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LeBron's Mom to Cop -- 'I Don't Trust Your Kind'

4/7/2011 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' mother slapped a Miami Beach valet so hard in the face, she lost her balance and fell to the ground -- then told a police officer, "I don't trust your kind" ... this according to the police report.

Gloria James

The arresting officer says he tried to question 43-year-old Gloria James about the alleged incident at the scene early this morning ... but he got "no response just a stare."  After a while, she eventually admitted to having a "minor verbal altercation" with the valet.

The cop says the valet explained that he retrieved James' car and put it on the valet ramp in front of the hotel while Gloria and a female driver stood around talking to people for 30 minutes. Finally, the valet says he turned the car off.

The valet says Gloria then approached him and stated, "Where are my f**king keys and continued yelling profanities at the victim."

The report explains, "Then for no apparent reason the arrestee struck the victim with an open had [sic] across the right side of his face  and in the process causing herself to lose her balance and falling to the ground."

After Gloria was transported to a nearby police station, the report continues, a shift commander -- Lt. Acosta -- tried to speak with James who responded, "I'm trying to trust you but I don't trust your kind ... I don't trust that officer who arrested me."

Gloria then told police she "was not going to cooperate because she did nothing wrong."

UPDATE: Police have released a photo of Gloria being taken into custody.


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TMZ should review its messages before they are allowed to be displayed. No, this is not a Pulitzer prize winning site but it is a site that is open to the public, and as such the responsibility should be on TMZ to police any outlandishly racist comments that are displayed:

"I hate Lebron James and his kind so too!!! 100 years ago he would be picking fruit from tall trees could he ain't need a ladder. I put ball in hole. If I was a giant freak the game would be easier for me too. That is why B Ball is dominated by the missing links in evolution and are 3 inches shorter than the rim nowadays. They should raise the hoop to 16 feet then see how "talented they are" Hey the BIG THREE in Miami can at least say they have never lost a title together. his mother should be polishing my silver, PIG"

Amazing and a sad testament to human evolution and common decency. All are entitled to their opinions but this is ridiculous. Although I can see by your broadcasts you have a very diverse group of personnel on your staff I have to ask TMZ- do you support blatant racism on your site? I believe in freedom of speech, but there is a responsibility that goes along with it,and it is not being shown here.

1261 days ago


Gloria's actions were disrespectful and unacceptable. There is no reason why anyone should lay his/her hands on someone else despite monetary status or position. I think she should be sued for damages and also be charged criminally. As far as the racist remarks that have been made, I find it extremely disturbing that there are still so many small-minded people in American society in our present day and age. Slimeballs come in every race, color, gender and religion so the idea that somehow lack of class has direct connotation with one's racial phenotype is clearly ludicrous. Obviously, you guys are looking for a means to justify your hatred and small-mindedness. I pity you. Oh and in case you are wondering, I am Black and quite proud to be so:)

1259 days ago

Dawn on you    

I can't believe how many of you racist people are on these comment sites, hiding from the real truth "THAT YOU ARE THE RACIST" I Pray for you all!

1259 days ago


So "Dawn on you" look at it this way racist remarks being said about a racist black woman. Maybe I am wrong, always the same BS, what if you are a black woman its ok to say those remarks, and thay are not racist??? Blacks are more racist than anyone eles, give me a break.

1259 days ago


If she slapped him, as a prelude to "falling," why isn't he in the picture?

1257 days ago


From what I saw on the video, the valet made contact first by putting his hands on Ms James as she is backing up. Then if you look she swung at him (a left then a right with the purse); and he pursued her and it looked like she was trying to get away when it seemed he pushed her because he was all over her until she fell and someone stopped him from approaching her. It appears in the video that he put his hands on her a few times.

Living in Miami is not a picnic for Black Americans. There was something other that happened than what is being told.

1257 days ago


She looks like a man, hope they make an example out of her. She has had life easy, living off the system, now super rich. What a roll model. Put her ass in jail.

1256 days ago


The fruit does not fall far from the tree. Gloria James raised her son with the sense of entitlement. Lebron likewise disrespects the law, speeds at 146 mph, and has Nike to help censor videos that show no-name street players slam-dunking over him.

1236 days ago


I find it odd how she was proven to be right based on the comments here. You people (and yes I said you people) show your true colors during moments like this. I guess Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, and Charlie Sheen make you people (yes I said you people again) look amazing. KUDOS TO YT!

1232 days ago

mo money    

get that valet a nice check---$100,000 for that slap---he buying the rounds tonight baby!!

1198 days ago
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