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Amanda Bynes --

My Puppy Dog is


4/5/2011 9:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Horrible, terrible, tragic, heartbreaking news about Amanda Bynes missing 4-month-old Pomeranian Little Angel ... she's no longer with the living.

Amanda Bynes Missing Dog

Bynes tweeted the gloomy news moments ago, saying, "Sad day....Little Angel is in heaven now. RIP I love you."

This morning, Bynes announced Little Angel went missing sometime yesterday -- and begged her Twitter followers to help her locate the young pup.

So sad.



No Avatar


This is what happens when irresponsible children get animals.

1234 days ago


Its really looks like a cat....dont they have 9 lifes?

1234 days ago


Wow...why all the hate comments. Poor girls dog just died. That's tramatic, if you ever lost a dog yourself, you would know. If you haven't, don't be ignorant!!!

1234 days ago


Are you ****ing people for real? Its a god damn **** eating, butt sniffing, crotch licking DOG! Sorry it died but for christ's sake who the **** cares about some rich idiot who let her dog die and now wants people to feel bad because she is a ****ty owner? If the stupid bitch cannot take care of a hairy rat she should not be allowed to have children.

1234 days ago


Irresponsible idiots like you shouldn't be allowed to have live creatures...

1234 days ago


wow, everyone's really rude. sometimes, accidents just happen and it doesn't mean amanda was being irresponsible and not watching the dog.

1234 days ago

T. Bag Jones    

That is awful. Amanda must be a total moron. A dog that age would weigh in at about 3 lbs. It's not a real fast runner either. How does a 3 lb puppy the size of your hand escape from your house let alone your property. Where the hell did she keep it? Did she just let it roam around? Irresponsible AIR HEAD! Hope she doesn't try again and put another little puppy in danger with her immature ass. So sorry for the poor little puppy but zero sympathy for her.

Amanda, Please get a robot puppy or a FurReal puppy. See if you can keep that alive and in your possession for one year.

1234 days ago


It is not as though Amanda is the first person ever to lose track of an animal! My dogs are escape artists. They work together to unlock doors and open them. I would imagine that a small dog could sneak out when someone was walking in, escape through an open window, etc.

Just because she is mourning the loss of her dog, that does not mean that she is immune to other tragedies in the world.

Losing a pet is awful. Apparently, the people who are making the negative comments on this site have either neither owned a pet or are heartless.

1234 days ago


so sorry about your loss...i feel your pain

1234 days ago


I have had my dog for 13.5 years. The other day, when my boyfriend came home I guess he didn't close the door all the way when he first came home, because a few minutes later as we were talking, the door opened and my dog walked in. We laughed, and luckily nothing happened... but as a responsible dog owner I can say, sometimes dogs get out. That sucks for her. I'm sorry for both her and the dog. She isn't a bad person or a neglectful owner.

1234 days ago


Yes, that is terribly sad; I just donned a black armband and lowered my flag to half mast. I am creating a shrine.

"Little Angel"? No wonder the dog kicked off. What an embarrassing name, and to have an owner who believes things to go "heaven' when they expire? Poor cur.

1234 days ago


The religious nuts never cease to amaze! Utter stupidity.

1234 days ago


dogs make good compost for plants! put the dog in your garden

1234 days ago

John Stone    

Its a damn dog people.

1234 days ago


Sorry for your loss of Little Angel. My Dog "Angel girl" passed Nov 30 and was almost 11 years old.. I we miss her dearly. Bless you both Angel babies.

1234 days ago
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