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Jim Carrey Gets Punk'd

4/8/2011 5:51 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Feeling a bit more rebellious than usual, Jim Carrey rocked a mohawk out to dinner at Dan Tana's in West Hollywood last night.

Jim Carrey Mohawk Haircut

We're glad the 49-year-old hasn't lost his sense of humor.


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It actually suits him

1295 days ago


@46 - Q - You really can't put Robin Williams in the same category with Carrey, Carrel & Ferrell. Robin Williams has performed some stellar roles in dramatic movies: Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Awakenings, etc.

Carrel & Carrey on the other hand, are nothing but corn.

1295 days ago


He's not some drunk-driving, drug-addicted, wife-beating pedophile, this man has entertained us in a lot of movies over the years,there is no reason to make so many nasty comments about him. He suffers from depression which makes life difficult for anyone and almost impossible for him to stay in relationships with even the most patient loyal women, including Jenny McCarthy, so lay off! He's never hurt anyone and he deserves better. Not loving the hair but so what, nobody ever looks good in a mohawk and that includes adorable children but you don't see people ragging on Angelina for making that cute little boy look like a punk from the time he was a toddler. Have you seen the latest picture of Maddox? Rocking a white tank shirt, (in adult version known as a wifebeater shirt), still mohawked, looking every inch like the little punk she is determined to turn him into.

1295 days ago


Jim Morrissey

1295 days ago


That's funny. I wasn't aware that a mohawk was a teenage thing. I'll have to notify all the tribal Americans that have them and inform them that it's something only teens should do. Also I'll have to let the U.S. Airborne know, since they have a history of sporting them.

1295 days ago


i used to like Jim Carrey. he went from funny to boring and stupid.

1295 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Lets hope he did that for a movie role, because if not I would have to say he's trying to get his name back out there. Haven't heard much about his career in a while.

1295 days ago


oh my! i have 13 tattoos, but his haircut more crazy! he should make tattoo. yes, better he make tattoo.

1294 days ago


49? At least he still has hair and it's not grey.

1294 days ago


It never fails that the Internet attacts spiteful, small minded, opinionated, people who if they took the time to work on all that needs attention in their own lives and personalities they wouldn't have time to make nasty or negative comments about other's lives. Live your own life and let Jim live his ... stop acting like laaahooozerrrs!

1294 days ago


Love it. He can do whatever he wants. He'll always be the cat. ♥

1294 days ago


Cool!!! He kinda looks like Johnny Knoxville though

1294 days ago


LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock it out Jim!

1294 days ago


who gives a **** if he got a mohawk. what is funny or immature about that? so many of you *******s fall in line with what society deems acceptable. not that mohawks are a sign of individualism by any means, i mean c'mon, they're being co-opted by hollywood for petes sake. conformity really is sad, and quite pathetic...

1293 days ago


Truly goofy looking, even for him.

1293 days ago
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