of the show.

We're told the show will also be centered around WWE wrestler Booker T's wrestling school in Texas -- which Sharmell helps runs.
Get ready for some catfights!!!


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Are we sure these are real females?

They all look like trannies to me.

1296 days ago


Oh dude it's Miss Kitty

1296 days ago


VH1 really needs to stop with these "wives" shows. You're Video Hits 1 not Washed Up Athletes Wives 1.

1296 days ago


Stacy Carter has not been involved in wrestling in decades. She's a real estate agent. Now Jackie and Sharmell will be great. They should hire Shawn Michaels wife as well. There's plenty of wrestler wives and they picked one who isn't a wrestlers wife? Pathetic.

1296 days ago



1296 days ago


Famous spouses -- are you kidding? Never heard of them and don't care to.

When will these reality shows stop?

Sick of them.

1296 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

I could look at Sharmell's fine chocolate ass, all day long. Rather look at her on my TV than Evelyn HOzada. Sign me up for that program...

1296 days ago


Jesus, enough already...

1296 days ago


I suppose this shouldn't be surprising, when one thinks of wrestlers, puke, one certainly could assume their wives would have the same mentally as them, or how would they put up with them?

So, in essense, yet another reality show based souly on GROWN women behaving badly for money and fame. Another set of should-know-way-better- than to put your private lives out there GROWN women willing to forego their privacy for attention.

It astounds me the amount of stuipd we have out there. Stupid enough to be so delusional about being a 'star'.
Just becasue someone is taking pictures of you for a 'photo-shoot', and asking you to 'audition' by no means make you a 'star'. It may as well be Glamour Shots at the mall ladies.

When will the reality show pukes get that we are laughing at you, the producers are laughing at you. They are using you for ratings, profits, and I suspect a few good laughs to boot.

But......Americans are so stupid, They will do ANYTHING for a buck, even destroying their reputaions for life, in some cases.
Oh, but they got that BMW and big screen TV!

And I hope some of them save some cash, perhaps a 'therapy fund' if you will, for their kids and themselves, I'm thinking it is going to come in handy.

1296 days ago


This is great, another show I'm certain never to tune into to go on my list with anything: Housewife, Kardashian, Jersey, Reality and so on. Seriously, I would like to believe you could get better ratings showing old "I Love Lucy" reruns then you can showing this. Who would be interested in what the wife of a professional wrestler does? Do you care to learn about your Dentists wife? I mean seriously, what can come out of a show based on the life of a D level stars wife? Exactly.

1296 days ago


I wish they would release sex tapes instead! Now that i'd pay to see!!

1296 days ago


When will producers realise that people are so sick of reality shows? Whatever happened to writing and producing a good sitcom, drama, comedy???? Just another bs reality tv show they can shove up their arses! Tired of all the crap they try to pass off as good television these days. Self absorbed nobodies making themselves look even worse by having a tv program in their honour. The only two reasons I can think of for shoving this crap down our throats. It must be alot cheaper to pay these untalented hacks as opposed to hiring real actors/actresses to make a decent program or all the good writers are dead??

1296 days ago


I agree with the third comment. Vh1 is seriously lacking in creativity.Once every two years vh1 does Behind the music and the rest of the time they continue to do what people dont like.Like Flavor flav had a love show than New york than Bret Michaels Than Real and Chance Than Ray J.Now its Mob Wives Football Wives Basketball Wives And Love and hip hop.The **** is ridiculous It seems like what we dont like is getting more popular than what we like.Nobody in the world likes Rebecca Black So How is her song a hit?Its Ridiculous and I think Vh1 and all things that lack in creativity should be boycotted.

1296 days ago


Just when I think TV can't get any tackier or uglier....

1296 days ago


Another stupid reality show

1296 days ago
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