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Charlie Sheen -- Crowd Goes WILD In Cleveland

4/6/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen KILLED IT in Cleveland Tuesday night ... finishing a 2 hour performance with a STANDING OVATION!!!


Spies in the audience tell TMZ the crowd went insane when Sheen first walked on to the stage and instantly began chanting, "F**K DETROIT."

Sheen once again "performed" with the help of a moderator -- who fired off some questions to the Warlock and even took suggestions from audience members ... who screamed out topics throughout the night,

We're told security was "extremely tight" throughout the theater -- especially in the backstage area.

Here's a blow-by-blow on how things went down: 

5:17 PM PDT: Charlie walks on to the stage sporting a Cleveland Indians jersey. The crowd goes wild. 

5:26 PM: A heckler just asked Sheen, "Where's your coke?" He replied, "In your pocket!"

5:35 PM: Charlie is showing off a t-shirt that reads, "SHEENIUS."

5:45 PM: After several people asked Charlie about Emilio Estevez ... he responded, "Don't you guys want to hear about me?"

5:47 PM: One audience member tells us, "The show is one huge vehicle to sell merchandise, he is hocking everything he can on stage."

5:50 PM: Another audience chant -- this time directed towards Charlie's ex Denise Richards ... with people yelling, "F**K THAT B*TCH"

6:07 PM: Charlie says he's not an actual warlock -- but explained, "I have been able to spin magic the past couple of weeks ... you guys all bought tickets without knowing a damn thing about this show."

6:29 PM: Charlie is ready for hecklers -- someone screamed at him and he shouted back, "Leave, I already got your money!"

6:35 PM: Charlie talks about having a "terrible stuttering problem" when he was 8. He says, "Stuttering taught me how to listen, which we all have forgotten about." 

6:40 PM: The goddesses just walked out on stage. We're told Charlie just pointed to audience members who are smoking weed and said, "That's winning!"

6:48 PM: Charlie asks, "How many 'Two and a Half Men' fans are here, and who wants to see me back on it?" Do I want to be back on it? Well f**k yeah I do! I made them 5 billion!"

6:50 PM: Charlie says, "I've had a ball in Cleveland. I should move here ... is anyone hiring?" Unemployment jokes kill in Cleveland.

6:55 PM: Crowd goes nuts when Charlie puts on an Indians hat, and then gives his dad props ... asking, "How many 'Apocalypse Now' fans are here? Martin Sheen, ever hear of him ... he's the coolest guy on the planet."

7:00 PM: Big finish -- Charlie says, "F**k Milwaukee! We are filming Major League 3 here! Cleveland do u feel like you are winning?"  He closes with, "I love you all goodnight!" ... and walks off to a standing ovation."

Sounds like a full 180 from the opening night disaster in Detroit.


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Hey Charlie, wanna come back to Detroit and say that?

Posted at 6:17 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by Some dude
Come back to Detroit, we missed ya the first time.

1108 days ago


Ok..If that "spinning magic" comment doesn't get em booing..I don't know what will. He's basically calling them idiots. Let's see if they are.

Posted at 6:11 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by CocaColaKid


Amen. Just what I was thinking. New synonyms for "Warlock" (1) con artist (2) huckster (3) carny barker (4) snake oil saleman....any more????

1108 days ago

Dee Dee M.    

Rob Lowe is in a different league than Carlos. He is HOT and can actually act. In Fact ol' Carlos could never be half the man his father or brother are!

1108 days ago


Well, its certified,

The Sheenius

is nothing but a puny


1108 days ago

Hey Now    

I'd still like to sleep with Emilio

1108 days ago


Whine on Detroiters Charlie's already got you money! lmfao

1108 days ago


I feel bad for those little girls. They're older, and will hear about the things he says about their mom.


1108 days ago


Remember the "sold out tour"...well it is far from sold out. To make matters WORSE the scalpers are taking a beating selling the tickets below face value. The guy is a LOSSER. Hope he deals with reality, and goes home.

1108 days ago

Dee Dee M.    

@ RR don't forget 5)Has-Been

1108 days ago






1108 days ago


My father (a very wise man) always told me that you can judge the intelligence of a person by the words he or she uses. When a conversation is dominated by expletives (for the liberals out there...cuss words) it certainly reflects the limited vocabulary of the speaker. Therefore, Charlie is a borderline idiot.

Posted at 6:11 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by BigMike


You father is indeed a wise man. Further, arguments that are largely based on name calling, empty derision, and the like are the stock and trade of little minds.

1108 days ago


Detroit was pretty comical. If it wasnt for Detroit Charlie never would have made it to Chicago. After all, his new format was all about Detroit !!! He should be grateful for Detroit. Detroit once again in the spot light... THATS WHAT WE DO !!!!

1108 days ago


If we deported every moron who paid to see this loser, or bought his ridiculous "merchandise," it would really raise the collective IQ of the country.

1108 days ago

real deal    

Well, the truth of the matter is that (for once) he is absolutely right.

What is unbeliveable is that the audience is still sitting there. Wow.

1108 days ago


The "Torpedo Truth" is that Charlie, himself, is an "F" BOMB.

1108 days ago
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