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Charlie Sheen -- The Countdown to Cleveland

4/5/2011 7:08 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After bombing in Detroit and rebounding in Chicago, Charlie Sheen was photographed in Cleveland moments ago .... where he's hours away from going on stage for CRUCIAL show #3 of his "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option" tour.


Now that ticket sales have slowed down ... it seems tonight's show could make or break the rest of Charlie's tour.

Sheen is scheduled to take the stage at 5 PM PST.

Stay tuned ...


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".....rebounding in Chicago"??? Really? Just because it wasn't AS bad as Detroit, doesn't make it good. Lipstick on a pig.

1262 days ago


This guy looks like 90 years old, hell Hugh hefner look younger!

1262 days ago


#63 - Charlie has to differentiate himself from the rest of society. So by looking gaunt and sick he radiates WHINING (I mean WINNING). This makes it easy for Charlie to identify anyone that looks healthy and normal as a troll. Which by the way Charlie has made hanging with the trolls trendy and fashionable. Thanks Charlie!

1262 days ago


Ask him if he can still get it up.

1262 days ago


One word sums up this guy:


1262 days ago


I think that he is having a hard time with being older. He's not the same good looking guy he used to be so he takes drugs to forget. Poor guy. Getting old happens to everyone.

1262 days ago




1262 days ago


Sounds like the Detroit crowd put on a better show than Charlie.
That was comedy at its finest

1262 days ago


Looking at this picture it's hard to believe Emilio is the oldest.

1262 days ago

margaret ramsay    

What an absolutely stupid man Charlie Sheen has turned out to be! Americans have got to be the biggest suckers on the planet and instead of throwing good money after bad, should start an enormous petition drive encouraging Charlie to strongly deflate his overgrown ego, and get serious serious help. Can you imagine how his father, his ex-wife and his kids must feel watching this fiasco. Even people as far in cuckoo land as Charlie is can be helped.


1262 days ago


#77 ~ Yea, Detroit was pretty comical. If it wasnt for Detroit Charlie never would have made it to Chicago. After all, his new format was all about Detroit !!! He should be grateful for Detroit. Detroit once again in the spot light... THATS WHAT WE DO !!!!

1262 days ago


I bet CHUCKLES has NEVER work harder in his life! ahahahaha

I bet he's soooo sorry he did this...he actually has to THINK for his living...ahahaahahaahahaha

1262 days ago


this guy is a human being, just like the rest of us. we all screw up, we all fall down, and we all are nothing but a brief flash in the universe. charlie is on his why out of here ... moving to heaven, hell, reborn as an animal, or maybe just gone forever in the vastness of the universe ? who the f** knows ? none of us do ... we all just cling to our silly beliefs of something better/higher than our (miserable) existence. it's obvious he's in his existencial tailspin, bored with whatever millions he made, and obviously not surrounded by people who would actually care about him. he's joined the millions of alcoholics and drug addicts who have equally checked out of reality - the sh** that most of us think is important. yeah right. like what ? being famous ? making millions ? screwing hundreds of chicks ? whatever. just count yourself lucky you yourself haven't crashed yet ... the pressure on all of us is insane - and when people reach their breaking point, everything around them becomes irrelevant. whatever - keep gawking, ridiculing, finger pointing, and making yourself feel good because of someone else falling down. that's cool. in the end, you're gonna die just like everybody else.
what a tragedy. it reminds me no to get attached to what other people think is important.
just awful.

1262 days ago


Of secondary interest. Not quitting after Detroit was the main point. People, in the business, now know what they can expect in an environment he can commit to. They provide it, there'll be GOLD.

Posted at 4:38 PM on Apr 5, 2011 by Raymond

Yea RIGHT Ray Ray...he's REAL insurable! ahahaaha

1262 days ago


Drum roll please!!!

Oh, wait, I just remembered everyone who paid big bucks to listen to Chucky Cheeze's dribble...

1262 days ago
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