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Lindsay -- Closing In On Deal for New Gotti Flick

4/7/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's on the verge of signing her first big contract out of rehab -- in fact, we're told the actress is in "final talks" to play John Gotti's daughter Victoria in the upcoming biopic about the mafioso's life.


As we previously reported, John Travolta is currently hammering out a deal to play the bossman himself.

It's no small movie either -- according to sources, the budget so far is $75 million.

No word yet on what Lindsay would be getting paid -- but hey, a job's a job.



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I thought this was going to be a decent biopic when I saw John Travolta attached to the you are throwing around names like Kim K and Lilo? Sounds like it just went from a potentially decent project to a campy lifetime movie...

John T, where are your standards?

1293 days ago


First, I'll believe it when I see it. Second, nobody ever watches these biopics and who cares about the Gotti's? Third, is there even anyone who will insure she'll finish the job considering she's going to trial and may be in jail (we can ONLY hope!)? Fourth, Go Away!

1293 days ago


Wow it's like you tools live to hate Lindsay. How sad for you. Go ahead and boycott anything that has anything to do with her, as if the rest of America cares.

Posted at 5:00 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by Puckett


Say 1,000 people refuse to see this movie because Lindsay's in it. That's what, $8-10,000 in lost revenue. If the number of people who refuse to see it due to Lindsay is 10,000, then it's $80-100,000 in lost revenue. See the problem here? Many of her dislike her enough to skip the movie (and I was actually excited about seeing it before hearing this.) It's a problem.

1293 days ago


It's comical how you haters constantly address Lindsay and Dina in the first person as if you were really talking to them, and TMZ is laughing all the way to the bank. What tools you are... so easily used.

Keep up the good work Harvey, the corporate suits at Warner Bros. are counting on you to deliver the $$$$.

1293 days ago


So who is willing to hire her? Will their insurance cover this girl? She's a train wreck. Somehow I doubt a lot of this 'movie' stuff she's spouting.

1293 days ago


I just wrote a letter to the producer of the Giotti film, a Mr. Fiore, to complain about Lindsay's potential casting. I don't care if she's going to play in some skanky Manson film but I really wanted to see the Giotti film. So I let my displeasure about LL being in the project be known. Why not?

1293 days ago


Yet another production company who will learn a lesson when they have to scramble to recast because she is in jail or rehab.

1293 days ago


And IF this is just another Dina-inspired rumor (probably) then hopefully enough complaints to the producer will prompt him to denounce the rumor. That would work.

1293 days ago


She could be Victoria Gotti's twin sister!

1293 days ago


Remember DUIna, you helped to make Lindsay into the disaster that she is today. You should be so proud!!

Posted at 5:30 AM on Apr 7, 2011 by coopster

Well, coopster, it's like this: you reap what you sow. And Dina's doing that right about now.

1293 days ago


I can't imagine any producer, studio or director wanting to take a chance on hiring her. Not only is she a risk to show up, she will bring bad publicity to the movie. It will be a joke. C'mon, which one of us business owners would hire a person with her record? NONE! Entitlement only works in Hollywood but I doubt there is an insurance company that would risk covering her.

1293 days ago


Other than Lindsay not looking even SLIGHTLY Italian (I'd rather see fake-Italian Snooki playing the part,) and that she cannot act (unless she wants to star as a wooden Indian,) and that she's uninsurable and going to jail...exactly WHAT would anyone see in her for casting? Infamy? Why would you need HER tarnished name when you've got the likes of John Travolta - a damned good, legitimate actor - in the film?

No, I'm totally calling Bullshiht on this "story."

1293 days ago


@ Lou, the problem i see here is 1000 people SAYING they aren't going to go see it doesn't mean the cheap bastards were ever going to go see it to start with.... sounds like a bunch of empty rhetoric to me. And yes the rest of America could care less about your personal boycott of any and all things Lindsay. It means nothing at all to them, they aren't vested in seeing any and all things remotely connected to Lindsay fail, like you are. Get over it.

"$80-100,000 in lost revenue. See the problem here?"

No i don't see the problem. That amount doesn't even begin to put the tiniest little dent in the box office opening weekend revenue for a major Hollywood release starring John Travolta. Obviously you don't get it. The budget is rumored to be SEVENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS, obviously they intend to gross a LOT more then that amount in sales. And your making a big deal about a casting decision that might cost them $100K by your own hopeful estimate? lol Whatever, you just don't get it.

But that's fine... keep blogging away about it. Harvey is counting on the advertising revenue you tools generate to pay the bills, so at least something good is coming out of your hate for Lindsay. lol

1293 days ago


@Lou Im calling bullchiz on the superman story, the Manson story and this chiz right here (although I do maintain Vikki and her right now side by side are identical twins)!! This is all deflection from the upcoming trial! Nice try Blohans, Americans aren't like kittens, oh there's a shiny ball over there Im gonna go play with that instead!

1293 days ago


I don't know. If so, good for her -- but I suspect this is just a story for lots of comments and hits on TMZ. The recent stories about other two "roles" she was attaced to garnered a lot of hits, though mostly from the same people.

Interestingly, after TMZ posts a story like this, other outlets run with it. It makes it look like it is being widely reported, but TMZ and its unnamed or sketchy "sources" are the sole origin. No trade papers, no studios, no credible industry professionals, and not even IMDB (where anyone can generally post) have any information on the alleged roles.

1293 days ago
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