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Richard Hatch -- I Need $300,000 STAT!!!

4/5/2011 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Survivor" champ Richard Hatch says he DESPERATELY needs someone to loan him $300,000 by April 10 -- so he can pay off his tax debt, avoid prison and then SUE THE BEJESUS out of CBS.

Hatch -- who's currently in the custody of the U.S. Marshals while he waits to serve his sentence for not paying taxes on his $1 million prize -- has fired off an open letter to the public ... saying, "I can prove my innocence if someone will loan me three hundred thousand dollars."

He explains, "I have until April 10, 2011 to pay the Malaysian government the tax they are due for the work I did on Survivor ten years ago, taxes the producer's of Survivor and CBS Television were legally required to pay to the Malaysian Revenue Board."

Hatch says if he makes the payment, his tax problems will be over for good -- and he can focus on filing a lawsuit against CBS, "Survivor" creator Mark Burnett and others related with the show for the "years of torment and financial devastation I have incurred as a result of their improper actions."

Hatch also believes he's being used by the IRS as a "poster child" for what can happen if you don't pay your taxes ... stating, "The government has very effectively exploited my notoriety to their ends and I have been powerless to stop them. "

Hatch is set to begin a 9-month prison sentence -- though he still insists he's an innocent man.


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Raise your hand if you feel sorry for him? No one?? I didn't think so!!

1260 days ago


Maybe Charlie Sheen can help him out.

1260 days ago


He's been powerless to stop the IRS? Sounds like he didn't try to pay his taxes first. Poor, poor Richard.

1260 days ago



1260 days ago

Sad sad    

Will someone lend me $300,000? I can prove that I needed it.
He's not looking at this properly. 9 months in jail is shorter then the years it will take him trying to pay it back to whom ever he borrows it from. He couldn't get it in the past 10 years so figure that. But I do believe he has made more that much and irs is not playing his games.

1260 days ago


Malaysia?your fired..what do you think,the rest of the world is as stupid as you

1260 days ago


However, the US judicial system IS designed to get you back, once you're in.

1260 days ago


What a dolt. Maybe Richard should have paid his taxes before he got that tummy tuck?

Not only did he win $1 million on the first season of Survivor, let's not forget that he appeared in the All-Star Survivor too. What did he do with the money from that? I know he was paid for appearing on Celebrity Apprentice too.

And it's really ironic that he's planning to sue Mark Burnett. Burnett is not only the creator/producer of Survivor, he's also the producer of Celebrity Apprentice. If Richard (down the) Hatch bites the hand that's been feeding him, he's bound to go hungry eventually.

1260 days ago


Yeah, and when they write a check to you, they can write one out to me....I could use $300,000 too. Since when do people bail you out for your own stupidity?! Only two things are guaranteed in life....death and TAXES!!!!

1260 days ago


They must have Hatch on some heavy duty drugs..This is so ovious ploy meant for Donald Trump to see if he will give Hatch money..From what i have read Hatch was liked by Donald and they got along well.

Hatch you should of paid your taxes when you were suppose to claim that money you won..I do not feel badly for you. YOu can not go scamming the goverment and cry about it later.

1260 days ago


betcha he wont be walkin around that place nude.

1260 days ago


why does he think he's sooo special? I owe condo fees because bad **** keeps happening to me. I motor in my car went shot, so i bought a 10 year old second hand car. I was going to use that money to pay the condo people back. Then, this year, I get in an accident where the guyRAMS into me! and I"M at fault!! I have insurance for only the other person! my acr that he hit totaled! I'm still paying on it.(a car i no longer have)I can't get another car cause The condo people are now garnishing my wages. I can barely live off my wages as itis!! I am a single mom trying to make ends meet. "oh, please , somebody help me!!" ....Get real Richard, everone has problems now-a-days.... you? I can't get any help, and I'm just a regular person who hasn't been on a reality show!!!!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I can barely liveoff g my wages

1260 days ago


Karma is a bitch eh Richard?

1260 days ago

bring back recent posts    

..I won't be greedy..will someone lend me 10 g's? hahaha

1260 days ago

The Love Sponge    

He at least should enjoy prison Because it's home, home on the range where the boys take showers bent over the drain. YaaHoo

1260 days ago
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